Chapter 075–Stagnant Water Swamp

Chapter 75: Stagnant Water Swamp

Zhou Jian took out the GPS location tracker from his backpack. The GPS tracker showed that he had been going to the West and that he was right all along. So, was there any problem with the compass?

This type of American compass was specially made for the jungle hunters. The quality of it was absolute and it used an advanced nano battery as its power source. It could be used for over 10 years without charging.

Then, was there any magnetic iron in the area? Was the interference from the magnetic field causing the needle to went out of order?

Zhou Jian looked beyond where the magnetic needle was pointing at and it was pointing at the dead center of the stagnant swamp. The Ghost Killer eyesight was very good. Zhou Jian could vaguely see a silvery white hemispherical object half buried in the ground. It did not look like a natural thing.

Zhou Jian took out a telescope from his backpack. After looking at the appearance of that thing, Zhou Jian was shocked. That was a man-made metal hemisphere. Its surface was smooth like a mirror. And at the center of the ball was an empty groove. Engravings circled around the groove of the metal structure like a strange mark, making it looked like a secret totem.

After Zhou Jian saw this mark, he was slightly startled. Wasn’t this… The《Gods and Demons》game logo?

What was going on? Was this mark representing a country or a power? Or was it the 《Gods and Demons》 secret BOSS?

Many things went through Zhou Jian’s mind but they were eventually overruled. According to his knowledge, many big countries around the world joined together for the management of the 《Gods and Demons》. And the smart brain server named “Myth” was located in outer space. According to the young lady from the customer service, “Myth” was free from any countries influence and independently operated 《Gods and Demons》. So, wasn’t this mark representing the smart brain “Myth”?

And what was the relationship between this and his own Ghost Killer avatar?

Zhou Jian could comprehend it if it’s a supernatural phenomenon. For example, those with special talents, different world travel, and things like monsters etc. This was because human science had only developed for several hundred years, and there were still many things that could not be explained.

However, he could not understand how some fictional character from an online game could jump into reality. This was not a supernatural phenomenon but a very absurd thing. The so-called Ghosts Killer avatar and the so-called game equipment was just bits of programming. How could those things come into reality?

But that was the case and Zhou Jian could only suppress the doubts in his heart. But this time, he had a vague feeling that he saw something that was very likely to reveal a big secret to him.

There was not a lack of adventurous spirit in Zhou Jian’s bone. He tore down a branch from an unknown species of tree and was prepared to go into the stagnant swamp to investigate.

There were tales of people being swallowed up in the swampy ground in literary works everywhere. In fact, the real swamp was not so exaggerated. Generally speaking, it’s impossible for the putrefied mud to pile up infinitely. This was because the anaerobic bacteria would decompose the organic matter and with the increased of the depth, the pressure changes, and the loss of moisture, the underground mire would slowly harden. In addition, the mud had a lot of viscosity and buoyancy. And the density of the human body was close to water. Just took a deep breath and the body density would be less than water and one could float in the mud without sinking.

Unfortunately, those were only under normal circumstances. In fact, there would always be some things occurring in nature such as the uneven distribution of mud density, or even the space under the mud being empty (tl: an air pocket). Just a step into it and one would fall into a trap.

Once the whole body was submerged into the swamp trap. Not only climbing out by oneself impossible, it’s even impossible when someone was pulling along.

Zhou Jian hit the sludge with the branch while advancing cautiously. The air was filled with an ill-smelling odor. Rotten meat was still attached to the floating animal bones. However, what was strange was that even the vultures and the flies were not willing to come over and enjoyed the free meal.

At this time, if someone noticed this, they would certainly be dumbfounded. They were unable to see Zhou Jian who was in stealth and could only see a length of wood hammering ahead.

Zhou Jian was on alert for any possible danger. He imagined that something could shoot out from the mud or he inhaled some toxic gases. But until he reached the front of the metal ball, nothing happened.

The metal hemisphere was 2 m in diameter. The majority of it was buried underground and what made Zhou Jian surprised was that in such a dirty environment, there was not a drop of mud on the surface and it appeared bright.

Zhou Jian looked for a while and then hesitantly put out his hand. He reached out and touched the ball. It felt ice cold and very smooth, just like Quicksilver in general.

Was this thing a radioactive material, and emitted radiation that caused the surrounding area for up to 1 km scope to become a death trap?

Realizing this point, Zhou Jian’s heartbeat trembled. If the average person was irradiated with radioactive material, he would felt dizzy, nauseated, and also had ulcers and other symptoms. He guessed that the Ghost Killer armor also did not had any defense against radioactive material.

Zhou Jian decided to quickly investigate and left as soon as possible. He did not feel anything like radioactive radiation at the moment but it was quite possible to die afterward.

He walked around the sphere and discovered a bone on the ground. He picked it up to look at it and his heart was fiercely startled. That was actually a human bone.

Did some people come here before? Zhou Jian dug the ground around with the branch and wanted to look for the rest of the skeleton. However, after digging for a while, he did not find any.

Once he finished the job, it didn’t seem like the metal sphere was dangerous. Zhou Jian touched his chin and was thinking about whether he should have any contact with the sphere.

As he shifted his vision to the engraved surface of the metal sphere, Zhou Jian discovered that the mark had something lacking when compared to the symbol of the 《Gods and Demons》. In the center of the 《Gods and Demons》 logo, there’s a blue spar there but in the center of the mark on this metal engraving, there was only an empty groove. So, there used to be a spar here but it was actually stolen?

Why did that person steal the spar? Was it an accidental encounter or specifically came here just for the spar?

What exactly was this metal sphere? What was the connection to the game 《Gods and Demons》?

Could this thing be the smart brain Myth that fell from the outer space?

Zhou Jian had no idea in his head. He continued on exploring but there was no further discovery. He had to give up and returned back to the original route.

He exited the black water swamp and took down the latitude and longitude on his GPS location tracker. Although he did not discover what secret was there here but there’s no harm in writing it down.

The color of the sky was showing that it was already not early. Zhou Jian was now thinking of continuing through the Amazon forest and through the hot and humid weather, all those kinds of disgusting and colorful insects hidden within the dead twigs and withered leaves which caused people to have a numb feeling on the scalp. A sneak attack could happen at any time. Even if a human must sleep, he must also sleep with an eye open.

But for the Anaconda variant’s gallbladder, Zhou Jian braced himself. He had continuously travel around the tributary of the Madeira River. Although this no-name river was just a branch of the Amazon River, but because the tropical rainforest was rich in precipitation, even the river surface was wider compared to most domestic rivers. The anaconda was a water python and would spent most of its life in the water. So the probability of encountering it was the highest along the river.

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