Chapter 067 – Crazy Lianna

Chapter 67: Crazy Lianna

Zhou Jian said: “Teacher Zuo, I couldn’t help it. My family circumstance is difficult. Isn’t the school encouraging the students to start their own business? I’m also just responding to the school’s call.”

“Stop giving me excuses. You are already not attending class.”

“Yes, what Teacher Zuo said is true. I’d troubled Teacher Zuo for the past few days. Recently, Huadu’s weather turned cold. I’d went shopping yesterday and bought gloves…..” Zou Jian took it out of his bag.

Zuo Rong Rong gawked for a moment. She hasn’t thought that Zhou Jian would give her gloves. She’d just work as a teacher for less than half a year. During this year Teacher’s Day, she’d received a bouquet of flowers from the students in the class but that was just customary practice. There’s never a student who’d given her a personal gift.

She looked at Zhou Jian opening the packaging, revealing a pair of pink wool gloves. There’s a small cat embroidered on them. This pair of gloves was really lovely.

Zuo Rong Rong had just stepped out of schooling. Her standard of beauty was just similar like most female students. She felt warm when she saw the gloves. The feeling of being cared about by someone else was good. Furthermore, Huadu’s weather truly was a little cold. What made Zuo Rong Rong couldn’t adapt well was that Huadu’s temperature between the day and night has a very big difference. The sky was continuously cloudy and the air cold, making the person’s hands and feet feeling icy cold.

Although she liked it in her heart, but Zuo Rong Rong pursed her lips. “Teacher earned her wage. I can still buy the gloves myself. Furthermore, your financial situation isn’t that good. You better wear these gloves yourself.”

Zhou Jian was stunned. “This….this is a woman’s gloves. It’s not suitable for me to wear ah.”

Zuo Rong Rong saw Zhou Jian’s expression and couldn’t help from laughing out. Her impression of Zhou Jian changed 180 degrees. It turned from a problematic student into a cute and interesting person who knew how to care about others.

She couldn’t endure that he’s always skipping class, but came to think about it, Zhou Jian was forced to do so. He must earn the tuition fees. To be able to go to college without spending a cent from the family, this couldn’t be achieved by the average people.

Zuo Rong Rong said: “If it’s inappropriate for you to wear, give it to your girlfriend. She’ll like it.”

Zhou Jian intentionally sighed. “Ai, Teacher Zuo. I don’t have the time and energy right now to talk about a girlfriend. I’m exhausted just from working. Besides, I don’t have the money for it too.”

“Then, you still randomly go and buy things?”

“Teacher Zuo, a pair of gloves isn’t expensive. Besides, I’m using the money that I earned from working. Furthermore, Teacher Zuo covered so much for me, my mind was very guilty when thinking about it.”

Zhou Jian truly had the talent to coax a girl. Although Zuo Rong Rong’s mouth was still pouting, but she was enjoying it inside her heart. She said with a smile. “Alright, alright. I’ll accept it. I see that you’re the right material to be a corrupted official. Already know how to bribe from such a young age.” Zuo Rong Rong didn’t want to take Zhou Jian’s gift for nothing. She’d already prepared to help Zhou Jian to apply for a scholarship, to help alleviate Zhou Jian’s tight financial situation.

Zhou Jian was secretly criticizing inside. It’s not easy to be an official now, especially since becoming a corrupt official was also a technical skill. Of course, this words couldn’t be uttered out.

“But you don’t think that just buying these gloves can buy me over. If you skipped class again next time, hmm hmm………” Zuo Rong Rong coldly hummed twice. She thought that her threatening facial expression and tone was managed very well, but what Zhou Jian spoke next almost made her wanted to run away.

This fellow said with a smile: “I won’t skip class. Absolutely won’t skip class. That’s why I’m asking for permission to leave this time.”

Zhou Jian took so much effort to buy a self-reflection and gloves was to ease his relationship with Zuo Rong Rong, so that he could ask for leave to go to the Brazilian jungle.

“You… what did you say?” Zuo Rong Rong’s mouth widened. She wished she could throw Zhou Jian out of the window now. He’d been missing for a week, and just came back yesterday. Today he’s asking for a leave again and it’s going to be the final exam soon. This boy’s gallbladder was too fat (tl: too much guts). Give him a few good words and now he’s climbing all over your face. “Do you know what you’re talking about? Do you still want to do well in the final exam? You need to think about it! Are you only going to be happy once you failed!”

Zhou Jian had already expected Zuo Rong Rong’s response. It’s really a headache to have such a teacher in charge. If he couldn’t coax her well, then she’d call up to his mother to complain. This was still light. If this was transmitted to the college’s management, then he would be engaged in a painful punishment, or even persuaded to quit school. His old mom would be pissed off.

The most terrible were that he still couldn’t explain the reason behind his leave. “Teacher Zuo, I really have something to do. Please be assured that I would get 90 points and above across all the subjects in this final exam. Otherwise, I won’t even skip a single lesson next time.”

“You continue to bluff lah.” The Lingnan University’s exam grading was very strict. To be able to get above 90 points would require an understanding of the full year curriculum. It ignored the student’s work and participation points. There’re only 6500 scholarships. Each year, there’s only a few in the school, and it’s even more difficult for the Chinese department.

“Teacher Zuo. I really have something to do. If you don’t approve the leave, I can only leave by myself.”

“You!” Zuo Rong Rong’s eyebrows almost became vertical. “You dare!”

“Teacher Zuo. I don’t have a choice in this. This matter is of great importance. If I don’t leave now, then there won’t be enough time.” Zhou Jian knew that he couldn’t convince Zuo Rong Rong. Furthermore, Zuo Rong Rong actually didn’t have the authority to approve his leave. This matter must be reported to the Deputy Secretary of the Student Affair Committee. This time, Zhou Jian was merely giving a greeting and to let Zuo Rong Rong help him to cover up the matter of skipping class.

“Zhou Jian. If you dare to leave today!” The Zuo Rong Rong who’d always paid attention to her virtuous lady image actually pounded on the table.

“Teacher Zuo, I assure you that I would be at most leaving for two weeks only.”

“Two weeks! ?” Zuo Rong Rong wished that she could choke Zhou Jian to death. There’s only half a month left towards the final exam. And yet he said that he’s leaving for two weeks.

“Really good Zhou Jian. Not only skipping class, you still dare to be absent for your exam? I’d teach for such a long time, and had never seen a student like you!”

Zhou Jian secretly thought: You’d only taught for half a year, alright. But his mouth certainly didn’t dare to say it. “Teacher Zuo, I promised you that I didn’t slack on my courses. This time, each exam will be 90 points or above. Otherwise, I’ll voluntarily drop off from school. Although I’ll venture outside, but I’m only working in the daytime. I’ll study up till 11-12 at night.”

Zhou Jian told a lie but his face didn’t even turn red at all. Even Zuo Rong Rong who’s in great anger also slightly gawked. Every day studied this 11-12 at night. Wasn’t this just so-so compared to a high school student?

But if this was true, then Zhou Jian was too hardworking. If he’s working in the morning and then reviewing his studies at night. Such a good boy, wasn’t she too hard on him? If she let him skipped, then she’s afraid that the child would go astray. But if he’s not allowed to work, then it would seem a bit unreasonable.

Zuo Rong Rong was naive. She didn’t see that Zhou Jian was lying all over. In her hesitation, Zhou Jian suddenly disappeared. Zuo Rong Rong was too stunned to react. This fellow actually ran away!

Zuo Rong Rong was truly enraged. If you’d played the fighting arcade game in 97, you’d know that there’s a game called Crazy Lianna (tl: no idea what of this game) and this was the real life version of it. Zuo Rong Rong rushed out of the office to see Zhou Jian disappeared  at the end of the corridor and was angry till she ground her molars. She was stomping her feet, and her tender little hands turned into claws like a small tiger. If she had Lianna’s machete at her hand at this time, she’d had thrown it out.

“Zhou Jian! I’ll remember this!”

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