Chapter 058 – It’s Really Not Intentional

Chapter 58: It’s Really Not Intentional

The only trump card that he had – Blink Strike, but Blink Strike was nothing against those two. But the worst was that Blink Strike was an attacking Skill, and could only teleport towards the attacker.  And in this case, to be moving forward towards his opponent, wasn’t this seeking his own death?

The Assassin nearby Running Water is Unintentional said: “I’d completed the mission. What’s next is by you or me?” In his mind, Zhou Jian was already like a lamb to slaughter. He’s just thinking of how to kill him.

“Haha. Of course, I’ll be the one taking action. I want to shoot my arrow one by one until he’s a hedgehog. But first, you cut off his hands and feet so that I can shoot where I feel like shooting. But be careful, don’t kill him. Otherwise, I won’t pay the commission.”

“Haha. Don’t worry.” The Assassin said and walked towards Zhou Jian. He walked very slowly because he wanted to appreciate the helpless facial expression.

And for Running Water is Unintentional was just standing there with a smile. His hand took off a longbow from his back. And the other hand slowly picked out an arrow from the quiver. He moved the aim around. In a while, he would aim at Zhou Jian’s face, and in another while, he would aim at Zhou Jian’s heart. He was able to imagine Zhou Jian miserable scene in front of him.

Zhou Jian’s foot move slightly. In his heart, he was silently calculating the distance between the Assassin and Running Water is Unintentional. 5 meters…..10 meters…..15 meters. The distance is enough. Now!

Spirit Needle!

Regardless of the Assassin or the Archer, their main attributes and equipment were based on the Agility and Strength. There’s no add-on for Spirit. And their Spirit growth rate was only 1 point. And as for Zhou Jian, his Spirit had been growing at 5 since level 20. Now that he’s at level 24, his Spirit was higher than level 35 Running Water is Unintentional by 5 points.

– One second Stun.

The Spirit Needle was just a single attack. So, Zhou Jian chose the greater threat, Running Water is Accidental.

When the Assassin saw the purple flash, he was startled in his heart and increased his feet movement speed. He didn’t expect that this lamb who’s about to be slaughtered would unexpectedly revolt.

However, when his dagger was about to reach Zhou Jian’s body. Zhou Jian suddenly disappeared in front of him.

Blink Strike!

It’s still a single attack, and he still chose Running Water is Accidental. Zhou Jian’s Blink Strike not only avoided the Assassin’s attack but also instantaneously arrived in front of Running Water is Accidental. The 5 points different in Spirit wasn’t large. Zhou Jian bit his own tongue to keep himself awake and launched the claw attack.

This trash weapon from the store had already made many masters came to grief. And today, Running Water is Accidental wasn’t an exception.

Of course, it’s certainly impossible for Zhou Jian to kill Running Water is Accidental in under one second. He just wanted to leave a mark on Running Water is Accidental’s perfect face.

The defense equipment was able to manifest a layer of protective energy to protect the player. The protective layer was the thickest at the body’s vital parts. Therefore, Zhou Jian didn’t choose to attack Running Water is Accidental’s eyes but at his smooth cheeks instead. Three blood-stained lines appeared on Running Water is Accidental that spread from his ear to his mouth.

This was only the left-hand claw attack. Zhou Jian still had another hand. His right-hand attack was aimed at Running Water is Accidental lower part. Since he’d already had a bitter hatred, he didn’t mind letting this hatred to go deeper.

Zhou Jian strengthened his grasp and had to resort to sucking in his breath for more exertion. At that moment, he felt like his right-hand strength suddenly increased and only heard a “poof!”, like an egg was broken to pieces. (tl: Damn, I can see where this is going) Although there’s also the system protection, and Zhou Jian’s striking power couldn’t pierce through the armor, but…..

Unfortunately, seemed to have strike it….

…A column of blood shot out. Although the system would have weakened the pain, but it could still make the people absolutely want to die.

Zhou Jian was a little stunned. This time, he’s really unintentional. The Fallen Blood three times crit strike was linked up to his Spirit force in the game. Once he’s back, he would need to study on this but now there’s no time, he drew back.

At this time, the Assassin just turned around. His reaction was very fast. He’d rushed at full speed but suddenly lost his target and yet could still instantly change his direction in 180 degrees. But, he’s still 15 meters away from Zhou Jian at this time.

15 meters was enough because Running Water is Accidental’s distance from the cliff was also 15 meters. Zhou Jian ran directly towards the cliffs. So what even if you’re twice as fast as me? Before, Zhou Jian had calculated the distance. He intentionally waited until the Assassin was about to catch up to his position before he attacked.

Zhou Jian’s attack lineup was almost perfect. However, this series of movement still cost about half a second. When Zhou Jian was almost half the distance towards the cliffs, Running Water is Accidental woke up.

His face was full of blood, similar to a raging lion. “I want you to die!”

Skill – Aiming Arrow!

Running Water is Accidental drew his bowstring. A shining magic arrow turned into a light and flew. Zhou Jian didn’t plan to hide from the start. He didn’t evade it and then just jumped high towards the cliffs when he’s about five meters away from the edge. He’s hit by this arrow in the sky and like a kite with a broken string, directly plummeted down the cliff.

“F**********k you!” Running Water is Accidental cursed out. Although he’d wanted to persecute Zhou Jian to death, but the entire process made him very depressed. He attacked the opposite party not to kill him, but to insult him. However, at this time, something that made Running Water is Accidental even more depressed happened. From the distance over the cliff came the spell light of the teleportation scroll back to the city.

Who said they can’t use the time when falling off the cliff to use the scroll to return back to the city?

Running Water is Accidental was dumbfounded. Of course, the system didn’t have this provision. It’s just that those who thought off jumping from the cliff in real life would certainly die.

“I f**k your uncle!”

Running Water is Accidental endured the pain from his lower part. He ran up to the edge of the cliff and looked downwards. But this time, Zhou Jian had become a small bright spot. If it wasn’t because of the light from the teleportation scroll, Running Water is Accidental just wasn’t able to see the opposite party in the dark abyss.

Running Water is accidental was crazily biting his teeth. He drew his bowstring to shot at where Zhou Jian was. He was very anxious to jump down and follow as well. Of course, he knew that even if he jumped, this time, was useless. Because the distance between him and Zhou Jian was too far. Furthermore, the speed of the one who jumped later would never overtake the one who jumped off the cliff first.

Running Water is Accidental was never this depressed in his life. His hatred for Zhou Jian had risen to an indescribable extent.

But this time, Zhou Jian had returned to Pangu city. It’s safe within the city area. So, he didn’t need to worry about the security at all. The escaping process had made Zhou Jian to has some lingering fear. Although he’d calculated that Running Water is Accidental could at most shoot out an arrow, and simultaneously, the Assassin was unable to overtake him. However, that one hit was enough to go through his chest and abdomen and made him lost more than half of his health. Running Water is Accidental’s aiming arrow was probably trained to Level 3. Its lethality was too astonishing.

Luckily, he’d discovered the treasure chest when he accompanied Susan to rush the new dungeon and found the hidden Thief Skill, Blink Strike. After this skill was practiced up to Level 1, the range was increased up to 20 meters. Otherwise, there’s totally no escape today.

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