Chapter 065 – Acquiring Equipment

Chapter 65: Acquiring Equipment

In this matter, the Wen Ren family was also feeling helpless. If this happened domestically, using the family’s relationship with the military, the special forces of Lingnan military could still be deployed out. But the key destination here was Brazil. International relationship was always complicated. To rashly dispatching troops into another country would violate international conventions. Not to mention, it’s a narrow escape if entering the Amazon forest without experience. If there’s anything that happened to the troops, this responsibility couldn’t be shouldered.

Zhou Jian thought for a while and said: “I have a friend, who’s a jungle hunter. His strength is very strong. I’ll help you contact him, and see if there’s any way to help.”

“Then, I’ll thank you.” Wen Ren Hui Yin said her thanks but she didn’t expect much hope in her heart. She’d been a classmate with Zhou Jian for a year. She naturally understood about his circumstances. If he really knew a powerful bounty hunter, he wouldn’t have spent his life like this.

Once he hung up, Zhou Jian entered the bounty hunter forum for the first time. He selected the materials on the Brazilian jungle. This caused his to gasp in cold air. The content was too abnormal. There’s too many different types of creatures and their numbers innumerable. Although most biological organisms could be killed by guns, the key here was being unable to find them.  It’s dangerous if being sneaked attacked by them.

Not only there’s danger from the large beasts, there’s also danger from the poisonous small types. For examples, those spiders, venomous snakes, poisonous dart frogs and so forth. They were everywhere, hiding in the soil, at the back of the leaves, or in the shrubs. One could be poisoned to death if accidentally bumped into them. That’s why most jungle hunters only roamed outside the jungle for security purpose. They hunted and killed some low-status preys to maintain their livelihood.

Zhou Jian went on to further check the details on the anaconda variant. The scales on the snake were more than a centimeter thick. Even a 54 pistol bullet was unable to deal many injury to it. Generally, the jungle hunters would be equipped with a good mix of heavy weaponry, such as grenades as well. Some jungle hunter group would even carry a 39 kg XM214 Miniature Gatling Microgun.

Zhou Jian’s attack power was very general. Previously, he managed to use his fist to punch the testing machine into an explosion in the Bounty Hunter Association was because he used the triple boost critical hit. It’s not realistic to attain that kind of degree each time he attacked.

Zhou Jian decided to go to 《Gods and Demons》 to purchase a set of top-class equipment.

It’s a pity that he’s only level 25. If he’s level 30, then he could already use the level 30 equipment set.

Zhou Jian logged into his online banking, and in one breath invested 50000 yuan, which was 5 million gold. All of a sudden, he jumped to become a platinum level VIP.

After he got online, Zhou Jian purchase ten high-quality announcement (tl: raw used small loudspeaker): Purchasing level 25 Thieves’ equipment. Price can end in M. Message via Skylink. Skylink number is: XXXXXXX.

In the Gods and Demons, an announcement cost 20 yuan. Its broadcast could reach up to the entire Southern China area.

It sounded like the price was very high, but in fact, it’s not expensive at all. There’s too many people in 《Gods and Demons》.
An announcement was frequently seen by several million people. So, in addition to those players who used the announcement, there’re also those who didn’t play 《Gods and Demons》 who used the announcements. Anything like seeking info for missing people, any online job, any trading inflatable dolls, any importing of electrical rods, and any XX shop just opened and welcome everyone to have a look.

It’s not rare to purchase 10 announcements, but to purchase 10 announcements just to purchase level 25 Thieves’ equipment, this was just burning money. It would only take another half a month to go from level 25 to level 30. There’s really no such need.

Level 25 equipment wasn’t that valuable. If one’s patient and bargained back and forth, it could be bought for 200 yuan. But this fellow spent 200 yuan just on advertising out. Really was a rich man.

Zhou Jian hid his name when purchasing the announcement . There’re too many people who knew the name, Dark Sword. Soon, his Skylink was filled with various equipment news on their properties and attributes.

Zhou Jian took a glance. The prices were more expensive than the market prices. It’s no wonder that these people put Zhou Jian as a triumphant son.

To save a life was like firefighting. Zhou Jian didn’t have time to haggle with these people. As long as the price wasn’t unreasonable, he would accept it.

The common purple quality equipment was directly passed over. The level 20 orange equipment was put on hold by Zhou Jian. If there’s a complete set, then he would take it.

After the purple and orange equipment were put on, the only way left to let them go was to sell them back to the store. It’s a waste for these level 20 orange type of equipment.

At this time, Zhou Jian received a message. “Friend, it’s too wasteful for you to take in level 20 to 25 equipment. Here, I have half a set of level 30 purple equipment. Since buddy you’re so rich, you can inlaid Agate stones to lower the level requirement. Although it’s a bit expensive to inlaid those stones, but the stones could be recovered to use once again.”

Zhou Jian hit his own forehead. Really silly. Since you’re in such a hurry, this type of common thing had been forgotten.

Therefore, Zhou Jian didn’t hesitate and directly changed the announcement. Acquiring level 30 purple Thieves equipment, orange Thieves equipment inlaid with Agate stones. Eight announcements continuously sent out. To the current Zhou Jian, this several hundred yuan didn’t matter much.

Looking at this, the players were speechless. The announcement that cost 200 yuan became invalid in an instant. This person was a really rich bum.

Before this, Zhou Jian had already two level 30 purple equipment from rushing the dungeon. In addition to the half set from earlier, he had almost the basic set down. He planned to make up those missing with orange equipment. At this time, Zhou Jian received a message: “Do you want weapons?”

Attached behind was a weapon attribute chart. The color was orange.

Dagger: Shadow Assassination.

Increase Agility by 20 points. Increase Attack by 50 points. Has a 5 percent chance of “disabling” in the attack. Lower target’s Speed by 50 and Defense by 10.

Although this dagger was just orange, it’s not part of any set. But it’s handcrafted, an equipment forged by a player.

Zhou Jian was a bit shocked. He understood that raising the skill of these forging, tailoring, jewelry crafting and so forth was very troublesome to train. It’s difficult to make high-grade equipment, and would need various rare and precious materials. Even if those were collected, there’s still a big probability of it becoming trash.

There’s only three and a half month after the game opened. Unexpectedly, someone managed to upgrade while practicing such technical skills at the same time. In order to make such a formidable equipment, perhaps this person also had a fortuitous encounter. Perhaps, also a hidden profession.

Zhou Jian asked: “How much?”

“3000 yuan. No counter-offer. My shop address is XXXXX”

3000 yuan was still reasonable. But what made Zhou Jian surprised was that this person played the game, not in order to play but to make money. And had unexpectedly opened a shop that specialized in selling game equipment. Perhaps, was a game studio.

“Can.” Zhou Jian quickly replied, and directly used a direct transfer card to transfer.

That person didn’t comment much. Zhou Jian transferred to the online shopping mall and transferred the money using Alipay. Meanwhile, Zhou Jian conveniently looked around and saw that there’re about 20 recent trades. This fellow was a talented person.

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