Chapter 059 – Las Vegas Newspaper

Chapter 59: Las Vegas Newspaper

The minor drawback of this was that to use Blink Strike, there must be a target, and couldn’t decide on any other direction. So, it’s not a true teleportation in a sense.

Furthermore, the abyss of the Ancient Nine Tombs was deep in Zhou Jian’s memory. It’s really similar to how the rumors were. The further downward you were, the colder it gets. And because the falling speed was very fast, the blowing wind felt like a knife, making people felt that their soul was about to be blown away from their body. No wonder the previous person who jumped from the cliff would be freezing till unconscious.

What’s the secret in the abyss of the Ancient Nine Tombs? Or was it just a setting of the system? It’s a pity that nobody had any flying techniques. But even if there’s a flying technique, it’s very hard to resist the cold. The key here is that no one knows exactly how deep the abyss is.

At this time, Zhou Jian received a message. He opened and saw what was written: “Boy, you have guts.”

Running Water is Accidental was already on the blacklist. This was sent by the Assassin. Zhou Jian ha ha laughed. This guy was also put on the blacklist. He went offline and then to sleep.

This made Zhou Jian slept very well. The next day, Linda who’s sending him off was reluctant to part with him. Zhou Jian flew back to Hong Kong. With this trip, Zhou Jian had become a wealthy man.

He planned to use this money to buy stocks. However, since the money was from a US underground bank, explaining the source of the money to the local bank would be a very troublesome matter. Fortunately, Yun Tai Company was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. And the US Citibank had long set up in Hong Kong, a Citibank (Hong Kong) Limited. Since the Bounty Hunter Association had a strategic partnership with Citibank, then to solve this problem wasn’t hard. After all, Zhou Jian had already given 20 percent profit to the Bounty Hunter Association. The problem of these sum of money background should be solved by them.

So, with the help of the underground bank, this sum of money was justified as coming from Zhou Jian winning the gambles in the Las Vegas casinos.

“Sis Chu. I want to continue to buy Yun Tai Company’s shares.” Zhou Jian just got down from the airplane and decided to give Chu Qing Yun a call. Twenty to thirty million worth of stocks. It’s still safer to let Chu Qing Yun know.

“Em. You make some money again? How much do you want to eat?”

“Em……20 million.” Zhou Jian was hesitant. He decided to leave about 10 million behind. It’s safer like this. Even if Yun Tai Company came across any problem, he could still make a comeback.

“Twent….Twenty million?” Chu Qing Yun gasped and sucked in some cold air. The market value of Yun Tai Company was just about 100 million. That 20 million was enough to trigger a stock market shock. “You went to Las Vegas to get this 20 million? Don’t tell me that you won it all in the casinos?”

“Er….” Zhou Jian didn’t know how to say. Chu Qing Yun said: “I just casually asked. If you trust your Sis Chu here, I’ll help you settle this 20 million so that it won’t affect the stock market as much as possible. Now, I haven’t announced the news outside yet that the new drugs would be put into production. Therefore, the share price rises very slowly. Most of the shareholders are still having the attitude to wait and see.”

Chu Qing Yun had been trying to gather capital for several days to repurchase the stock. But it’s almost impossible for her to get a bank loan with Yun Tai Company being so heavily in debt. So, she could only gather capital through her personal connections, and to rely on those distributors’ advance payments to come up with 5 million. Then, Zhou Jian sudden appearance with 20 million made her startled, but she didn’t think that it’s unbelievable. Since Zhou Jian had the skill, he could easily gain 20 million in the Bounty Hunter Association.

“I don’t care whether you’ll listen or not but Sis Chu still has to tell you that this bounty hunter work is very dangerous. Sis Chu knows that you have the skill but one who walks by the river may end up with wet feet. (tl: Shit happens. There is risk in life and things might not go your way.) In addition to this time, and your previous mission, you’d already earned 25 million. Since you put this money into Yun Tai Company, other people might not dare to say but your Sis Chu will guarantee that doubling it in one year isn’t an issue. Later, you’ll have no problem just eating the dividend. So, listen to Sis Chu’s advice. After this, don’t be so involved in this line of work anymore.”

Zhou Jian was able to hear the concern in Chu Qing Yun’s words. His heart was filled with warmth. “I know, Sis Chu.”

“Em. Hurry up and come back as soon as possible. Be careful in Hong Kong, it’s still Sun De Guang’s area.” Chu Qing Yun said a few words and hung up the phone. Soon, the telephone rang again. This time, it’s her good friend from the US, Linda, who’s calling long distance.

“Dearest Chu, still busy with your business?”

“Haha. I’m not like you. Your father is a somebody in the Mafia. I still need to feed myself.”

“Chu, if you said this again, I’ll get angry. I’d been living together with my mother since I’m 12 years old.”

“Oh, sorry. I don’t know about this.” Chu Qing Yun hurriedly apologized. She also just knew that Linda’s father was a member of the US Mafia, but she didn’t know how’s her relationship with her father.

“It doesn’t matter. I don’t care about my parents’ divorce. It’s just that I don’t like that people misunderstood that I got where I am today by relying on my father.” Americans’ sense of independence was very strong. The children would leave their parent to live independently after they reached 18 years old. Furthermore, they would spend their own money after adulthood. To continue to use their parents’ money was a disgrace even if their family was very rich.

“Your Chinese hero, I’d return the jade annulus to Zhao. (tl: return something intact to the rightful owner. I’d had used the meaning instead if there’s no continuation) Completely return the jade annulus to Zhao. Haha, is my idiom pretty good?”

“Er……it’s really not bad. You can already be my Chinese history teacher.” Chu Qing Yun was sweating a little. How come she’s feeling like there’s something more to Linda’s words….

“That’s right. You should search the net for the Las Vegas newspaper “Las Vegas News”. There’s a surprise there oh.” Linda playfully said. After that, she hung up the phone.

Chu Qing Yun shook her head with a smile. She turned on the computer to search for the Las Vegas News website. She clicked on the link to enter the Las Vegas News and saw that on the front page was an unexpected picture of Zhou Jian.

The picture was one of when Zhou Jian’s punching. Behind him was the crowd of American exclaiming in alarm. This was the picture of when Zhou Jian was testing his strength against the striking force testing machine and destroyed it. It’s the last picture that the camera installed on the machine managed to capture before it’s gone.

Of course, because of the angle, the picture didn’t have the view of the machine fragments. Otherwise, it would shocked everyone.

Although it’s just a picture but it vividly reflected Zhou Jian at the moment he erupted out his strength, that feeling of power and speed. To use a word that’s very fashionable about 200 years ago. The Zhou Jian in the picture has an air of a tyrannical king. (tl: king who can rule using his strength)

The caption near the picture was written in capital letters – “Mysterious youth from China and his powerful Chinese kungfu!”. At that moment, Chu Qing Yun’s heart had a sense of palpitation. She couldn’t help but look downwards. The article wrote about the Bounty Hunter Association, and how the US bounty hunters and the Japanese samurais come into a bet. And how they went into a stalemate. It later wrote that Zhou Jian was dragged in because of the dispute with the two Japanese samurais due to the honor of the country and the nation. And how Zhou Jian was able with a punch, destroyed the testing machine in a bright explosion, and later the scene of him taking down those two Japanese samurais.

The whole article was continuously describing Zhou Jian’s process with great exaggeration and exclamation. It praised Zhou Jian’s sense of patriotism, and how he was the pride of the Chinese.

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