Chapter 076 – King of Snakes Part 2

Chapter 76: King of Snakes Part 2

The anaconda belonged to a branch of the snake family that was non-toxic. The way they killed the prey was through suffocating them. An ordinary 6 m long anaconda was able to wrap itself around a Cayman alligator to its death. If it was an anaconda variant, it would be able to wrap a hippopotamus to death.

Zhou Jian had no doubt that as long as the anacondas wrapped himself tightly and squeezed a little, he would be turned into mincemeat.

He desperately tried to get his leg out but his leg was like being locked with a cast iron. It wouldn’t move no matter how he tried.

And at the same time, the anaconda opened its wide bloody mouth, ready to bite Zhou Jian.

At the crucial moment, Zhou Jian felt like his whole body was burning up. And at that moment, he acted without thinking and exhausted all his body strength and stabbed the anaconda’s mouth with Shadow Assassination.

He concentrated his spirit. Fallen Blood – three times critical strike!

“Puff!” The dagger was inserted deeply into the anaconda’s mouth roof but the price for that was that Zhou Jian’s wrist was punctured by the anacondas two rows of sharp teeth.

The severe pain flocked to his brain. At that moment, Zhou Jian almost fainted. He suppressed his impulse to pull his hand out because he knew that the anaconda’s teeth were curved inwards. Once it bit, it wouldn’t let go, unless of course, Zhou Jian was willing to pull apart his own wrist.

His blood trickled into the anaconda’s mouth due to a broken artery. Zhou Jian health points dropped like a punctured bag. He had never felt so close to death. And the three times critical strike that could crush the testing machine with a strike could only unexpectedly hurt the anaconda forehead.

The snake continued to tighten and continued wrapping around Zhou Jian’s body. In the moment of despair, Zhou Jian’s brain suddenly had a brainwave. The lips! Attack the pit organ in the snake’s lips!

Snakes received infrared using the pit organ in their lips to track and capture warm-blooded animals. Once the pit organ was damaged, they would be blinded!

Zhou Jian pulled out a saber with his left hand from the backpack and used it to hit against the anaconda’s pit organ. Although the saber was not as sharp as the Shadow Assassination but it was more than adequate to destroy the anaconda’s pit organ.

The anaconda was injured at the key point and its body shivered. Zhou Jian took this opportunity to pull his leg out but his hand was still bitten by the anaconda’s mouth.

Could he escape using the Blink Strike attack? In the game, once the character was captured, the Blink Strike would fail. He didn’t know how it would be like in reality. But it was so dark now, where could he seek out a large animal to be the Blink Strike target?

Facing a monster with a body length of 20 m, and with only his left hand holding a saber with feeble attack power, his mind quickly ran across a series of possible methods of attacking and escaping. However, all of those were completely rejected.

As he lost more and more blood, Zhou Jian’s brain even felt a bit of intermittent dizziness. Even if the anaconda was blinded, as long as this stalemate continue, he didn’t have long to live.

When he just didn’t know what else to do, Zhou Jian’s brain had another inspiration. He reached into his backpack and found his last weapon – the Desert Eagle!

Zhou Jian’s left-hand quickly flipped over and the silver Desert Eagle was brought out. Its thick muzzle was aimed at the anaconda variant’s big mouth.





After eight consecutive gunshots, Zhou Jian finished all the bullets in the cartridge clip in just one breath. Also, his strength was far higher than any normal human. So, his left hand was able to resist against the continuous recoil but it was also somewhat numbed with pins and needles.

Because of the darkness of the night, the Desert Eagle muzzle left behind a stream of flame that caused his eyes to be temporarily blinded. He took a while for his eyes to adjust back to the darkness and by then, he saw that the anaconda variant had had been beaten by half. Its body was still wriggling around but apparently, it wasn’t that far away from dying.

Zhou Jian took out an HP recovery bottle from his inventory. Gasping for breath while gulping, he never dreamt that he would experience such a dangerous experience while making the decision to enter the Amazon forest. Because the ghost killer avatar had an overwhelming strength, it gave him an illusion that this game character was invincible in reality.

He could jump high into the air and could successively defeat Bayudh, Nishikawa, and Matsumoto, those three big masters. But he had forgotten, all these people did not have guns on their hands.

In this era of thermal weapon, the real master must attain union in both cold weapons and thermal weapons, or suffered the consequences. If the one who went against the anaconda variant today was a fully armed special force, then the battle would be much easier.

Even if an expert marksman might not have it easy using a Desert Eagle to hit the Anaconda variant who had a high-speed attack and strong defense, but if he used a Gatling gun with antitank grenades and rocket launchers?

Zhou Jian remembered that when he first entered the Norris City Hotel, the domineering jungle hunter had said these few words, “you think the most difficult portion of this mission was to kill the Anaconda variant? Ridiculous! Although the Anaconda variant was fierce, but it could not go against a rocket launcher. The most difficult part of this mission was to find the Anaconda variant. The Anaconda variant was situated deep inside the Amazon forest and must at least penetrate eight hundred miles to reach it. Just this distance alone was enough to kill 95 jungle hunters on the road!”

Zhou Jian was able to come here because he had stealth. In addition, he had game equipment that had a heaven-defying defensive power to guard against attacks. If it was just an ordinary bounty hunter, he would likely to be bitten by a poisonous insect and killed half way through.

Zhou Jian even considered whether he should start looking at guns but he soon rejected the idea. Researching firearms was not just a one-day effort. He might as well spend a little bit more time on leveling up inside the game to improve his strength, which would be much easier.

Zhou Jian finished the HP replenishing bottle while dressing his wounds. The amount of health that could be recovered by the “Gods and Demons” recovery bottle was not much. Furthermore, there was also a cooling time. It’s no use using those recovery bottles while being part of a team to level up, and it would be better to be healed by a priest instead. If it’s just one person, then he should either returned to the city and asked for an NPC for medical treatment or had one of those valuable healing skills.

Zhou Jian rested for a while as his right hand slowly regained its consciousness. The biting force of the Anaconda variant was quite amazing. Fortunately, he had a defensive equipment or his hand would have probably been broken.

Zhou Jian slowed his breath, he wanted to use his saber to cut the anaconda’s corpse but the snake abdominal scales were thick and tough. The sharp steel alloy blade continuously slipped while trying to cut. It’s only because Zhou Jian’s hand strength was astonishing that he could do this. If it was up to others, perhaps they couldn’t do it.

Zhou Jian changed his saber into the Thorn of Shadow. It didn’t take any effort at all and the Thorn of Shadow was able to slice through the snakes abdomen like cutting through tofu. Zhou Jian opened a long hole and put his hand inside to dig around. Cool snake blood flowed down through Zhou Jian’s wrist. He touched around for quite a while and finally felt something like a peach. He used the saber to open the snakeskin and gouged out a green snake gallbladder. He cut off the bile duct and use a climbing rope to tie up the bile duct to prevent any bile leakage. Once the snake was angry, its bile secretion would increase. So, when Zhou Jian harvested the gallbladder, it was smooth and full.

Looking at the size of this stuff that was almost a fist, Zhou Jian wryly smiled. He knew that he would probably not come across this stuff in his life.

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