Chapter 076 – King of Snakes Part 1

Chapter 76: King of Snakes Part 1

Zhou Jian had almost used the entire piece of wax trying to attract the Anaconda. He waded through the river and crushed a leech that was sticking to his skin. The leech’s bite could not break through his own armor’s defense. And at the same time, a piranha was biting on his thigh. Seeing this, Zhou Jian could only bitterly smile. These few days, he had been cruelly tortured. At times, he thought of setting off a flare and burned the Amazon forest.

In fact, there had been some illegal jungle hunters who really set the forest on fire these last few years to catch the prey. But the effect of this was quite limited and the Jungle Hunters Association had forbidden this. Anyone who was found out would be immediately executed.

Evening approached not long after, and because those trees had covered up the starlight, the Amazon forest had become black like ink. Zhou Jian pulled a coarse vine and climbed up a tree. He was prepared to pull his sleeping bag from his inventory when he heard a rustling sound from the shrubs under the tree. He immediately turned very quiet and turned on stealth to hide in the dark, carefully observing.

The shrubs shook and a dark shadow drilled out. Its two green shining eyes were like will-o-wisp, floating around. Was it a snake? Wolf? Or a feline species?

Zhou Jian quietly took a flashlight from his inventory. Based on his experience, he heard the hissing sound was like that of a snake. Wasn’t it an anaconda variant?

Zhou Jian did not turn on the flashlight but used his Thief skill – Detection. Suddenly, all the living things in the periphery was under his perception. Zhou Jian gasped. This snake was more than 20 m in length and its abdominal was thicker than a bucket. On its dark green back, the scales were the size of a scallop. It really was an anaconda variant!

Zhou Jian turned on the flashlight without hesitation. In the dark of the night, because he was warm-blooded, Zhou Jian was just like the bright light in the night in the eyes of the Anaconda. He would be stupid not to turn on the flashlight.

The flashlight shone and the anaconda was caught off guard. This time, it came here not to hunt but to seek for a mate. But after following the scent here, it did not find its counterpart but found a game that emitted a dangerous atmosphere.

The anaconda variant hesitated slightly for a moment and then opened its mouth wide towards Zhou Jian and then rushed over. Its thick body was like a coiled up spring and Zhou Jian could only tumble down from the tree. He heard a click about his head. The thick waist of the anaconda variant had smashed the tree into two.

Zhou Jian fell from a 10 m high tree and then rolled down on the ground. His heart was palpitating fiercely. With his right hand, he took out an MP5 from his inventory and with the left, he was holding onto Shadow Assassination. He was continuously staring at the Anaconda variant.

The Anaconda variant body suddenly contracted. The rest of its body quickly came up from the bushes and coiled together just like a hill.

“It’s so big.” The 20 m length may not sound much but when the bulky body was right in front, the visual impact was really big.

Zhou Jian held the Shadow Assassination in his mouth. Both his hands were cradling the MP5 submachine gun. His right-hand finger was tightened on the trigger. He never had the experience of opening fire before and this was the first time that he fought with a gun. In Zhou Jian’s heart, he was disturbed and at the same time very excited.

He took a deep breath and his fingers fiercely buckled down. The night was suddenly full of the cries “Da Da Da”. The gun muzzle was sprouting out flames.

The Anaconda variant was like being stepped on the cat’s tail. It twisted crazily back and forth. The bullet went puff puff puff into its thick scales, spluttering out blood. If the snake had a vocal cord, at this time, it would be constantly screaming.

Zhou Jian played with satisfaction but it’s only a few seconds before the MP5 issued out a Ka Ka sound. Zhou Jian gawked slightly. Was it already out of bullet?

The MP5 had only 30 rounds of bullet and its rate of firing was extremely quick. It’s less powerful and Zhou Jian did not accurately aim when he opened fire. The Anaconda variant was too big. When the bullet was raining, it balled itself up.… At this time, there was blood all over the Anaconda variant body but it actually did not receive too big of an injury.

The Anaconda was enraged. It desperately sought out Zhou Jian. All the vegetation where it passed through were broken off and it opened its big mouth trying to bite Zhou Jian. There’s not enough time for Zhou Jian to replace the cartridge clip so he threw the MP5 and suddenly jumped to attack. However, when he was airborne, the thick snake tail came over like a whip.

Zhou Jian heard a whistling sound and when he raised his head, he saw a thick snake tail rushing at him.

How could such a big body be so flexible? Since he was airborne, he was unable to escape. Zhou Jian clenched his teeth and protected his chest area with his arms and received the blow of the strike.

“Puk!” Zhou Jian received a solid hit. His internal organs felt like they were all dislocated and his body was like a kite that lost its string.

The forest of the Amazon had many overlapping branches. As Zhou Jian flew, he didn’t know how many trees he had passed or how many branches had grazed him. His body was aching from top to bottom. As he tumbled down from the sky, he took his hand out of instinct and held onto a thick branch. He then directly hung on the tree.

The Anaconda was rushing closely under the tree. It lifted its large head and bent its neck slightly. Its two green bulb eyes were still locked onto Zhou Jian. It raised its first half of the body and was using its mouth to try and bite Zhou Jian.

Zhou Jian wiped the blood off the corner of his mouth. In that moment, the anaconda would soon attack. He tightly clenched his teeth. And between his eyebrows, he shot out a purple beam – Spirit Needle!

The speed of the purple light was like a bullet. It directly pierced into the anaconda variant’s body. And at the same time, Zhou Jian loosened his hand and his body fell down like a big bird.

The anaconda variant fell into a stunned state. Zhou Jian then went up towards the snake’s neck and wielding Shadow Assassination, madly stabbed it. The anaconda gigantic body was carelessly swaying side-by-side from the pain stimulation.

However, when Zhou Jian had stabbed for four or five times, the Anaconda variant woke up from the stunned state. Its neck twisted around and simultaneously, the tail flung towards Zhou Jian.

To Zhou Jian’s great surprise, it actually woke up so quickly. Was this guy’s Spirit force the same as a “Gods and Demons” boss? Zhou Jian hurried down from the anaconda’s body but he suddenly found that his legs had been caught. Bad!

The Anaconda variant body was more than 20 m and extraordinarily flexible. In just one short second, the snake had tied up both of Zhou Jian’s leg. 

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