Chapter 062 – The Net’s Bizarre Mission

Chapter 62: The Net’s Bizarre Mission  

Zhou Jian’s heart secretly said. Originally, attending university was already a futile effort, let alone majoring in Chinese studies. How could those who graduated with this expect to find work? Of course, all these couldn’t be said out loud. He nodded and obediently said: “It’s as Teacher Zuo said. I’ll study hard from now on.”

“Em. It’s better like this. Then, change the self-reflection to 3000 words.”
“Oh no, still need to write?”

“Writing a self-reflection is so that it’ll be in your long term memory. Since you’re studying Chinese, is it so hard to produce 3000 words?”

Zhou Jian secretly thought. Of course, I’d never studied this before. But, certainly this words wouldn’t be said out loud. “Teacher, can you reduce it to 2000 words?”

“Don’t negotiate anymore with me. The final exam is coming soon. Since there’s still some time before the final exam, you better study well. Try hard not to fail the exam.” Actually, Zuo Rong Rong knew that it’s impossible for Zhou Jian not to fail. Since many teachers had put in a note about him into their notebooks. Those students who usually had full attendance who scored 60 marks would be given 80 marks. But for Zhou Jian, if he scored 80 marks, he would be given 60 marks and that’s already considered good. Not to mention, he wouldn’t even be able to score 80 marks.

Zhou Jian said: “Then teacher don’t need to worry. Unless the teacher decided to fail me, otherwise, I’ll absolutely pass. I can assure you that I’ll score at least 90 across all subjects.”

Zuoo Rong Rong’s expression was obviously one who wouldn’t believe him. This guy could really bluff. “You think the exam is really like those for primary students? At most, even with rote memorization, you can only score 70 marks. If you can’t comprehend the meaning of the literature, then you can only dream of scoring 90 marks. Since you didn’t attend the class every day, what part of the literature did you understand? I expect that you would cram before the exam, and would be contented already if you could get a fraction of the marks via rote memorization.”

Zhou Jian surely said: “Teacher Zuo, I assure you that I’ll get 90 marks and wouldn’t fail out. However, we need to have an understanding. If I get 90 marks, you can’t fail me just because you’re discontented.”

Zuo Rong Rong glanced at Zhou Jian. She secretly thought that since you knew that you would create dissatisfaction from skipping classes, then you shouldn’t skip from the beginning. “I’m not your teaching teacher. I can’t give you your results.”

“Teacher Zuo. I know that you knew those teachers. Help me inform them that I’ll guarantee that I’ll get 90 marks.”

“Hmm. I want to see how you’re going to bluff on your result day. I warn you not to cheat. But even if you have the book to copy during the exam, you still can’t get more than 90 marks.” Zuo Rong Rong said it like this but her heart was already very curious. If he didn’t get at least 90 marks, then he’d fail? Even the top female students in the class wouldn’t dare to say this. What exactly did this boy plan to do, when he didn’t even attend any of the classes. How could he have such confidence? Wasn’t this just courting death?

“Don’t worry, teacher. I’ll absolutely won’t cheat (yeah, right)” Cheating was also a type of knowledge. If he was caught, then it’s cheating. But if he wasn’t caught, then that’s a strength. Zhou Jian had already thought off how he planned to cheat in the exam. No. 6 size paper with the smallest distance in between the lines separated into 3 columns and used the smallest words to write on it was the lowest tier of cheating. Copying from others in the class was slightly higher tier, but also absolutely couldn’t get more than 90 marks.

This time, Zhou Jian needed to have top notch results in all the subjects. Otherwise, he would fail.

“At that time, I’ll come to inspect your desk. Don’t try the trick of writing the words onto the sticky tape and then paste it onto the mineral water bottle and pretend that it’s the label. All these moves, I’d seen it.”

“Ah? Teacher, you know so clearly about this. Did you used it before?”

“What nonsense are you talking about? Do you think that others are like you? I warn you not to do anything. If you’re looking around and was caught, that’s still nothing. But if you used the notes, and the evidence was discovered by the patrolling teacher, then you’d directly be expelled!”

“Haha. Don’t worry, Teacher Zuo. I’d said that I will score 90 marks. No matter how I copy from the paper, I won’t be able to score 90 marks.”

“Hm. If you know, then it’s good. You better be honest.”


At that night, Zhou Jian returned to the dorm and at the Witkey website, requested for a 3000 words essay of self-reflection. The content should be about skipping class to play truant, and the style should be one written by a freshman . The reward for this service rendered was 50 yuan. Later on, this guy put on the game helmet and continued challenging the dungeon.

If this was known by Zuo Rong Rong, she’d be pissed till she jumped.

After he successfully challenged the dungeon and earned some amount of experience, Zhou Jian finally went to take a bath. At this time, Mule came back. One hand was carrying a dozen cans of beer. The other with a plastic bag of grilled meat. Mule usually lived with his wife in his own home. But since he heard from Xiao Yin that Zhou Jian came back, he went back to the dorm to be together.

He saw the brand new basketball on the table and was immediately interested. He took out the packaging and was shocked. My goodness. Spalding leather basketball.

“Who bought this?”

Xiao Yin who watching the Korean drama pointed to the bathroom. “There.”

“F**k. Did this guy won the lottery? This basketball cost 1000.” (tl: really? I don’t remember it being that expensive)

Xiao Yin was surprised till his jaw almost dropped off. “What?”

“An authentic basketball used in the NBA. The feeling when the ball hits the wooden board of the court is top notch. It’s a bit wasted to be played on the school asphalt ground.”

“Too much. Too much. This boy found a rich elder sister. He’s too ungrateful. This brother is still stuck at home being single. That fellow actually learned the way of the trade to eat soft rice.” (tl: becoming gigolo) Xiao Yin felt the basketball that cost 1000. His eyes was full of imagination. This fellow was imagining how happy a life it would be to be pimping himself out to a beautiful and rich elder sister.

“Wei. The boy who’s taking a shower. Quickly come out. Hurry and tell which wealthy girl has been damaged by you. Since you’re reluctant to come back home for more than a week.” Mule kicked open the door. Zhou Jian’s body was full of soapsuds. “Scram!”

The three bad friends reunited after a long while. Naturally, eating and drinking would be unavoidable. Zhou Jian had already thought of an excuse. He’s adamant that this money was earned from playing 《Gods and Demons》. In his words, he rushed the new dungeon every day till he couldn’t even sell off all the equipments.

Mule and Xiao Yin haven’t rushed the new dungeon yet. They didn’t know whether Zhou Jian’s words were dependable. But, since the facts were already in front of them, they could only believe him.

After they’re full, Zhou Jian  went onto the Witkey website. He’s trying to solve the matter of the self-reflection essay. He entered the main page and was shocked by one unexpected post that was offering a reward of 5 million yuan. And it’s just posted an hour ago.

Witkey website was usually used to deal with designs, thesis, and other solutions. It rarely involved task that rewarded millions. After all, the qualities and credibilities of those providers in Witkey weren’t guaranteed. Zhou Jian was curious and clicked on it. The post wanted to purchase a raw material for medicine – An Amazon variant (mutated) anaconda’s gall bladder.

Although it’s only posted an hour ago, but there were a lot of replies. Zhou Jian looked at the poster and was directly shocked. Unexpectedly, it’s Wen Ren Ze.

Why did he want a mutated anaconda’s gallbladder. This was too coincidental, but come to think about it, it’s still normal. In the Lingnan’s Witkey website, there’s very few who could start out with 5 million starting price. So, it’s not strange to be from the Wen Ren family.

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