Chapter 064 – Spotted Heat Sores

Chapter 64: Spotted Heat Sores

The truth of the catastrophe was buried just like this. The history textbook that often talked about the catastrophe of the middle of last century would start to wantonly praise the doomsday heroes while completely ignoring the cause of the catastrophe.

The seven ancient Wu aristocratic families of China was established by the seven greatest heroes of China of that time. Because of this catastrophe, the juniors of the ancient Wu aristocratic families all seeped into integral parts of the country, playing more and more important roles.

Actually, besides the cause of the catastrophe, there’s another question. How was the catastrophe ended?

The history book argued that the doomsday heroes led humanity through 20 years of fighting before finally holding on to their position and defeating the catastrophe and saving mankind.

But if one thought carefully, even if this group of doomsday heroes was formidable like Spiderman, could they play such a big role in the catastrophe?

Facing the various biological variants, even the army was helpless against them. Just take the small mosquito for example. To go against this mosquito, even if you’re Spiderman then so what, can you really be like a spider and spin the web to catch mosquito?

Then when the so-called doomsday heroes leading humanity to defeat the catastrophe, how was the process of saving it? How big was the role of ancient Wu?

What’s the background of the seven big ancient Wu aristocratic families? What role did they exactly played in the catastrophe? Why did they gain fame and fortune after the catastrophe?

Everything was a mystery to Zhou Jian.

Zhou Jian turned off the page and directly phoned Wen Ren Hui Yin. “I was in the Witkey forum when I noticed a request of 5 million to purchase the anaconda variant’s gallbladder. The signature was Wen Ren Ze. Is that your elder brother? Or just same name?”

“It’s my brother.” Wen Ren Hui Yin’s voice was somewhat low. There’s a little sobbing there.

Zhou Jian was slightly surprised for a moment. Did she cry? “What’s the matter? Did anything happened?” He thought back to several days ago in the game when Wen Ren Ze unexpectedly received a call and hurriedly logged off the game. Perhaps, his matter of procuring the variant anaconda’s gallbladder was related to the phone call.

“My aunt was infected with spotted heat sores……” Wen Ren Hui Yin said this and tears began piling up in her eyes. She grew up with her aunt since childhood. This aunt was just like her own mother.

Wen Ren Hui Yin’s mother died early, and her father, Wen Ren Xiao Long rebelled from the family. Hence, Wen Ren Hui Yin was placed under the care of her uncle, Wen Ren Bo Da’s family. That’s why her relationship with her aunt was quite deep.

“Spotted heat sores…..” Zhou Jian didn’t know what disease this was. On one side he was talking on the phone, and on the other he was making a search on the web. After seeing the introduction to this disease and the few pictures of this sickness, Zhou Jian sucked in a breath of cold air.

If could be described in four words, then it’s too horrible to look at.

The spotted heat sore was caused by the spotted heat sore virus infection. This virus was something that came out of the last century catastrophe. Its characteristic was to invade the protein, and the human immune system was helpless against this virus.

The patient who was infected with this spotted heat sores would initially be covered over the whole body with red sores. In two months, those red spots would swell and broke, causing the skin to fester. If an effective treatment couldn’t be obtained, then within three months, the patient would become a pool of rotten flesh and blood. Really tragic.

The patient would generally choose to have euthanasia within two months. After which, the body would be completely burned in the incinerator to completely destroy it. Up till now, the spotted heat sores was already quite rare, and only one small part of the virus survived in the form of virus crystal in the soil and water. Those who were infected with this could only blame it on bad luck.

The spotted heat sore was classified as heat poison. (tl: how to describe this, it’s more prevalent in Chinese medicine. Like the yin and yang concept. Too much heat or cold in the body is bad. Here, it’s too much heat.) The treatment for it was to have the cold biological variant blood transfused into the body, and relied on the variant’s antibodies to kill off the virus. There’re some side effects from this treatment but of course, this was better than having the whole body rotted away.

Those variants with this type of cold antibody were only discovered in three types at present. The anaconda variant and purple dragon lizard in the Brazilian rainforest and the blue shark variant in the Atlantic Ocean.

There’s no need to think about the blue shark variant, it vanished when the catastrophe ended. And there’re not many anaconda variants and purple dragon lizards remaining. Furthermore, when these two variants died, their blood would quickly congeal and expired. If one wanted to inject the blood, then it must be done within 20 minutes for it to be alright. But these two lived in the South American jungle. Let alone transporting to China, even if it’s shipped out of the South American jungle to the nearest hospital, it would take more than 20 minutes. Therefore, it’s basically impossible.

Finally, there’s only one method left, and that was to have the anaconda variant’s gallbladder. This thing had a similar effect as the blood of the anaconda variant. Furthermore, the most important thing was that it’s a bit looser in terms of the time limit. It’s still effective to use the gallbladder within seven days once it’s taken out. Therefore, using the anaconda variant’s gallbladder was the spotted heat sore only effective medicine.

Currently, the hunters in the jungles of Brazil and Africa depended on capturing and killing these variant monsters. They obtained the active ingredients in the body for a living. Basically, the bounty hunters in this line had their heads on their belt. Living from birth to death was just but a blink of an eye.

Zhou Jian now was also considered a bounty hunter. So, he knew about a bit about the jungle hunter line. Therefore, he said: “There’s no use purchasing this kind of stuff through the Witkey net. Did you issue any mission to the Bounty Hunter Association, especially those Jungle Hunter associations in Africa and Brazil?”

“Already posted. Brother put out 1 million dollars as a reward and had sent it out to every Bounty Hunter Association and other mercenary associations. But those who would take the mission weren’t much.” Wen Ren Hui Yin’s voice was full of anxiety.

Actually, the market price for this anaconda variant’s gallbladder was very hard to put at because the last time this thing appeared on record was very many years ago.

As the catastrophe ended, the large variants also got fewer and fewer. Furthermore, they’re hidden deep within the jungle. To penetrate the Amazon forest would need to fight tooth and nail. Generally, the jungle hunters weren’t willing to take this risk. Perhaps those jungle hunters who took on the mission also held a mentality of testing their luck. To expect the chances of them to kill the anaconda variant was really slim.

Zhou Jian considered for a while and asked: “Your Wen Ren family had some relation with the military. Can’t you deploy the special forces?”

Wen Ren Hui Yin said: “How’s that possible. Each special force needed a lot of money from the country to nurture out. It’s impossible to call them out because of some personal relationship. And our troops can’t be simply dispatched into other countries. But brother knew a National Security Agency master. He’s willing to help brother for this favor.”

“Oh? Does he have the confidence?”

“He’d inform brother to not to have too much hope. Three years ago, the grandson of the Italian Mafia suffered from the star spot disease and needed the venom of the variant monitor lizard in Amazon. The result was a failure.” Wen Ren Hui Yin sighed. Although their family was huge but compared to the Italian Mafia, it’s still a little worse off. Furthermore, the Italian Mafia itself had its own armed forces, but her own family just had money, and couldn’t use any armed forces.

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