Chapter 074 – The Amazon Crisis

Chapter 74: The Amazon Crisis

The anaconda was in a frenzied struggle. The deadwood and leaves on the ground fluttered around. Those young buds were directly pulled off the ground. The snake lost out a lot of blood. Shadow Assassination was not a weak weapon. The tough snakeskin was like a piece of fragile paper in front of it. And Zhou Jian had directly severed the anaconda’s spinal cord with the stab he did on its back. That was a fatal strike.

Zhou Jian turned on stealth and went to hide on the side. After five minutes, the anaconda was finally motionless and lied there on the ground. The surrounding was a mess. Everywhere was dyed red.

Zhou Jian observed patiently for a while and after determining that such a large movement did not attract the attention of other predators, he quickly ran past towards the anaconda and gutted it for its gallbladder. Although the gallbladder of an ordinary anaconda could not treat an illness, but it was still a good medical material for a nourishment.

At this time, Zhou Jian’s body was full of blood. In the Amazon forest, such a bloody ‘s scent would bring in a lot of predators. Zhou Jian took off the tattered game clothing off his back, revealing a fashionable level 30 purple armor – the Shadow Shackles.

It’s black and soft but there was not a single blood on it. It’s bright and clean like new.

Zhou Jian cherished and touched the soft surface. There seem to be a light energy fluctuation and it was cool to touch like Quicksilver as if it has its own life.

He clenched his fists and continued on his trip across the Amazon in stealth.


Three days later, Zhou Jian finally knew why it’s so hard to get a variant Anaconda. It was because this damn place was not suitable to be traveled by a human in the first place.

These days, Zhou Jian had suffered more than 10 attacks. He didn’t know how those group of things managed to find him. He was already under stealth. Then, how did all the other bounty hunters survived?

And what was the most disgusting of all was that these animals all attacked using sneak attacks. When they were discovered, they would have escaped. Luckily, Zhou Jian had armor on his body and was immune to snakes, tarantula, piranha and other small animals attacks. Otherwise, he would have already be poisoned to death.

Actually, the Jungle Hunter Association also sold this type of protective clothing. The special material that wrapped around the body could provide immunity against poisonous snakes, poisonous spiders, and other small animals sneak attacks. This type of clothing was divided into two type. One type had a built in air conditioning and the other type did not have any.

With a built-in air conditioning, the protective clothing was not much lighter than a  spacesuit. Only certain wealthy men would put it on when visiting the tropical rainforests. It was useless for those true bounty hunters. If they put on such unwieldy clothing on their body, even though it could provide protection against poisonous mosquitoes and snakes, but when fighting against those fierce predators, it’s no different than presenting themselves as a dumpling ready to be served to be eaten.

And for the clothing that did not have any built-in air conditioning, although it was much lighter, but it’s not much thinner than a down jacket. It was very hot to put onto the body. And because it’s a protective clothing, not only was there no ventilation, it’s even sealed off against water.

The typical rain forest was about 30°C all year around. Although the temperature was not too high, but because of the high air humidity, it’s very stuffy. Even if the jungle hunters were trained iron men, they also could not bear to wear a waterproof and airtight clothing into a high-intensity combat in the rainforests. This type of clothing could be worn in the forest periphery for a short combat. But to suffer the heat for half a month, it just could not be done.

Zhou Jian was depressed. He took out the wax block from the backpack that was used to attract the opposite sex of the Anaconda variant. He frantically smudged it on his body. He thought that the thing was already expired. He didn’t see the result no matter how much he spread.

Actually, the reason for this was that the amount of Anaconda variants was too little. Since the end of the catastrophe, the amount of large biological variants decreased day by day.

Zhou Jian brandished the knife to open up a new route, and wiped off the beads of sweat that tumbled down from the forehead. The Ghost Killer avatar sweated just like an ordinary person. This made Zhou Jian to have increasing doubts. The Ghost Killer that jumped into reality wasn’t that simple.

At this time, the sky roared with a thunder. Zhou Jian cursed. F**king rain.

It would rain in the Amazon every afternoon. Here, there was no division of four seasons in the year. There’s only a dry and rainy season. Even this so-called dry season was also just relatively speaking. There’s also frequent rain during the dry season.

If one thought that the rain would make things cooler, then he would be mistaken. The trees of the Amazon forest were like huge crowds of people. Although it was a downpour, no rain fell onto his body. The leaves had blocked it. The rain poured for a long time and the water would flow down the trunk and quickly absorbed by the soil.

The thunderstorm was not a good news to Zhou Jian. Originally, there was already very few lights reaching the ground. Now, the dark clouds had blocked the sunlight and the forest was almost in a pitch black dark situation. As soon as the visibility dropped, it didn’t matter much to those with little eyesight. Those hunters would be more active to taste the water in the air and to smell it to hunt. And Zhou Jian’s stealth camouflage was likely to be seen through. That was why he cursed a moment ago.

The extremely hot night and the rustling sound when the rain hit the leaf above the head. Hidden killers in all directions. This really was a crazy world.

Zhou Jian climbed up the tree to evade the rain.


The rain had fallen for more than three hours. Zhou Jian jumped down from the tree like an experienced warrior. He brandished a knife to continue forward and walked for more than 10 km. After he pushed through from the forest, his field of vision suddenly widened. Before him was an unexpectedly long stretch of black swampy grounds.

Zhou Jian was a little dumbstruck. It’s not that a swamp could not appear in the Amazon forest. Actually, the world’s largest swamp was located in Brazil, but that type of swamp was actually a wetland. To put it bluntly, it was a large piece of damp ground with many small shallow lakes. During the dry season, the lake water would evaporate and turned it into a grassland.

But the current black swamp was actually a stagnant water swamp. There’s no sign of life through a broad scan. The black mud. The decayed deadwood and the partly buried bones of the dead.

It’s very difficult for Zhou Jian to imagine that in this abundant Amazon forest, there would be this kind of an area. An unexpected square kilometer of a death trap. A graveyard.

Leftover of a nuclear explosion? Heavy metal pollution? The impact crater of a meteorite?

Zhou Jian touched his chin. Although he was very curious, but he did not plan to find out. Currently, this place was obviously greatly an ominous place. He did not want to carelessly lose his life.

He looked at the compass and was preparing to move forward. However, after looking at it, he had some doubts. He remembered that he came here by walking to the West all day long and was prepared to find a branch of the Madeira River of the Amazon River. And then returned to Norris City by following this river. But the compass showed that he had been walking to the North all this time.

If he continued North, then it would be the Amazon River. Did he lose direction in the jungle?

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