Chapter 066 – Inlaid the Precious Stones

Chapter 66: Inlaid the Precious Stones

“Let’s get to know each other. I’d added you as a friend. Later, it’ll be convenient to contact you.” Zhou Jian figured that he still wanted to trade with him in the future, and sent out a friend invite.

The person looked at the invitation and was surprised when he saw Zhou Jian’s name. “Are you Dark Sword?”

Dark Sword, this name was quite popular in China for a while. It’s quite well known.

Zhou Jian also glanced at the person’s name – Cold Blade. Level 30 Psychic.

The Spirit force of Psychic was much stronger. There’s a natural advantage in the aspect of forging and enchanting. “I’ll go first. I’m rushing for time.” That man wasn’t interested in this Dark Sword name and was only surprised.

After Cold Blade left, Zhou Jian continued to accept level 30 Thieves equipment. He used half an hour to receive all those equipment. Altogether, he spent 28000 yuan, but this was because Zhou Jian was too anxious. If he slowly received them, he could control the expenses down to 20000.

Generally, when the rich played 《Gods and Demons》, the equipment on the body would cost around 50000 – 60000 yuan. Now, on Zhou Jian’s body, there’s about 45000. The inferior Artifact necklace, the whole set of level 30 purple Thieves equipment. A few handcrafted orange items. If it wasn’t because that his rank was too low, Zhou Jian could barely be considered as a somebody in 《Gods and Demons》.

After collecting the equipment, Zhou Jian immediately headed towards Nuwa City’s Appraisal Center.

The old man of the Appraisal Center saw Zhou Jian entered. His face immediately put on a smile. “Young fellow. Are you here for appraisal?”

Zhou Jian saw the old man’s gaze and came out with goosebumps. That old man was just like he saw a delicious buttermilk cake.

“Keke, I came in to inlaid precious stones. All to be inlaid with Agate stones.” Zhou Jian put out the package containing the equipment. He’d already prepared to be slaughtered.

Zhou Jian took out a pair of rings, a pair of gauntlets, a pair of shoes, a leather armor, a belt, and a badge. The necklace was naturally the Fallen Blood. Unfortunately, Zhou Jian didn’t get the appropriate helmet yet.

The Old Man excitedly rubbed his hands. “Altogether including the stone is 1.05 million gold. I don’t need that small change, and will only charge you 1 million.”

F**k. It’s really black. (tl: terrible) Zhou Jian spent 28k to collect the equipment. Now, for him to inlaid them with Agate stones would need another 10k. Even if Zhou Jian’s a wealthy man now, spending money like this was this very distressing.

The Old Man saw that Zhou Jian’s complexion wasn’t very good. His small eyes winked and winked and his hands gave out a nine signal. “Fixed price. 900k. I can’t go any lower. I gave you this price because you’re an old customer. Once you left, don’t go out and spread this around.”

Zhou Jian looked at the Old Man’s lifelike expression and was somewhat speechless. 《Gods and Demons》 NPC’s design was too exaggerated. Each one of them was like a vivid person. Just what kind of existence was the superbrain Myth that manipulated all this in the back?

The development of civilization wasn’t as rapid as most people imagined. Several hundred years ago, the people were still using horses to travel. And in the 20th century, the people had already been able to go to space. Therefore, many people said that humanity only used 100 years to move from riding horses to traveling to space. The technological progress seemed very fast.

But actually, that was because humanity just contacted modern science and technology and entered a brand new field. It’s similar to when an ignorant youth encountered a naive young girl. Naturally, there’d be constant surprises and the progress would be rapid.

And later on, when the technological progress reached a bottleneck. The naive young girl became a mature woman, but humanity had also become an uncle who’d experienced too much in the realm of love. It’s really hard to get a spark between the two.

Speaking that humanity only used 100 years to go from riding the horse to traveling to space wasn’t false. But from traveling to space to arriving in another galaxy, perhaps even a thousand years wouldn’t be enough.

Mankind stayed in the age of slash and burn agriculture for over ten thousand years before the emergence of bronzeware, writing and iron ware. Mankind then entered the era of cold weaponry and stayed in that era for several thousand years. Later, it entered the era of scientific technology where development was rapid. The steam engine, the electrical power and IT, and the biotechnology created the three technological revolutions of humanity.

Now, if mankind wanted to break the bottleneck, it could only find a new technology to complete the fourth technological revolution. Otherwise, it would be detained in this information age for several hundred more years.

But the superbrain Myth seemed to have exceeded the current human science and technology level. Was this thing excavated from alien relics? What could come out from this absurd contact?

Zhou Jian was indulging in his fantasies when the Old Man finished drilling the holes and inlaid the stones. With the new income of 900k gold, he once again unavoidably exposed the corners of his mouth to reveal his gold teeth that had become like an advertisement. “Next time, if you have more equipment, come and look for me. I’ll give you a 20% discount.”

Zhou Jian was quite helpless. He estimated that he would really need to visit this Old Man from time to time.

Once he logged off 《Gods and Demons》, the time was already nine at night. Zhou Jian hung up on a call to the visa handling company after asking them to arrange a passport to Brazil. Later, he contacted a housing agent. He wanted to rent a house around the school. If he’s in the dorm, it’s not convenient to continue to use the Ghost Killer avatar.

That night, Zhou Jian slept early. The next day, he didn’t have any early morning class. Zhou Jian woke up early in the morning and entered the Witkey site, and selected the best-reviewed letter. He had to admit that there’s a lot of talented people in the Witkey site. The opposite party literary talent was impressive and the self-reflection was written with deep introspection. Zhou Jian was very satisfied.

He saved the self-reflection into a USB drive and went to the photocopy shop to print it out. He strolled along the street and had originally planned to buy a box of skincare for Zuo Rong Rong. However, the skincare product was too expensive. It’s not that Zhou Jian couldn’t afford it, but it’s not appropriate for a poor student to give such expensive gift.

Zhou Jian pondered over and over and finally chose a pair of thin wool gloves.

Although Huadu was situated in the subtropics, and the winter wouldn’t be colder than 5 degrees. But if one really experienced it, the winter here wasn’t easy. First, there’s no heating in the room. Second, there’s no insulation layer in the house walls. In the winter, the temperature inside and outside the house was the same. There’s no warm bedding when going to sleep, and worse of all, there’s no one selling electric blanket out on the street.

In addition, it’s very humid in Huadu, and it’s cold traits. Many Northerners who stayed here couldn’t take it. They had cold feet and hands from morning until night. Some even had some frostbite.

Zhou Jian remembered that Zuo Rong Rong was from the North. Therefore, he bought the gloves. Later, he came to the student affair office together with the gloves and his self-reflection.

He took in a deep breath, Zhou Jian pushed the door open.

Zuo Rong Rong was doing her student activities planning. When she saw Zhou Jian, only did she raised her head. “Have you finished the self-reflection?”

“Em. I’d finished.” Zhou Jian obediently handed the review with both his hands.

Zuo Rong Rong nodded with satisfaction. She thought that Zhou Jian was still fairly obedient. He knew that he’s wrong and would rectify it. This was still a good child.

She glanced at the self-reflection, and her heart was even more satisfied. This Zhou Jian’s writing was very good. It’s sincere and profound. Furthermore, there’re ancient scholars famous sayings inside as well. Truly was a Chinese language student. This was a good material.

But although she’s very satisfied, she didn’t display it out. She threw the self-reflection to a side and said: “The self-reflection was still barely passable. Considered that you pass.”

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