Chapter 068 – Arrived in Brazil

Chapter 68: Arrived in Brazil

Zhou Jian returned back to the dorm and packed up for a while and then was prepared to leave again. Xiao Yin who was watching Korean drama raised his head. “Friend, are you kidding me? Are you skipping class again? In the afternoon, it’s Liang Guang Zhang’s class. He said that this lesson was the key point. If anyone didn’t attend, then he will fail them.”

Zhou Jian was changing his shoes without lifting his head and asked: “Who’s Liang Guang Zhang?”

“F**k. You bullshitter. The Old Liang who teach the ancient Chinese literature history. He’s the advisor for the doctoral students of our college. Occasionally, he would teach the undergraduate students. He’s researching on the Jin Dynasty’s literature and is very strict. If you skipped class again, you must confess to him.”

“If he wants me to give an explanation, then I’ll explain.” Zhou Jian now wasn’t afraid of any lice nipping at him. And those who wanted to fail him wasn’t just Old Liang that one person. He took his game helmet and said “bye bye” to Xiao Yin and slammed the door close.

Wang Xiao Yin stared till his eyes were big. “F**k. This friend has too much personality.”


As the airplane descended to the air lane, Zhou Jian finally stepped onto the Brazilian’s territory. He didn’t think that this trip to Brazil would change his life path. Before, his goal was just to become a rich VIP, to marry his beloved, to be on the Forbes list, and to establish the Zhou family and leave behind a good name that would be honored for hundred of years.

He never thought that one day, he could be enough to influence the world…..

During the calamity of the middle of last century, Brazil got the worst of it. It defended against the Amazon forest. In addition, there’s also the terrifying Amazon River. In all those years of the catastrophe, the monsters of Brazil wreaked havoc there. The plague also ran amuck and almost destroyed the country.

That time, there was even someone who proposed to bomb the Amazon forest using a nuclear bomb. But this opinion was eventually overruled because the Amazon was known as the lungs of the Earth. It had about half of Earth’s species in it and was a pivotal part of the ecosystem as well as the Earth’s water circulation system. If the Amazon was destroyed, mankind would suffer incalculable losses and disasters.

Furthermore, what’s the most important was that even if the Amazon forest was destroyed with a bomb, it wouldn’t end the catastrophe because the variants of the Amazon were quite far away from human settlements. The true killers were still the various flies, mice, and the plague. What’s more, there’s a lot of plants and animals in the Amazon forest that could be used as raw material for the medical treatment of new diseases.

Although the nuclear bomb attack proposition was overruled, but because some of the local residents became crazy from the pain of losing their family members, they wanted to set fire to burn the variants in the forest. At that time, there’re a lot of arsons at the periphery of the forest.

Maybe some thought that by burning the forest, they would be prosperous. The more they’d burn, the more prosperous they would get.
If there were no firefighters to extinguish the forest fire, then the entire forest would be burned down. Actually, this wasn’t true because of the rain, the wind direction, as well as the gaps between the trees and other reasons, after the fire had burned within a certain range, it would self-extinguished itself. Otherwise, in the ancient times without the presence of humans, the forests in the world would have burned down because of forest fires from lightning, volcanic eruption, and other reasons.

Moreover, a fire would only break out in places with a dry temperate zone with broad leaf trees such as the forest fire in the Daxing’anling mountain range and the forest fire in Yellowstone Park. It was because of the right weather and the right place, coupled with the lack of rain and strong winds, that’s why the forest fires there were so strong. And in the tropical rainforests, due to the humidity, the trees being damp, and the frequent rain there, even if a person was armed with a flamethrower and a barrel of oil, it would be hard to set the forest on fire. Before, humans used to have the slash and burn agriculture where they burned down the forests to plant their crops. But they also cut down the trees first and let them dry naturally before setting the fire.

Norris City was located near the edge of the Amazon forest. It’s a city built during the catastrophe, also known as the city of jungle hunter.

Norris was full of depravity and desire – a crime haven. In comparison, Las Vegas could be considered only as quite minor.

When Zhou Jian stepped into Norris, it’s already night. The size of Norris City was quite small, but the view there gave people the feeling of utmost luxury.

Over here, gambling, xing (tl: it’s in English in raw, no idea what it’s) transaction, drug addiction, and underground fighting were everywhere. It’s not strange to have murders in the street, yelling and even gathering of a crowd.

Although there’s a Brazilian police station in the Norris City, but against a group of outlaws, the police didn’t even have enough time to protect themselves. They would need to bow and grovel anywhere. How would they even have the courage to arrest anyone? In fact, only those unlucky police who’d offended someone would be transferred here.

Zhou Jian picked a fairly decent hotel. In Norris, the hotel industry was very prosperous, any one hotel there would be a four-star or five-star hotel. Generally, those hotels would have stricter regulations with no sexual services, but here, those unfortunate poor young ladies would stand seductively in the hall. The guests who came in would grab whoever has gotten their liking.

Zhou Jian walked past the hall and the sexy young ladies from around the world with different skin color surrounded him. They called out to him with half-baked English in sweet and charming voices. “Handsome, care to play for a while?”

“An hour only cost 80 dollars!”

“A duo cost 150 dollars. How about it, handsome?”

A group of beautiful ladies simultaneously let out erotic voices that drilled deep into his bones. This scene made Zhou Jian’s who’s unused to the man and woman relationship to suddenly freeze.

“Handsome. Don’t go!”

“Handsome. I’ll count cheaper for you….”

Nine out of ten consumers in Norris City were jungle hunters. These guys lived on the edge each day, licking the blood off the knives. Every day, they would bet their head and fight tooth and nail. There’s no guarantee that they would be able to see tomorrow’s sun. So, once they left the jungle, they would indulge to their heart’s desire. Looking for young ladies, taking drugs, and gambling had been their best way to vent.

That’s why each hotel would have some pretty girls. These young ladies didn’t belong to the hotel. They just borrowed the place here to solicit business and still have to give some kickback back to the hotel.

These ladies also paid attention to the guests. Generally, if the appearance was like a devil, they would hide as far as possible. It’s not easy being a young lady in Norris City. The income was naturally high, but the chances of bumping into an abnormal were high as well. Once met, they must swallow the insult and resign themselves to the humiliations. Leather whips and candles are nothing. Being played around with the barrel of a gun poking onto them caused some of the young ladies to wet their pants on the spot. Worst still was being called into the room, only to find that the client they needed to serve was the hunting dog.

Being covered with scars was a normal thing. If she couldn’t take it, perhaps the next day ~~~ there would be a naked corpse thrown into the Amazon river to feed the piranha.

And Zhou Jian, no matter how you looked at him, he looked like a lovely baby. So, those girls would desperately try to stick to him.

While Zhou Jian was surrounded by those females, there was a roaring sound of a beast coming from the door. Zhou Jian turned around to have a look and suddenly froze up.

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