Chapter 053 – Tomb Raider (Part 1)

Chapter 53: Tomb Raider (Part 1)

Zhou Jian didn’t think that Linda would be waiting for him. After getting in, Linda attached herself to his ear and said in a soft song like voice: “Now, I’d changed my mind. Even if you’re unwilling to teach me martial arts, I can still be your girlfriend. Furthermore, I won’t interfere with your other private life….”

Linda with her delightfully charming voice and seductive words made Zhou Jian somewhat into a trance. He naturally understood what Linda meant with those words. Ah, this US vixen could really entrance others to have a short life.

“Later, when you come to Las Vegas, as long as you informed me, I’ll be responsible for all your daily needs. How is it, quite good? Hee hee….”

“Uh…’s really quite good.” Until Zhou Jian’s current age, this was his first experience to be pursued by a beauty. Although Linda wasn’t his type, but this feeling really made his heart ached.

In the afternoon, Linda drove Zhou Jian to go for a ride around the desert surrounding Las Vegas. This was the first time that Zhou Jian truly saw the desert. The desert surrounding Las Vegas wasn’t a vast golden sand desert, but closer to being like the Gobi desert.

This place wasn’t barren. Instead, it’s covered by all kinds of desert plants. Cactuses bunched together in the same place. The dry tumbleweeds rolled everywhere. But this wasn’t the most surprising. The most impressive was the Joshua tree that towered towards the sky like a vigorous dragon general. All its trunk and branches twisted towards the sky. Even its leaves were similar to a steel needle, unyielding.

The time was already in the evening. The sun was almost on the horizon. And so, the blood red sunset glow originating from the horizon was like an ignited flame. Everything in the desert was reflecting a dazzling gold. Even Zhou Jian who never studied the aesthetics also had to sigh with emotion at the magnificence and beauty of nature.

“Do you believe it? That this is the gift from God to Las Vegas.” Linda said while driving. The roadster was speeding through the desert without the car hood. The wind blew and raised Linda’s long golden hair. Together with the endless desert, it really gave a feeling of infinite wildness.

Zhou Jian suddenly discovered that every girl has her own place where she bloomed beautifully. It’s just that he never discovered it.

Perhaps Wen Ren Hui Yin was the type that wore a pure white long skirt and has long black hair. She would quietly sit at the lakeside early in the morning to read her books.

And Chu Qing Yun should be wearing a neat professional attire. She would sit in front of an office table, sipping her coffee and quickly processing her documents. She’s the type of beauty with lots of achievements.

As for Linda. She’s suitable to drive her sports car along the desert, heartily wild, heartily indulging…..


“Hey, do you have a girl that you like?” The car speed suddenly slowed down. Linda didn’t turn her head and asked. Her long hair was still dancing in the air.

Zhou Jian was slightly surprised for a moment. A girl that he likes? In his mind, the figures of two girls appeared. Finally, he shook his head and said: “I don’t know.”

“Don’t know means that you don’t have or you’re uncertain?”


“Uncertain means that there’s too many, it’s not comfortable to say?”

“Er…..I suggest that you better take some supplementaries to improve your Chinese….”

“Haha…..” Linda suddenly slyly smiled. “Are you a ‘virgin’ or an ‘experienced’ man?” (tl: original is in English)

Zhou Jian choked. Linda unexpectedly asked if he’s a virgin.

“Alright then. I won’t kid with you again. I just felt that with you in your most beautiful period of life, being unable to seek out true love, is really a regrettable thing, isn’t it?”

Zhou Jian didn’t answer. The American’s attitude towards sex is different from the Chinese. He never thought that the US openness towards sex is wrong. It’s just that he’s abiding with the Chinese attitude. It’s not being conservative, but being responsible.

Linda stepped on the gas once again. On the straight desert highway, the red Chevrolet sports car was speeding wildly, as if it needed to arrive at the end of the horizon.


That night in the Vienna Presidential Suite, Zhou Jian was feeling restless and found it difficult to go to sleep. It’s not due to a physical factor, but a kind of emptiness. The kind when you’re successful and there’s no one to share it with, that kind of lonely feeling.

He took the game helmet and Zhou Jian prepared to enter 《Gods and Demons》. He’s preparing to take advantage of these few days to complete the mission from the company. It’s a considerable amount of experience. It’s a waste not to take it.

These days, although Zhou Jian was busy, and didn’t play as much. But because of the new dungeon, his leveling speed wasn’t slow. His rose to level 25 was up by more than half the experience needed. It’s just a pity that when he’s rushing the new dungeon, besides the inferior Artifact Fallen Blood, the other equipment earned all needed level 30 to use. Therefore, there’s still no changes on Zhou Jian’s equipment.

At this time,  Tianxun prompted that his friend had appeared online. He looked at it, and unexpectedly, it’s Wen Ren Hui Yin. It’s already 1 am, she unexpectedly wasn’t asleep yet. (tl: I thought he’s in US, and she’s in HK?)

Since the incident of borrowing money, Zhou Jian had a little more contact with Wen Ren Hui Yin. He sent a message to her: “It’s already so late. Why aren’t you asleep?”

Not long soon after: “It’s the morning now. Today is a Saturday. There’s no class.”

Zhou Jian scolded himself for being stupid. Las Vegas was 8 zones away from the Greenwich Meridian. It’s using the Pacific Ocean time. In the summertime, when compared to China, it’s 15 hours late. And in the winter, it’s 16 hours later than China. Right now, it’s in the winter. With Las Vegas, 1am here is equivalent to 9am in Hong Kong.

“Er…like that. Recently, I’d been a little muddle-headed.” Zhou Jian didn’t tell Wen Ren Hui Yin that he’s now in the US. During school time, he unexpectedly went to the US. Such a thing is hard to explain.

“Where are you?”

“Just got online. I’m at Pangu city. Just preparing to exit it to practice my leveling, and conveniently receive equipment at the same time.” Zhou Jian planned to take the time to change out his trashy equipment. After all, he’s a rich man now. He could trade a full set of good quality game equipment for about ten of thousand.

“I’d just arrived at the Ancient Tomb, preparing to train my level. Do you want me to take you?”

“Er…..” Zhou Jian wanted to refuse. With him leveling along would certainly drag down Wen Ren Hui Yin’s practicing speed. But at this time, the system prompted: “Your friend Blue Ocean’d send you a transfer card to invite you to the Ancient Tombs. The coordinates are (257,366). Do you agree to the transfer?”

The transfer card can only be used to transfer the good friend to the side of the user instantaneously. Each sold for a price of 500 gold. It’s equivalent to 5 yuan. And could only be used within the city or in a leveling area. It couldn’t be used in the challenge dungeon.

Zhou Jian thought for a while and then pressed OK. A blinding white light. He disappeared from Pangu city and in a moment, arrived at the Ancient Nine Tombs.

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