Chapter 055 – The Poor and The Rich

Chapter 55: The Poor and The Rich

At this time, Gaofushuai’s smiling face looked very affable. He had to acknowledge that this fellow appearance was very good looking. His body shape was like an inverted triangle with standard features. It’s just that there’s a natural playboy breath that gave others an unreliable feeling.

Wen Ren Hui Yin frowned. She just answered with two characters. “Em. Coincidence.”

Obviously, Wen Ren Hui Yin wasn’t willing to see Gaofushuai. It’s also impossible for her to tell the opposite party of her identity on her own.

Therefore, Zhou Jian asked in a low voice: “How did he recognized you?”

“It’s Sun Li that said it. I don’t know that time when I played with Sun Li, she would go and tell Gao Peng. If I’d known early on, I wouldn’t even go to recognize her.” Wen Ren Hui Yin unhappily said. It didn’t felt good to be betrayed by a friend.

Gao Peng was Gaofushuai’s real name. Coincidentally, his surname was Gao as well (tl: tall). During high school, Gaofushuai didn’t manage to pursue Wen Ren Hui Yin. Now, it looked like he didn’t give up hope on it. In fact, ever since Sun Li betrayed the news of Wen Ren Hui Yin to Gao Peng, he’d frequently rushed to the Ancient Nine Tombs from the Fuxi city. And then, once he meet up with Wen Ren Hui Yin, he would say, “what a coincidence.”

“Oh, who is this? Isn’t this our gaming prince of our high school?” Gaofushuai finally saw Zhou Jian. Although he said it like it’s a reunion of long time separated friends, the fire in his heart had already dissipated. (tl: the goodwill is gone) Boy, during year three of high school, you’d already clung tightly to Wen Ren Hui Yin. Now, you still want to eat soft tofu (tl: depending on woman, like a gigolo etc). You didn’t even compared whether you’re even worth the piss. Dare to act on the woman that this Young Master fancies, you really dislike your own life.

“Haha. Long time no seen.” Zhou Jian of course managed to listen to the gunpowder taste in Gaofushuai’s words. But, he’s too lazy to bother with it.

“If you’d said earlier that you’re playing 《Gods and Demons》, I wouldn’t have sold off my level 20 equipments back to the store. It’d be better for me to gift it to you.” Gaofushuai swept his eyes on Zhou Jian and said.

Zhou Jian just faintly smiled and didn’t replied.

“Old Jian, such a coincidence.” Someone behind Gaofushuai said.

Zhou Jian followed the voice and unexpectedly saw another acquaintance. But his appearance was changed a little so that Zhou Jian couldn’t recognize him. It’s his high school classmate who played together with him, Liang Xin Sheng, Old Liang.

Before when they played online games together, Zhou Jian would often gave Liang Xin Sheng the equipments that he didn’t used. At that time, Liang Xin Sheng would call Zhou Jian as Bro Jian. Now that he’d found a new backer, his address of Zhou Jian also changed from Bro Jian to Old Jian.

Zhou Jian coldly smiled and nodded. “Really coincidence. I remembered before that you said that you didn’t play 《Gods and Demons》. How did you play these few days? You were able to level up quite fast, up to level 25 in just a week. Really powerful.”

Before Zhou Jian went to Pengcheng, he’d tried to borrow money from Liang Xin Sheng. At that time, Liang Xin Sheng said that, “I don’t play online game now. I still have something to do. I’m a little busy.
Next time, we’ll talk again. Bye bye.”

Obviously, this guy was lying at that time but this was exposed by Zhou Jian on the scene. Liang Xin Sheng wasn’t even feeling awkward about it.

“Oh? What’s the matter?” Gaofushuai asked Liang Xin Sheng.

Liang Xin Sheng tried to flatter: “Bro Peng. It’s nothing much. A couple days ago, Old Jian asked me to lend some money for him to play the game. I don’t have enough on hand. So, I tried to push off by saying that I don’t play the game.”

Liang Xin Sheng’s words made Pretty Water is Traceless frowned. In her heart, her impression of Zhou Jian fell even more. Just one look at Liang Xin Sheng would know that he’s a bludger. And for a person to even borrow money from a bludger, then that person is definitely a bludger. It’d be miserable to know them. Cheat to eat, cheat to drink (tl: those who always take opportunities of others). How did her sister made such a friend?

“Like this?” Gaofushuai touched his chin. In his heart, he gave Liang Xin Sheng a thumb up. Good fellow, well said. Once we’re back, I’ll give you a generous reward.

Zhou Jian was too lazy to explain anything. Liang Xin Sheng this person, he’d completely seen through.

But Wen Ren Hui Yin had turned a deaf ear. She’d known from the beginning about the matter of Zhou Jian borrowing money, but the flavor of the words was all twisted by Liang Xin Sheng. Wen Ren Hui Yin, with a her good nature simply didn’t know how to refute. She just angrily said: “Laing Xin Sheng. You, this person, is too much.”

Against this kind of blame, Laing Xin Sheng had already practiced his thick skin to a high degree of proficiency. So, for other, this might be like a kick, but for him, it’s comparable to being hit by a fly. Gaofushuai continued to touch his smooth chin and said: “Yes, Liang Xin Sheng, you went too far. It’s a hard for a friend to reach out his hand to borrow money. What’s wrong, Old Jian, are you in need of money recently? Want this buddy of yours to borrow you some? Right, is the matter of your student loans handled? If not, you can tell this buddy of yours here. My father is familiar with the bank that side. I just need to make a phone call.”

Gaofushuai’s words was full of ridiculing flavor. But contrary to his expectation, Zhou Jian didn’t show any embarrassed expression, but lightly smile instead: “Are you trying to show off your superiority?”

Gaofushuai slightly frowned. He didn’t think that Zhou Jian could still smile in such a situation. This fellow is so thick skinned. Didn’t he felt that he’d been thoroughly discredited?

This good fellow. No wonder he can always be together with Wen Ren Hui Yin, just like a plaster. If it wasn’t that Wen Ren Hui Yin was there, he would had quickly activated his skill and sent Zhou Jian back to the resurrection point. So, he depressed the fire in his heart, and coldly asked: “What are you laughing about?”

“Laughing at a laughable person. Haven’t you been laughing at me? However, the difference is that. Some people will be laughed for a while. Some others will be laughed for a lifetime.”

“What do you mean?” Gaofushuai’s expression slightly darkened.

“Doesn’t understand? This society can be short of honor, short of moral, short of justice, short of friendship, but will never be short of fairness. Now, some people can bully others. Some can stand to show off here. This was because the people of their father’s generation worked hard for it. This was by no means unfair. But do you really think that when your family was taken over by you in future, can it still continue to be passed down its brilliance? Can you grandson still continue to act like you on their superiority? Whether they would say to the classmates: “My father is familiar with the bank that side. I can make a phone call.”

Gaofushuai was momentarily speechless, then his expression changed to that of a disdaining one. “A poor beggar is forever a poor beggar. You think you can be a salted fish to stand up from failure? (tl: change luck and rise up) A person’s position was set from birth. Even if I didn’t do anything to you, you can still never touch my toe!”

Zhou Jian still wasn’t angry. “You’re mistaken. I’m poor, but my spirit is strong. You’re rich, but you don’t have a strong ambition. Thirty years on the east side of the river, thirty years on the west side of the river. (tl: Life has its ups and downs) Ten years later, we’ll stand again here once more. At that time, we’ll see if it’s me who can’t touch your toe, or you who can’t touch my toe!”

Zhou Jian’s loud and clear words resounded everywhere. Even River Setting Sun who’s not far from the sidelines also couldn’t help but moved his eyebrows. His impression on Zhou Jian changed a bit.

He certainly didn’t think that Zhou Jian could overtake Gao Peng in ten years. But this spirit of the young bull who didn’t fear the tiger actually suited his taste very much. His younger sister’s vision was actually quite good.

Actually, for Zhou Jian, ten years was a very conservative estimate. If there’s no accident, he wouldn’t need half a year to overtake Gao Peng. The reason he didn’t said this was because he didn’t want to shock everybody.

“Alright, kid. I’ll remember this. Ten years is too long. At this winter classmate reunion, I want to see your achievement. We’ll go.” Gaofushuai was disturbed by Zhou Jian today. He no longer had the mood to stay, and directly took his two followers to leave.

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