Chapter 061 – Zuo Rong Rong

Chapter 61: Zuo Rong Rong

Zhou Jian rarely attended class. He truly couldn’t fully recognize his classmates. Furthermore, the girls of the liberal arts classes usually dressed up and appeared very mature. There’s really no difference with those teachers who just graduated from college.

But Liang Yan Min recognized Zhou Jian. In the class, there’re only three guys among the students. And this guy was famous because he skipped too much of the classes. In the class, the female students thought that this guy was simply too unreliable to become a boyfriend. He’s simply the model for ignoring proper profession. Basically, when they tried to foresee Zhou Jian’s future, they saw that in his sophomore or junior year, he would be persuaded to quit because he wouldn’t be able to catch up. Even if he studied, he also couldn’t graduate because there’re not enough credits.

It’s already said that finding a husband wasn’t easy in the Chinese department. In the 59 Chinese language classes, this sentence was absolutely confirmed. In the class, there’re three male students. The one that appeared the most like a man already had his own flower. But the other two – Zhao Jian and Xiao Yin are quite ugly. It’s not to say that about their appearance, but their personalities. Those two stayed at home all day. One’s a gamer who played every day. The other one watched Korean dramas daily. Those who would marry them, if they didn’t starve to death, they would be pissed off to death. The female students in the class had already been aggressively trying to make communication with the science and engineering department, planning to import in boyfriends.

In regards to the female students’ view, it’s not unjust to Zhou Jian, but it’s unjust to Xiao Yin. In his words, since he didn’t have a girlfriend, why did he need to step out of the door. If he’s not in the dorm watching Korean dramas, then what’s the use of him strolling along the street or watching a movie by himself? Wouldn’t it be sick?

Liang Yan Min sheepishly smiled at Zhou Jian. “Teacher Zhou will be back in a moment. Classmate Zhou Jian is also real “busy”. But this time, Teacher Zuo is really angry. You better admit your mistake with her. Otherwise, the college may issue a disciplinary warning.”

“Thank you for your reminder. Then, I’ll wait here.”

Liang Yan Min gave Zhou Jian a blessing. She saved her documents on the computer and then left the student affair office. She’s going out for dinner.

The office hours for the college was till 5. And the time was already 5, a woman wearing a professional attire and black rimmed glasses finally appeared in the entrance.

Snow white shirt. Black skirt. If looked for the first time, one would think that she’s a high-level white collar in the company, but if looked carefully, one could feel a breath of thick books from this woman.

Teacher Zuo, named Zuo Rong Rong. She’s a Lingnan University’s Chinese Department graduate student who just graduated this year. Because during her studies here, her performance was outstanding, so, she’s smoothly stayed in the school.

In Lingnan University, to be a lecturer or teaching assistant would need to have a doctorate from a top university. But Zuo Rong Rong was just a graduate student and was unqualified to be a lecturer. She could only be the teacher in charge for the student work and student guidance.

The teacher in charge was a chore in the university. Usually, no teacher of qualification would be willing to take on the work. So, it’s left to Rong Rong who’s now working while studying. After she graduated from her doctorate, then she could smoothly go up to be a teaching assistant. As for the path to be a lecturer, there’s still a way. After all, Lingnan University is a top local university.

“Teacher Zuo.” Zhou Jian immediately put on a sorry and ashamed look when he saw Zuo Rong Rong.

Zuo Rong Rong bitterly looked at Zhou Jian. She didn’t speak anything but went to her desk and directly start packing her things.

Zhou Jian knew that he was wrong. He stood like a baby on the side with an “I know I am wrong. Next time, I’ll correct it” look.

Zuo Rong Rong left Zhou Jian hanging for quite a while until she finished packing. This time, she angrily said: “Student Zhou is really “busy”. Today, you finally found the time to return back to school? You’d continuously miss for a week. Do you really think that the school is a hotel ah?”

Zuo Rong Rong angrily beat the textbook on her hand. She saw Zhou Jian and was annoyed and grieved again. If the student was continuously absent for the week, it’s okay. At most, the teachers would write it down in the record book and then wait till the final exam to fix you up.

But if the student left school for a week, then that’s a big news. Because the school was afraid that the student might had an accident and had to take the responsibility. But usually at this time, if the teacher in charge or instructor knew that the student left the school, a report had to be made to the University. If the news was held back, and at the same time, the student had an accident. For example, suicide, killed, deceived into MLM and so forth, the teacher in charge who held back from informing the college would definitely be punished.

Otherwise, if the teacher in charge reported this incident to the college, then the teacher wouldn’t be in trouble. But the student would be punished, or at least be given a warning. If there’s a history of truancy, then there’s maybe a demerit or probation.

This kind of punishment must be recorded into the file. And when wanting to find a job during the senior year, this would be a stain. If one wanted to work in the government institution, such as taking the civil servants test. This stain in the student archive would be greatly affected during a review.

Zuo Rong Rong didn’t want to report to the College. She feared that her own words would held back Zhou Jian in the future. But a student missing isn’t a joke. She’d been consecutively alarmed and anxious for several days. She’s really afraid that Zhou Jian had an accident. That time, the teacher in charge would have to take a joint liability.

Fortunately, Zhou Jian managed to safely come back. But when she saw that this fellow who didn’t lack any arms or legs and had on an annoying expression, Rong Rong was angered once again. “You will write be a 5000 words self-reflection back to me by tomorrow. Otherwise, I’ll report the matter about you leaving the school for a week to the college and inform your parents!”

Zuo Rong Rong fiercely said. When Zhou Jian heard that he had to write a 5000 words self-reflection, his head freeze up. Oh no, and he still wanted to challenge the dungeon at night.

“Teacher, I promised that I won’t do this again, can you overlook this self-reflection….” Zhou Jian tried to scrunch up his face into a bitter gourd, and it’s the type that didn’t manage to grow but was wrinkled all over.

Looking Zhou Jian’s appearance, Zuo Rong Rong’s anger was finally calmed a bit. “Impossible. 5000 words. One word less also cannot.” Zuo Rong Rong firmly said. Actually, even if Zhou Jian didn’t write those 5000 words, she won’t report this matter of Zhou Jian leaving the school. If she did, she’s just looking for a scolding herself, and would hold up Zhou Jian’s future. As for Zhou Jian’s parents, even if Zhou Jian wrote these 5000 words, she’ll still complain to his parents. She thought that it’d be better for Zhou Jian if she let his family participate in managing the student issue. That way, the young seedling won’t grow up crooked.

“Teacher Zuo……Actually, these days, I was working……” The bank loan would be able to solve the problem of tuition fees for next year, but wouldn’t help with the student’s accommodation and living expenses. Zhou Jian saw that it’s useless for him to beg for mercy. So, he could only put on a delicate and touching facial expression and played the emotion card.

Indeed, when Zuo Rong Rong heard this, she’s immediately soft-hearted. She knew about Zhou Jian’s background, which wasn’t much, but her mouth was unsparing. “Who do you want to cheat about going to work. You’re playing the online game every day.”

“I played the game also to earn money. If you don’t believe me, you can ask Luo Hai Shan.”

“Hm. Worthless!” Although Zuo Rong Rong had forgave Zhou Jian, but the punishment couldn’t be avoided. “The responsibility of a student is to study. Even if you can make money from playing online game, so what? Your father and mother pay for you to come to college to let you study, not to play game. If you depended on playing game to make money to pay for the living and school expense, then you’d learn nothing. Then, isn’t your university studies for nothing? You might as well stayed at home!” Zuo Rong Rong hasn’t been in touch with society. Although she’s older than Zhou Jian by several years, but her ideas are all stuck on the textbook education of an idealized society.”

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