Chapter 060 – Blood Poppy

Chapter 60: Blood Poppy

The details of the report were fairly true, except that it didn’t discuss further about Zhou Jian totally destroying the testing machine. In this aspect, one had to praise the Americans. Although they had a sense of superiority, and even many of them were racists, but they were not concerned with saving their face like the Chinese. They wouldn’t use deception for their own face because their medias were commercial by nature, and not controlled by the government. So, the US newspapers would even often go against the government, and it’s up to the US President to mitigate the mess. (tl: hello, Trump)

Chu Qing Yun finished the whole article and was feeling like she was at the scene herself. She couldn’t help but look at the picture of Zhou Jian. There’s a slight throbbing feeling in her heart, but her mouth was strangely rebuking: “Really, this guy. Such a show-off. Luckily, when he was dealing with Sun De Guang, he’d covered his face. Otherwise, when Sun De Guang saw this picture, it’ll be a big trouble.”

Chu Qing Yun was reluctant to close the website. After thinking for a while, she unconsciously connected her computer to the color printer and planned to print out the paper.

But when she wanted to print, she hesitated. If this print was discovered by others, she would be extremely embarrassed. Others would think that she’s involved in a love relationship between a younger brother and an elder sister.

Why are you thinking so much? Since you’d said that you’re brother and sister, why so many scruples about it. What’s wrong with an elder sister saving up a picture of her younger brother.

Chu Qing Yun thought like this and pressed down the print button.

When the color was printing, someone knocked on the door. Chu Qing Yun was startled and hurriedly hid the paper into a drawer and closed the website before asking: “Who is it?”

“Leader Chu. It’s me. Can I come in?” Su Xiao Qian’s voice came in through the door.

Chu Qing Yun who had some guilty conscience arranged her hair and straightened her collar and said: “Come in.”

Su Xiao Qian was holding a stack of papers when she pushed the door to come in. She bit her lip and said: “Leader Chu, the Burmese side had refused our conditions, and requested to raise the price.”

Chu Qing Yun frowned. “Increase by how much?”

“They’re asking for 70 USD per kilogram.”

“What? Why don’t they go and rob.” Chu Qing Yun’s temper flared up. Chu Qing Yun’s father always maintained contact with the Burmese suppliers when he was alive. The Yun Tai Company new drugs needed a so-called Blood Poppy plant. Back then, the purchasing price was only 30 USD but in just more than a year time, it’s more than doubled.

Su Xiao Qian said: “It’s said that the person in charge there changed. He insisted on this price.”

Chu Qing Yun beckoned with her hand and said: “For this issue, you don’t need to be involved. I’ll go talk to him.”

After Su Xiao Qian left, Chu Qing Yun was somewhat depressed. The Blood Poppy was a variation that mutated out after the catastrophe of last century. The cultivation of this plant was banned in China, and could only be imported from Myanmar. She didn’t expect that this group of profiteers would unexpectedly hike up the price.


Two days later, Zhou Jian returned back to Huadu. In fact, he’d forgotten that he’s a freshman at Lingnan University.

“F**k. This kid finally came back.” A guy wearing a small glasses saw Zhou Jian back at the dorm, showing an exaggerated expression. This guy was watching a Korean drama at that time. His left hand was holding a bento while his right hand was holding onto a plastic spoon, shoveling scrambled egg cooked with tomato into his mouth.

This guy with small eyeglasses was Zhou Jian’s other roommate, Wang Xiao Yin. He played 《Gods and Demons》 for three months but was able to go only to level 18. He usually likes to watch Korean dramas and read novels. “Be frank with me here. Which little girl did you stay with? You’d been missing for more than a week.”

Zhou Jian looked at Xiao Yin. “Don’t talk nonsense. I went back home. Here, for you.” Zhou Jian took out a bucket of KFC fried chicken and a package of tea. In addition, there’s also a leather Spalding basketball for Mule in his hand.

Zhou Jian had received a lot of care from Xiao Yin and Mule these past few months. He wanted to buy some things for them but didn’t know what was appropriate. Fortunately, Mule said that he liked to play basketball. So, he bought a quality Spalding basketball from the US. But for Xiao Yin, this guy liked to study women, Korean dramas, and also women wear. Ultimately, his entire goal was to study women. According to Mule, he guessed that Xiao Yin watched Korean dramas to understand the women’s love psychology. It’s a pity that although Xiao Yin spent so much time on prep work, there’s no dinosaur (tl: lol) willing to lie down to be studied by him.

Zhou Jian couldn’t think of buying anything to Xiao Yin. For a man to buy clothes for another man, that thought gave him goose bumps. Or he could buy some food stuff. Tea would do. Xiao Yin’s ancestral home was in Chaoshan. The Chaoshan people loved tea very much. They not only liked to drink tea but eat tea as well. They treated the tea leaves as snacks and biscuits and ate them. Yes, that’s right. directly eating them without adding water.

Xiao Yin saw the bucket of fried chicken and then looked at his own bento. He pushed his bento aside and tore off the packing paper to grasp a chicken drumstick. His mouth also sprouted out, “F**k, was your head hit by the gate today? You unexpectedly bought KFC back. Was this to celebrate your success in losing your virginity?” Although KFC was recognized as a junk food, but to the university students eating in the dining hall, eating this stuff was considered as an improvement in the living standard. Spending tens of Yuans to buy food was a very extravagant thing for the university students.

“F**k. Do you still want to eat?”

“Haha. Just kidding. Just kidding. Looking at you today, I have something good to share and must tell you an important information. In the previous class meeting, our beautiful woman said that if you didn’t report to her office by Wednesday, she will find your mother.”

“F**k. Isn’t today Wednesday. Why didn’t you said it earlier.”

“Then, don’t delay. There’s still 10 minutes before they get off from work. If you run, there’s still time.” Xiao Yin’s mouth was full of oil. He was eating while drumming the fingers. His speech was unclear.

“Crazy. you better go support the dead.” (tl: don’t know how to better convey it) Zhou Jian threw the basketball and hurriedly run down the building.

Zhou Jian ran to the school office building in one breath. He uneasily knocked on the student affair office’s door. The one who opened the door was a girl who looked like she’s almost in her twenties with spots on her face. She looked a little familiar. Zhou Jian didn’t know where he saw her before but opened his mouth and asked: “Teacher, do you know where is Teacher Zuo? Is she in?”

With Zhou Jian’s words, the girl’s facial expression immediately become very excited. She was at first stunned, and then felt that it was inconceivable, and then burst out into small laughter. “I’m your classmate, Liang Yan Min.”

These words made Zhou Jian’s face blushed red. No wonder the girl looked familiar. Come to think of it, she’s like the work study student in class. If there’s student work, it’s definitely done in the student affair office. Embarrassing.

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