Chapter 057 – Certain Kill

Chapter 57: Certain Kill

At 11.30, Wen Ren Ze looked at the time and said: “I should leave. You all should also go to take your meal. In the afternoon, we’ll continue practicing for our level. Hui Yin, you need to get to level 32. Then, two days later, we’ll rush the new dungeon.”

“Em.” Wen Ren Hui Yin answered. And Pretty Water is Traceless just nodded her head.

“Don’t try to act dumb. This is the Old Man’s order. Hey. Are you listening?”

“I know.” Pretty Water is Traceless impatiently retorted. “You quickly hurry and go.”

Zhou Jian whispered in his heart. Old Man? Is he the head of the Wen Ren family? Why would he make his descendants played 《Gods and Demons》? Was it because of the business opportunities in 《Gods and Demons》?

That’s right. 《Gods and Demons》 had a lot of huge business opportunities. But this didn’t mean that those with a high level could make good money in 《Gods and Demons》. If the big financial consortium invested in 《Gods and Demons》, it wouldn’t be to make money from selling the equipment, but from the 《Gods and Demons》 media platform. There’s a lot of consumer demand on the plays. Even after that, there’s also the possibilities of selling the guild’s stocks and other big things.

Since it’s like that, why did that “Old Man” ordered his descendant to put in so much time and effort to play 《Gods and Demons》? Zhou Jian wanted to ask Wen Ren Hui Yin, but he felt that it’s rude in front of so many people.

Wen Ren Ze was about to log off when his Tianxun made a sound. After a few words, Wen Ren Ze’s complexion changed. His pitch also went up a few degrees. “What did you say?”


“I know about it. I’ll be there straight away.” Wen Ren Ze said and hung up his Tianxun. He didn’t even considered to say goodbye to Wen Ren Hui Yin and the others, and directly disappeared.

Zhou Jian was absentminded. Did something happen?

Tianxun is actually an internet phone. It could be used for communication in the game. It could also be used as a cell phone to contact with the real world. Just now, Wen Ren Ze obviously received a phone call via Tianxun.

Wen Ren Hui Yin and Pretty Water is Traceless looked at each other. They didn’t know if anything happened. Pretty Water is Traceless said: “Looks like something happened. I seldom see him with this expression.”

Pretty Water is Traceless couldn’t stop worrying. She’s prepared to log off when Wen Ren Hui Yin said: “Sis, wait up. I’ll follow as well.”

“Classmate Zhou Jian. I’ll log off with my cousin now. Goodbye.” Wen Ren Hui Yin said.

“Em. Goodbye.”

He watched Wen Ren Hui Yin disappeared. Zhou Jian couldn’t help but wonder. Did something happen with the family’s company?

Since he couldn’t help anything, what’s there think about so much? Zhou Jian thought about this and was preparing to log off.

Now, it’s early morning in Las Vegas. However, when he choose to log off, the system prompted: “You’d entered into battle mode. If you forcefully withdraw, your character will be out of controlled for 30 seconds. Do you still choose to withdraw?”

Zhou Jian heart felt a chill. He’d enter into battle mode? He surveyed his attributes. He didn’t find anything that displayed a negative condition like being cursed or any injury to himself. Was he marked?

Assassin mark – a Skill that Thieves and Assassins learned at level 28. It can be used on players and monsters, being able to pursue and report that mark’s location and was able to be detected even under stealth by the opposite party. If the marked’s level is lower than the caster, then he can’t see and can’t eliminate the condition and can only be removed by the Priests with Purification technique.

Once he’s marked, he would enter battle mode. And under the battle mode, each time the player wanted to log off, his game character would be retained for 30 seconds by the system. In these 30 seconds, he couldn’t attack or defend. It’s enough to get him killed several times.

This was other’s practical joke or intentionally aimed at him? The first that Zhou Jian thought of was Gaofushuai. He’s 80 percent sure that this guy wanted to retaliate and secretly hide to obstruct. The death penalty in 《Gods and Demons》 is very severe. Each death would drop a lot of experience. It’s an absolutely depressing thing.

Zhou Jian immediately took out a teleporting scroll back to town. If the player is in the battle mode, he could still return to the city. But for the fifteen seconds it took to cast the teleport scroll, if he’s attacked during that time, the cast would be interrupted. He didn’t immediately used it, but first, probe around to detect if there’s any enemy who’s planning to ambush him.

At this time, a thin voice rang out: “Don’t waste your breath. Today, you can’t escape me.”

There’s a distortion in the space and a Thief wearing a black cloak appeared out of nowhere. Obviously, he’s using stealth just a moment ago. He’s in stealth besides Zhou Jian. “Your vigilance is good. Too bad that you Detection level is too low!”

Zhou Jian looked at the person’s equipment and level. In his heart, he was slightly startled. Level 33 and with the whole body almost covered by purple sets. Only the armor was a blue equipment. Although it’s not comparable in luxury to Wen Ren Hui Yin and Chu Qing Yun, but there’s still a big gap when compared to himself.

“You’re a professional killer?”

“You’re not dumb.” That person said and took out a transfer card. After he used it, a blue light flashed and a 20-year-old youth came out from the portal. This person was quite handsome but the look in the eyes was full of shining hatred.

That person saw Dark Sword and a grim smile appeared on the face. “Really long time haven’t seen.”

“Running Water is Accidental!”

“Haha. You still remember me. I’d said that I’ll kill you down to level 0.” Running Water is Accidental, this time, looked at Zhou Jian like he’s looking at a dead man.

Zhou Jian took in a deep breath. A level 35 Running Water is Accidental and a level 33 Assassin. He’s just a level 24 Thief, and could only last a few moves.

If he’s killed once, he’d lost half of his experience. Currently, his level 24 experience bar was less than one-fifth. ie, he would fall to level 23. This was absolutely a depressing matter.

He definitely couldn’t beat them. If he wanted to run away, he could since his Thief speed was higher but he didn’t have the intention because Running Water is Accidental was an archer. Although the speed wasn’t as fast, he could attack from a long distance. There’s no guarantee for the archer’s precision but the system guidance tracking arrow could make him lose a leg.

If he wanted to escape, there’s only to go offline or teleport back to the city this two option. Since he’s in the battle mode, he would need 30 seconds to log off. Returning back to the city would need 15 seconds. Those two wouldn’t give him the time for this.

Zhou Jian began to silently calculate the opposite party’s attributes, attack power, and speed. A level 30 archer with a purple armor has a grand total of 326 points of Attack, 152 Agility. There’s 0 Spirit add on force. Running Water is Accidental only wore half a purple set, while the other half is orange. Although it’s a high-quality orange set, but because it’s not a complete set, the ability there would be greatly reduced. He estimated that Running Water is Accidental equipment’s additional attack should be between 350 – 400. So, with the level 35 attribute values, the general attack should be about over 600 points. To kill him would only need four arrows, and this didn’t count in the Skills yet. A purple bow and arrow would need 0.45 second to shoot a shot. This mean that within one second can shoot out two arrows. ie, To kill himself would just need two seconds.

Zhou Jian’s mind run across various data to analyze Running Water is Accidental and the Assassin’s attributes if there’s any possible way he could escape. A random person could be killed in two seconds. It’s like it’s already a certain kill.

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  1. I must say it! I really need to! The mc is really one heck of an idiot ~_~. He already knows the consequences of his action yet his cover or actions in response to the incoming threat against him is so, so so so so idiotic. It’s hmm… ” Let it come then I will deal with it when it comes ” haha~ XD! Then his reactions are like that, really now…. hopefully his actions get better, as with the foreshadowing that is showing, the connection of RL and the game is pretty much obvious then when the time comes with him not leveling so fast and being so slow and like a trash mob in a story and the others get their characters in RL like him, what will he do? react like now in this chapter? and make an improvised solution that makes one want to beat him up? haha ~ XD!

    — Thanks for the chapter~ ^^.

  2. it’s very awkward when I read the names……. it destroys the flow when I read the story… I suggest you just use the original names or make it like Accidental Running Water where you remove the “is”

    1. When I first start out with this, I’d planned to use the pin yin name for real life, and the meaning for the online avatar. The reason for this was to have some separation and I didn’t expect how diverse the naming would be later on. I was looking at how others were handling this and followed along.

      Because there’s a lot of gamers in China, their ids are not short as well, usually, all carried a meaning behind them and if I used the pin yin naming for them, you’ll just get a gibberish mash of long names, ie, Small White Rabbit Candy = Xiao Bai Tu Nai Tang. You also won’t get the nuance behind them, ie, the Wen Ren family had Water related names as their profile.

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