Chapter 073 – Anaconda The Previous Overlord of the Amazon

Chapter 73: The Previous Overlord of the Amazon – Anaconda

For any object with a temperature that was higher than the absolute zero [-237.15 Celsius], the object would radiate electromagnetic waves, which was heat radiation. The absolute zero was the lowest limit of the temperature in the universe. This was the temperature which the atoms stop its kinetic movement to produce heat. However in the fields of science and technology, mankind had not yet discovered any materials that can completely stop its thermal motion, including in the interior of a black hole. Therefore in the universe, the temperature of any material was higher than absolute zero.

The higher the temperature of an object, the shorter the length of the electromagnetic waves radiated. We could see the flame because its  temperature was too high and could radiate out visible light. But for the temperature in the human body, we could only radiate out infrared waves.

The human eyes could not see infrared, but snakes and other bloodsucking insects had such an ability.

The worse was that the snake believed its own infrared perception and not their own eyes which were naturally shortsighted. In the dark room with only a lightbulb, if the snake eyes were covered with a black cloth, it would still launch the attack!

In addition, the snake’s sense of smell was very sharp. When it was sticking out its tongue, it was tasting the chemicals in the air. Therefore, it didn’t matter if Zhou Jian was in stealth, he could not hide from the snake.

Zhou Jian frowned as he knew that the battle was inevitable. In his backpack, there was a desert eagle and an MP5 but he did not intend to use these two weapons. He turned his right hand over and on his palm was a dark dagger, the Shadow Assassination. It could increase 20 points of agility, increase 50 attacks, and had 5% probability of crippling the one being attacked. It lowered the speed of the opponent by 50 and the defense by 10.

This was the Legendary orange rank weapon that Zhou Jian received for 3000. This was the opportunity to try out its power.

The snake slithered its body out of the bushes. Its body was getting thicker and thicker, and soon it was already thicker than an adult waist.

When the snake finally left the bushes. Zhou Jian took a deep breath after he saw the big picture of the guy. He didn’t know if his own luck was good or too bad. It turned out to be an anaconda, but not a variant.

The Amazonian anaconda was the real overlord of the Amazon River. It could grow up to seven or eight meters, and weighed up to 100 to 200 kg. It could strangle a crocodile to death. A wildlife scientist had recorded the scene of Amazon anaconda swallowing a crocodile and the scene was really shocking.

Before the catastrophe, there were only very few animal overlords in the wild. Such as, the tigers of the North Asia [the Siberian tiger], the crocodiles and lions of African Nile, the polar bears of the Arctic Circle , the Kodiak brown bears and pumas of North America, the saltwater crocodiles of Southeast Asia and Amazon anaconda of South America.

Perhaps some would be curious. If there was a ranking of these overlords, how would the order be?

Actually, there was not a definitive guide. Because there’s a lot of variety in these animals. There’s young and there’s old.

Under the same weight, the fiercest would probably be the Amazon anaconda. Only by relying on its 100 to 200 kg body, it was able to enter into this list of predators. The polar bear and the Kodiak brown bear weighed over 500 kg and the saltwater crocodile could be up till one ton.

The Westerners thought that the lion was the king of the beasts. In fact, this was mainly because the lion looked grand and had a thundering roar which contributed to its reputation as the king of beasts. But in fact, the lion wasn’t really a big deal in Africa. It could not outrun the African wild boar and could not jump or even climb a tree. Its vision was limited except for looking out for vultures. Why was there such a function? Because it would usually depend on the lioness to look after it. And if the lioness couldn’t find any prey, the lion must rely on snatching the carcass away from the vultures for a living.

If a lion went against a tiger, the lion’s four limbs would probably become a vegetable. (tl: crippled)

Previously, there had been many videos of tigers defeating lions. Furthermore, and this only the Bengal tigers, and not the Siberian tigers which had bigger builds. How would the tigers compare with the anaconda?

This wasn’t a good comparison because the anaconda home court was in the water. To make it go to the ground to go against the tiger was unfair. And the tiger was a mammal. Once it had reached adulthood, there were not many changes in the strength. Perhaps, the fighting force of a 250 kg normal tiger would be higher compared to a 400 kg fat tiger.

But it’s different for the anaconda. As a reptile, it would keep on growing for lifetime and would increase in size. Its strength would increase as well with time. If a 6 to 7 m long Anaconda could lose to a tiger, [because Anaconda was a cold blooded animal and hence, its endurance would be less as the strength and agility would decline with longer fighting period], but if it’s a snake that’s over 10 m long?

In the 20th and the 21st century, there wasn’t an anaconda that surpassed 8  meters in length to be found in the Amazon. This was because of its limited range and limited food supply as well as the capturing and killing activities of mankind. But later after the catastrophe, the Amazon covered the entire plains and even spread towards the Brazilian plateau. Large animals were everywhere and it was normal for the anaconda to grew up to 12 to 13 m long.

A 6 m long anaconda had a strangling strength of four tons. Then how’s the strength of a 12 m long anaconda?

Zhou Jian observed the anaconda closely because the bushes had previously blocked his vision, he didn’t know how big this anaconda was. An anaconda could chase a human for several blocks and its attacks speed could be above 20 ft./sc, comparable to a professional boxer. But don’t forget, the boxer only moved his fist, but the anaconda must move its entire body.

Although Zhou Jian was confident in his own speed, he did not plan to compare speed with the Anaconda. If he was bitten by this anaconda, he would likely to be snapped in half from the waist. And if he was caught, he would likely to be squeeze into a dumpling.

When the anaconda approached, Zhou Jian suddenly jumped up and at the same time, he cast the skill Spirit Needle on midair.

A purple light entered the snake forehead. The snake fiercely shook itself. Zhou Jian descended like a big bird from the cloud. He was clenching the Shadow Assassination and stabbed down hard on the snake’s body.

“Puff!” The black dagger went through the anaconda’s body like a tofu. Zhou Jian pulld out his dagger and a fountain of blood sprayed out and splashed onto his face.

Stimulated by the pain, the anaconda’s body went into a frenzy and Zhou Jian who had stabbed it was thrown away.

At this time, the stun time from the Spirit Needle hadn’t worn off yet but the Spirit Needle only attack the brain. The snake nervous system wasn’t that well-developed and the brain didn’t need to receive the pain simulation before it started writhing. That’s why when a snake was cut into two, it could still be alive for a while.

Zhou Jian who was thrown into the air grasped onto a branch and leveraged it to land on the ground. He didn’t gave the anaconda any time to react and used Blink Strike to teleport to seven inches away from the anaconda. He held onto the anaconda’s abdomen that’s thick like an adult waist and began stabbing it.

The anaconda randomly twisted around. In the confusion, the snake’s thick tail suddenly whipped onto Zhou Jian’s back. The strength of the anaconda was too great and not to mention that this attack was done in fury. Zhou Jian huffed. His body was tense as it flew out like a scrap paper. In that flash of attack, he felt a fluid like motion in his spine. This fluid motion reduced the striking power of the snake tail. Although he flew out, his health only dropped a few points.

Zhou Jian gawked. He then understood that this was the protective effect of his new equipment. Before he replaced his equipment, his armor had only 10 points. But now, his armor had more than 30 points. Even if he received another one of the Japanese’s attack again, he wouldn’t lose that much blood.

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