Chapter 071 – Entering the Forest

Chapter 71: Entering the Forest

That night, Zhou Jian went to the Brazilian Jungle Hunter Association. His purpose of coming here was to rent the helicopter. No matter how powerful a jungle hunter was, it’s still difficult to own an assault helicopter. Usually, those who could afford this would have quit a long time ago. After all, this career involved betting one’s own life, but there were still some desperadoes who were born liking to take risks. For them, jungle hunting was not a way to make a living but an enjoyment.

In the beginning of the last century, the science and technology of the assault helicopter were controlled by a few military powers. Usually, the military assault helicopters of various countries including China such as the Z-9 and Z-8 were just improvements upon the basic helicopter. There was a very big gap compared to the overseas helicopters like the Apache, the Alligator, the Cobra and other assault helicopters.

Afterward, the catastrophe erupted and mankind’s armament level had a very big enhancement. Even so, the jungle warfare of using assault helicopters wasn’t something that the Jungle Hunter Association could use, or even needed to.

The assault helicopter that the Hunter Association used was also a modified version. It’s probably equivalent to China’s Z-9, but its endurance ability was a lot stronger. Its maximum range was about 1500 miles. It sounded very far but because the trip to the Amazon forest was a round-trip, and there needs to be a reserved flight time to search. Therefore, this type of helicopter that the jungle hunters used to rescue could only penetrate up to 700 miles deep into the Amazon forest.

Zhou Jian arrived at the Jungle Hunter Association and went through the formalities. He paid US$15,000 deposit and smoothly rented an assault helicopter. If he needed to fully utilize the 700 miles to pick him up, then the travel expenses incurred would be over $13,000.


A small airplane carrying only 35 people onboard rumbled across the horizon. The appearance of this airplane was not much, but its construction cost went beyond comparison to the Boeing 767 airplane of the 20th century. The special characteristics of its metal alloy turbine blades were enough to resist the impact of a group of birds flying at Mach 1. If it’s an ordinary plane that hit the high-speed group of birds, the engine turbine blades would be damaged and may even cause a crash landing and might even burst into flames.

In addition, this airplane rain protection system was very good. The Amazon rainforest averaged about seven days of rain in the week. And often, the rain was dense and there were big thunderstorms. A general passenger airplane would be grounded under heavy rain. This wasn’t due to the fear of being struck by lightning. Actually, it didn’t matter if the plane went through a thunderstorm and was struck by lightning. This was because the airplane shell conductivity was very good. The strong currents would naturally flow around and would not cause any harm to the interior. At most, it would just cause some damages to the wireless apparatus.

Because the interior enveloped everyone, the passengers situated inside would naturally not feel anything. This principle was the same as when the bird was standing on top of the high tension wire.
Because the distance between the bird’s two feet was very short, the potential difference was very small. So, even if a powerful current passed through the high tension wire, the bird would still be safe.

But when the plane was flying in the rain, not only would the rain impacted the pilot’s line of sight, the jet engine would also have burnout from inhaling too many raindrops. In addition, the air current and the thick cloud formation would cause turbulence to the airplane. So an airplane would be grounded if the rain was too big.

But the Jungle Hunter Association re-equipped the airplane using an improved military jet engine. In front of the engine was a super revolving turbo fan which could cast off the majority of the raindrops and ice sludges. Other small bits would also be scattered off to the side and to the internal engine bypass and subsequently, would be heated by the turbojet. Therefore, there was no harm to fly under the thunderstorm.

Besides this, onboard the airplane, there was also a GT5 Vulcan heavy machine gun that could fire 6000 rounds a minute as well as a Cobra series tracking missile.

This type of airplane was transformed from an ordinary airplane by the Brazilian FBH Bounty Hunter Company. It’s specifically used to ship the jungle hunters, and the airplane’s engine technology and weapon system were directly bought from the US.

The plane quickly flew to the center of the Amazon rainforest. Zhou Jian looked at the GPS on his wrist and pressed the bell above his seat.

“Getting off the plane?” The only air stewardess onboard the plane had on a surprised look as she looked at Zhou Jian. The young man in front of her was only 20 years old at most and his stature wasn’t even sturdy. He actually chose to get off the plane here but this was the most dangerous section of the Amazon forest. Getting down here would almost be equal to committing suicide.

“Em.” Zhou Jian nodded.

“Are you sure you want to get off here? Below here was the famous Amazon death triangle.”

“Yes.” Zhou Jian lightly replied. He didn’t pay any attention to the other jungle hunters that were sitting together with him, who were looking surprised or pitied at him. Several of the jungle hunters were talking in Portuguese. Although Zhou Jian could not understand them but he could approximately guess correctly what they were discussing on, whether he had a mental illness or was an idiot.

“Sir. Although you can freely choose where to get off the airplane, but I must tell you. In my one-year time of serving the FBH Corporation, I had only seen two passengers getting off the airplane here. As far as I know, they both died. According to the Jungle Hunter Association’s statistic, the mortality rate of those who get off the airplane here was more than 85%. The remaining 15%, fortunately, survived because they insisted on not continuing their descent but instead signaled for the rescue helicopter to take them to leave. But the maximum range for the rescue helicopter was only 700 miles, but from here to the Norris city was actually over 1100 miles, i.e., you must walk in this 400 miles to….”

“Thank you for your advice. I had already checked the information before I board the plane.” This stewardess’ heart was quite good. Zhou Jian interrupted her with a friendly smile. After all, the speed of this plane was very fast and by the time the air stewardess finished saying, he might miss out on the disembarking location.

“All right.” The air stewardess no longer attempted to convince Zhou Jian, but she informed the pilot to open the cabin door through the intercom.

Zhou Jian took his parachute and left his seat. No matter what glance the bounty hunters were throwing at him, he walked to the cabin door with large strides.

The strong breeze whistle as it pulled his hair. The large stretch of the green sea under his foot was the Amazon forest.

The symbol of the virgin forest had now became the killing hell but was also the heavenly desire. A countless number of jungle hunters rushed to the Amazon with the expectation of becoming rich overnight but for most people, they could only bury their bones here.

Zhou Jian clenched his teeth and jumped.

The small passenger plane did not fly very high. Shortly after Zhou Jian had jumped, he heard a whistling across his ears and his parachute was successfully open.

Actually, parachuting wasn’t difficult to learn. Some people thought that the passenger plane did not prepare any parachutes was because the passengers did not have any specialized training.And when they jumped, most of them would die. Actually, this wasn’t true. It’s not fake that the passengers did not have any parachute training. Or that the pilot knew how to parachute down. In fact, once there was an accident, there was no news that the pilot managed to live.

Also, some said that the airplane didn’t prepare enough parachutes was because the airplane flew in the stratosphere. The barometric pressure outside was low, the temperature was low and to jump out here would mean death. Actually, this view should make people speechless. Only idiots would jump 10,000 m high above in the stratosphere. In fact, when the plane was about to crash, most of the time, it would circle in the lower altitude for a while to seek a landing point to force landing. Even if the airplane lost it power and was unable to maintain the lower altitude when it didn’t have enough time for everyone to parachute out, it could still set out the ejection seats.

Actually, the commercial airplane did not prepare any parachutes was because in most cases, the airplane could land safely if there was a problem. Even if there’s no oil left when flying in the mid-air, the airplane’s could still glide down. It was only if the airplane tail broke down then that would be certain death. In fact, this kind of thing really happened in history. If the airplane hit an air turbulence and had an unstable flight, the pilot might adjusted the tail wing rudder too aggressively causing an excessive pressure and if the synthetic materials in the tail were worn down due to age. Sometimes, due to good luck, it was only the rudder that was torn down and that would still had the possibility of a forced landing. But if the vertical tail had fallen off, then that would basically announce the death of the crews and the passengers.

At that time, the airplane would lose its horizontal balance and would roll to and fro. Subsequently, the wing and the turbine engine would disintegrate because they couldn’t bear the huge pressure. Everyone would be unable to stand up and even those who had a parachute would be unable to jump. Furthermore, there were only a few seconds before the airplane descended from an altitude suitable for parachute jump to a crash. There simply wasn’t enough time for the passengers to parachute off the plane.

The probability of a plane crash because of a failed landing was very small. Those who didn’t have the ability to foresee and hastily jumped out had a higher probability of death. After all, even a trained paratrooper may die from a parachute jump.

Zhou Jian’s parachute had a direct connection to the airplane and would open automatically. As long as one studied a little, then he would be able to skillfully operate it.


The sky was cloudy and the visibility of the Amazon forest was very low due to the canopy. Zhou Jian’s parachute was hanging from the tree top. He took out a knife to cut off the parachute’s cords and jumped to leap down. After he landed on the ground, Zhou Jian finally breathed a sigh of relief. The feeling of a low-altitude parachuting was very exciting.

The ground of the Amazon forest was covered entirely with deadwoods and fallen leaves. After a long time of accumulation, the layer of leaves was thick enough to be similar to a soft rug. The variety of shrubs and trees were lush green and the air was filled with the taste of fresh soil. Occasionally, the delightful calls of the insects or the songs of the birds could be heard. They were seeking for a mate, or in a similar way, declaring their own territory.

All appeared very peaceful, but Zhou Jian knew that behind these peaceful scenes, there were murderous intentions everywhere.

Zhou Jian took the GPS device on his wrist and threw it into the Inventory and at the same time, turned on Stealth. In the Amazon forest, the danger couldn’t be foreseen. Perhaps the twig at the side would suddenly sneak on you. It wasn’t until you died that you found that it wasn’t a branch but a camouflaged snake. The animals here were experts in reconnaissance and anti-reconnaissance. Even an experienced jungle hunter would likely to be sneak attacked and then turned into shit to improve the rainforest soil.

Every step was full of murderous intention. Every step was very alarming. This was the Amazon forest.

The light in the rain forest appeared very dim because of being masked by the trees. Zhou Jian’s field of vision was only several meters away.

Here, hunting was a hard job. Not only was the visibility very low, the air was hot and humid with low ventilation. The vegetation was dense and it was hard to find a road that one could put the foot down. One had to be bitten day and night by various mosquitoes in the rainforest. Actually one was lucky if he was just bitten by those long black mosquitoes. If one was bitten by some strange things, like the Amazon’s poison dart frog or the blue-fanged Amazon tarantula, then death would be certain.

If one wanted to sleep in the rainforest, a specially made sleeping bag must be used. This type of sleeping bag must be tough and must be waterproof. Even if it didn’t rain, the water vapor after a night in the forest was enough to make the sleeping bag wet.

After getting out the sleeping bag, one had to climb up the tree and tied the sleeping bag onto the branch using a rope. And then climbed into the sleeping bag to sleep like a hanged ghost. Before sleeping, one had to pray that an animal like the long armed golden ape would not treat the sleeping bag like a large cocoon and peeled it to eat.

Generally, the jungle hunter would not dare to pass the night in the rainforest. This was one of the reasons they could not make it into the center zone of the Amazon forest.

Zhou Jian took a backpack out of the inventory. The things inside was purchase in accordance with the help provided by the beautiful Brazilian woman.

A strong flashlight, a knife, two climbing ropes, a bottle of aromatic hydrocarbon repellent, two sets of clothes, a waterproof lighter, a MP5 submachine gun, 300 rounds of bullets, .44 caliber Desert Eagle, two cartridges, a hook launcher, a GPS position finder, a spare American Compass, and a small telescope. In addition, there was waxy like thing. This stuff would send out a scent similar to the anaconda variant courtship secretion sterol compound. Its scent could be smelled by an anaconda variant of the opposite gender up to 10 km away. Without this, it would be very hard to find out the already low amount of anaconda variants in the Amazon rainforest. It’s just like finding a needle in a haystack.

Zhou Jian rubbed a bit of the wax onto his body and sprayed a little repellent and he began his trip into the Amazon forest.

It was not easy to walk in the lush forest of the Amazon. Tall trees occupied most of the space and layers upon layers of shrubs and saplings seized every single opportunity. In addition to this, all kinds of parasitic rattan plants were clinging to the hosts. Zhou Jian must bend at the waist at many places to be able to pass through.

After walking aimlessly for several kilometers in the jungle and poking through the thick bushes, Zhou Jian finally found the long head of a black pig-like animal foraging around for food. After traveling for so far, Zhou Jian finally found an animal that he knew. This animal was called the American tapir.

The Americans tapir look uncommon, shy, and was a herbivore.

Although Zhou Jian’s footsteps were very light, but the American tapir felt something and lifted its head to look around. Its pig like nose extended and retracted as if it was smelling something. It could not see Zhou Jian who was in stealth and after crying out for a few times, it lowered its head and looked for more food.

Zhou Jian observed for a while and get a sudden inspiration. Would his ghost killer avatar be able to catch the baby (tl: pet) in reality?

In the 《Gods and Demons》 game, there’s a place on the map called the Sacred Beasts Mountain. On the Sacred Beasts Mountain, one would be able to encounter sacred beast animals. Players over level 20 would come to the Sacred Beasts Mountain to catch the animals and brought them back to train. Later, the animals would be mated and through selective breeding, cultivated second generations and third generations pets with outstanding natural talents. After the pets leveled up, they could comprehend skills, including secondary skills, attack skills, status skills and so on. These pets could take in medicine to increase their attributes. And after a certain level could be equipped with equipment.

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