Chapter 077 – Returning to Huadu

Chapter 077: Returning to Huadu

He took out the GPS location tracker to check on his latitude and longitude. The distance from here to Norris city was more than 1200 km but the maximum range of the Jungle Hunters Association’s helicopter was just only until 700 miles, which was more than 1100 km. This meant that Zhou Jian must walk for 100 km to arrive at the destination to catch the flight.

100 km. If it was on the highway, then it would just be an hour of driving time. But in this damned place, it was a hell of a journey.

Looking at his body that was still bleeding out from the wounds, Zhou Jian wanted to cry but there were no tears left…


Hong Kong Island Infectious Disease Hospital – ICU ward.

“What? Xiao Lin was poisoned? What happened?” Wen Ren Bo Da was talking to the phone. He learned from his younger brother that the special forces commando, Lin Dong that he arranged to go to Brazil was poison by a poison dart frog variant with a cut to the wrist in the middle of the jungle. His heart was spooked all of a sudden.

Before the catastrophe, the poison dart frog was already one of the world most poisonous species. A poison dart frog was only the size of a human finger, but its body venom was enough to kill tens of thousands of rats.

Although the poison dart frog was very small, with its poisonous nature, it did not have any natural enemies aside from humans.

A lethal dose of the poison dart frog venom was only 0.0003 gram. What does this mean? If you diluted a drop of venom and put the dilution onto a person’s toothbrush, and when that person cleaned his teeth with the toothbrush, the small amount of venom from the toothbrush could permeate into the gum and kill him. And before the catastrophe, there was no antidote for the poison dart frog venom.

The South American Indians hunted wild animals by smearing the poison dart frogs’ venom onto their arrows. And while they were preparing these arrows, they needed to wrap them up with leaves. Otherwise, even if there was no wound on the body, the slight venom permeation into the skin was enough to cause skin allergies. If there was a wound, then there’s nothing much to think about it, three minutes top and you would be dead.

Thankfully, the poison dart frog variant had a similar size and toxicity as the ordinary poison dart frog. But there was a slight difference, the ordinary poison dart frog used its venom as a defense against the enemy. But the poison dart frog variant had a multi-barbed tongue which it would use to take the initiative to attack the enemy.

They would be perch on the leaves or a thick patch of grass. Just a dot the size of a hand knuckle. If whoever did not carefully see where they were bumping into and accidentally touched them, then congratulations, you had just won the lottery. They would regard you as their natural enemies and used their barbed tongues onto your skin. Because the tongue was so small, you might not even felt the pain and then death approached just like that.

Wen Ren Bo Da knew of the terror of the poison dart frog. Once Lin Dong had an accident, then it’s big trouble.

“It’s all right. Xiao Lin’s sense was very keen. Once he knew he was bitten, he applied the antidote serum that he brought along. But he could not move his arm within these few weeks.” On the other side was Wen Ren Zheng. He was Wen Ren Bo Da’s second younger brother and a Colonel rank in the Lingnan military division. To compare him to an equivalent administrative rank, the Colonel rank would probably be equivalent with a department leader. He’s comparable with some mayors. Wen Ren Bo Da was the provincial public security bureau deputy director but also served as the Huadu City Public Security Bureau.

Wen Ren Bo Da breathed a sigh of relief. Before the 21st century, there was no solution to the poison dart frog venom but the antivenom was finally developed and a prompt injection could save a life. “Alright. Let Lin Dong come back. Regarding your sister in law disease, I know…”

“Elder brother…”

“I’m alright. I had also let Ah Ze (tl:Wen Ren Ze) called back his National Security Bureau friend, Sun Ji Wei. The lives of these young people are more precious than these old folks. We can’t let them take the risk.” 

“Big brother, there’s still more than two months. It is not without hope.” 

“I know that. I’d let Ah Ze released a mission to the Jungle Hunters Association and had also contracted the Russian mercenaries side. They do this for a living. As for our soldiers, call all of them back.” 

Wen Ren Bo Da said until here. A young girl in white appeared from the elevator. In her hands, she was holding a thermal insulated lunch box. She was Wen Ren Hui Yin.

Because the medical environment of Hong Kong was far better than that of the mainland, Wen Ren Bo Da had arranged for his wife to be in the hospital in Hong Kong. And Wen Ren Hui Yin also happened to study in the Hong Kong Island Chinese University. Therefore, she had asked for a few days of leave and would come to the hospital every other day. Because she was raised by her aunt since childhood, Wen Ren Hui Yin’s feeling with her aunt was just like a daughter in general.

When Wen Ren Bo Da saw his niece came, he hung up with his younger brother. “Hui Yin, don’t always come to the hospital.” 

“Uncle, how was aunt today?” Wen Ren Hui Yin put down the thermal lunchbox on her hand. This was a pot of hot soup that she made for Su Lan. Because of her infectious disease, Su Lan was treated in isolation. She needed a special medical officer to bring it in just to drink a bowl of soup. Later, the tableware needed to be disinfected before it could be sent back.

“It’s still the same.” Wen Ren Bo Da Sigh. The uncle and niece had come to the intensive care unit but they could only watch Su Lan through the window. At this time, Su Lan had taken her sleeping pills and went to sleep. Her neck was entirely covered with red spots.

When the spotted heat sores patient was initially ill, the whole body would have red spots. And the red spots would be incomparably itchy but once the patient was unable to bear it and scratched it, the place that was scratched would break and be infected leading it to fester.

But if the place was not scratched, then it would felt like 1000 ants climbing on the bone, itching right into the heart. The patient could only be provided with sleeping pills and forced to sleep.

“Aunt…” Wen Ren Hui Yin said while touching the glass, she was very sad in her heart. She had lost her mother and she did not want to lose her foster mother again.


He had come to the Amazon forest for an entire week. Zhou Jian suddenly found that the noise of a revolving helicopter propeller could be unexpectedly delightful. Man was a very strange creature. In the hustle and bustle of the secular world, he would yearn for a long time to be close to nature. But once he was in the remote mountains and ancient forests, he was unable to shun the outside world and started to yearn for the sound of Chinese zither and the sound of the lively  bustling sound of footsteps on the pavement.

Zhou Jian thought that he was a common man. He longed to become a top dog and continuously struggled for success. Perhaps, only after he had experienced everything, then his mindset had also matured. He would achieve the realm of the so-called delusion with the mortal world.

The helicopter put down the hanging ladder. Zhou Jian climbed up on the tree and spotted the ladder. He jumped across and his body was like emboldening spirit of the ape as he flew across several meters and firmly grabbed onto the ladder.

After the helicopter started to pull in the ladder, Zhou Jian also climbed upwards. He quickly arrived at the cabin.

Finally, got rid of this damned place…

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