Chapter 056 – Withered Flower of Emotion

Chapter 56: Withered Flower of Emotion

After Gao Peng left, Wen Ren Hui Yin sent Zhou Jian a personal message. It started with  a winking emoticon. “What you said just now was really good. I also want to applaud you.”

Zhou Jian replied: “Haha, I’m just saying nonsense. They’re not pleasing to my eyes.”

“No. I believed you can realize your words.” Wen Ren Hui Yin earnestly said.

“Why do you trust me?”

“A kind of feeling. At Lan Hai high school, I’d found that you’re very persistent. As long as you’d put your mind to it, you’d certainly do it.” Wen Ren Hui Yin remembered some of the past events. She naturally knew of Zhou Jian’s family circumstances. She also knew how Zhou Jian made it to the high school. She’s one of the few who paid attention to Zhou Jian during high school.

Zhou Jian made a lot of things that made Wen Ren Hui Yin admired that she thought that she wouldn’t be able to achieve them.

At this time, River Setting Sun walked in front of Zhou Jian and said: “My name is Wen Ren Ze. Please to know you.” He said this and reached out his hand.

This made Pretty Water is Traceless somewhat surprised. It’s not easy to make Wen Ren Ze to give out his name on his own initiative and to reach out a goodwill gesture.

“I’m called Zhou Jian.” Zhou Jian stretched out his hand to shake hands with Wen Ren Ze. “Excuse me. I’m not the type to greet others first. Those two are my high school classmates, but our relationships aren’t harmonious.”

River Setting Sun smiled. What Zhou Jian said had swept away the awkward atmosphere from a while ago “Em. That leader was also Wen Ren Hui Yin’s classmate. I can see why he wouldn’t get along well with you. But young people like you should put more effort into your studies and career, yes?” River Setting Sun’s tactful words were already reminding Zhou Jian not to harbor any thoughts of his younger sister.

Zhou Jian pretended not to know and nodded.

“Are you the same age as Hui Yin? Where’s your school?”

“Lingnan University.”

“Em. Not bad. If you want to have a summer internship, you can contact me. My Tianxun number is XXXXXXXXX.”

“Thank you.” Zhou Jian was extremely flattered. He knew that people like Wen Ren Ze in the reality were definitely an important character. For him to show goodwill on an unimportant person like him on his own initiative wasn’t something easy. And as an inexperienced university student, the opportunity to work in a large enterprise is rare. Many outstanding students couldn’t even find the opportunity.

Zhou Jian and Wen Ren Ze exchanged their contacts. And looking at how Wen Ren Ze earnestly wrote it down, he didn’t look like he’s just casually talking about it.

At this time, Pretty Water is Traceless asked. “Just now, who’s that second generation ancestor? (tl: it’s a term given to bossy second generation wealth etc) I’d already encountered his “coincidence” several times.”

Wen Ren Ze recorded the number while replying: “Gao Peng, Lan Hai city’s Maple Tree Pharmaceutical manufacturing plant manager, Gao Jun’s son. His family property is about 150 million.”

“150 million? Are you kidding?” Pretty Water is Traceless exaggeratedly open her small mouth. “I’m really speechless. With only 150 million only dared to be so arrogant? He thinks his father is the richest man in Lingnan? Now, just a lottery ticket winner can already get 150 million. With a capital like this also dare to pursue my younger sister. Really is a toad wanting to eat swan meat.”

Pretty Water is Traceless’ voice was full of disdain. Although she was pointing the gun muzzle at Gao Peng, she was reminding Zhou Jian that even with 150 million capital wasn’t unable to match up, let alone this pauper who shouldn’t even think about it.

Wen Ren Hui Yin blushingly pulled Pretty Water is Traceless’s arm. “Sister, why did you said it so unpleasantly.”

“Haha. What’s unpleasant about it. My sister is so pretty. Of course, you’re a swan. Come, let’s continue with the leveling.”

“Em. Let’s practice for a while more, and I’ll have to leave for my social engagement.” River Setting Sun said.

River Setting Sun was leading the group in the Ancient Nine Tombs in the front while Pretty Water is Traceless was neverendingly releasing AOE magic. River Setting Sun suddenly received a private message from Pretty Water is Traceless: “Why do you want to bring the boy into the company? Aren’t you afraid that Hui Yin might get stuck with him? My intuition was telling me that Hui Yin has a liking towards this boy.”

“Having a favorable impression is also normal. They’re classmates for one year. The young man character is very good, with none of those playboy breaths. He’s considered passable. Furthermore, I heard that his study was outstanding. He gave a lot of help and guidance to Hui Yin. Since the two of them are in the onset of puberty where they began to be interested in the opposite gender, having a little spark after being together for so long wasn’t strange.”

“Hei. Is there anything wrong with you. If you know this, then why still offer to bring him into the company for the internship? In the family, the children couldn’t make the decision on their own marriage. At that time, if they’re both lovey-dovey, then won’t this harm Hui Yin?”

“Ha. Family? The old antiques of the family only knew about the family’s glory. Everything is for the family’s interest. In their eyes, their children’s feelings are all dog shits.” The elegant Wen Ren Ze suddenly spat out such a foul language, Pretty Water is Traceless immediately shut up. She knew that three years ago, Wen Ren Ze had his own dream girl, but her family circumstances could only be considered as average. Afterward, Pretty Water is Traceless didn’t know specifically what happened but in short, Wen Ren Ze had married. But the bride was actually the daughter of the Party provincial propaganda committee leader.

Of course, the children could disobey the family’s order to insist on their own marriages. But, the price for this was that they needed to give up on their stocks and position in the company. This meant that they need to take a fresh start away from the family’s company. This undertaking is incomparably difficult in this society. To want to make a fresh start is easier said than done. Wen Ren Ze had considered this over and over and chose to compromise. It’s not that he didn’t have the spiritual strength for it, but he’s very clear on the brutality of reality. In the future, there would be difficult struggles. The girl who he loved can share the joys and sorrows with him, but can she share the hardship as well? When the tender romantic lovey-dovey feelings were entangled with the cost of daily necessities. Will this love still be able to maintain its worth?

How long can the passion be maintained? Will the economic hardship become the tomb of love? Wen Ren Ze didn’t have the confidence. He knew that the reality is not a fairy tale. If it is, it’s also a brutal fairy tale.

“What’s exactly is your attitude? Support them together?” Pretty Water is Traceless asked.

Wen Ren Ze smiled. “Do you really think that they can be together? Just wait and see. Even if they have sparks between them, sooner or later they will still have to say goodbye. Love during the university time is just like when the man and woman are just playing house during childhood. I’ll be the father and you’ll be the mother.”

Pretty Water is Traceless was silent. In another half a year, she also had to marry. As for the groom, she couldn’t say that she liked him. But also, couldn’t say that she disliked him. She could only say that he’s not bad. All these years, she’d looked up the family history. There’re those who separated from the family for their so-called love, and the majority of them are females. But their result was often very pitiful.

The sole exception was Wen Ren Xiao Long. He’s Pretty Water is Traceless’s uncles, and also Wen Ren Hui Yin’s father.

When she thought about Xiao Long’s choice and Wen Ren Hui Yin’s birth mother, Pretty Water is Traceless sighed. Hui Yin’s life was also quite bitter. When the accident occurred, she’s just an innocent child.

She knew that this cousin of hers seemed very gentle, but inside, she’s very stubborn. Can she challenge the family authority and try out the bitter fruit?


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