Chapter 078 – Returning to Huadu Part 2

Chapter 78: Returning to Huadu Part 2

Zhou Jian never thought that there would be another person of Asian descent on the helicopter. He was a man about 30 years old and had three parallel wounds scars on his neck. It was probably caused by a claw or some other things that could tear. After being with wild animals for so long, once he saw some of the same colors as him, Zhou Jian felt extra special about it.

But when the person of Asian descent saw Zhou Jian’s appearance, he was somewhat astonished. After all, those who went down here would arrive 700 miles deep into the Amazon forest and only those old and experienced jungle hunters would usually come here. But the fellow in front of him was less than 20 years old. Although his stature was not really thin and feeble, he was absolutely far from strong.

“Hello. My name is Mo Qi.”

The man said in English.

It wasn’t an authentic English, and the accent sounded a bit like from Southeast Asia.

Each country had its own special flavor when speaking in English due to the different mother tongues. This flavor was very difficult to change. Even if the Chinese had stayed in the United States for many years and had wonderful spoken English, there was still those little bits to distinguish where the person came from.

Generally speaking, those from European countries could speak English well and the Chinese were just moderate. (tl: I call shenanigans, now you’re just stereotyping Europeans) There’s also a slight difference between those from Taiwan with those from the mainland and also Singapore, which represented Southeast Asia. As for Africa, Arab, India, and Japan, they were generally relatively poor English speakers.

“Where are you from?” Zhou Jian asked while receiving a towel from that man. Zhou Jian had not taken a bath and his whole body was sweating like a pig. And after he had fought in the forest, even his face was black with grime. Of course, he could choose to bath in the river. But he had to endure the leeches, parasites, anacondas and the Amazon piranhas in the river. There were also those carnivorous plants that hunted small aquatic animals in the river. They would not target humans but if one was not careful, then it could wrap around like an octopus tentacle with its strong rattan around the feet.

Every day, day in and day out covered in sweat. Rolling again in dirty water. Wet clothes clinging to soil and rotten leaves, they would all stuck together to the body like flour paste. And the weather was unbearable, and occasionally, the body would felt a cool faint trace, which meant that an insect was trying to worm its way inside. If the insect was captured and pinched, then the pool of blood that flowed out was certainly yours.

If one was bitten, then the wound must be handled carefully or otherwise, it would cause inflammation. If it’d gotten wet with water, then parasites might also drill into the wound. One must be alert every single moment when walking in the woods or otherwise one might die without knowing the cause. This was really maddening.

“I am a Chinese from Malaysia.” Mo Qi said this in Chinese but he had a very thick Southern Fujian accent. Zhou Jian could barely understand him. “Ah, a compatriot. My name is Zhou.”

Mo Qi had a quizzical look at Zhou Jian. Based on his experience, Zhou Jian’s stay in the tropical rainforests wasn’t a short period, otherwise, he wouldn’t be dirty to this degree. He naturally knew that Zhou Jian requested for a flight six to seven days ago. Did he stay in the central zone of the forest for 6 to 7 days? If so, that was too astonishing.

“What did Mr. Zhou came to the depth of the Amazon forest to look for this time?” Mo Qi asked curiously.

“Oh, to help a friend to get some medicine. Alas, it was too difficult and I had to give up.”

“Oh, that really was regrettable.”

“That’s right. I heard that there’s a stagnant water swamp place in the Amazon forest. Does Mr. Mo Qi know what is the specific coordinates? I am very interested in it.” Zhou Jian casually asked. He wanted to find out more about the secret of the metal sphere but he didn’t have too much hope on this Malaysian Chinese.

“Stagnant water swamp? I really don’t know about this.”

“This…” Zhou Jian’s heart was slightly disappointed. “That’s right, I heard people say that there’s was a metal sphere in the swamp.”

“Metal sphere? How big was a diameter?”

“It was probably several meters. I’m not sure about the exact number. I had all just listen to what other people said and was very curious. I just wanted to go and have a look. Perhaps it was an alien relic. Ha ha.”

Mo Qi was silent for a moment. “I heard that many years ago the Jungle Hunters Association had released a mission to seek out for a metal sphere. Afterward, it seemed to have been found and the mission was also canceled.…”

Zhou Jian was slightly alerted in his heart. He seemingly casually asked: “Is it? There really was such a thing? Who issued that mission?”

“It appeared to be the government of certain countries. I’m also not very clear about it.”

“Probably when was this?”

“Many years ago. I had looked through the Jungle Hunters Association history of S rank mission when I accidentally discovered it.”

“S-rank mission? Just searching for something in the Amazon could actually be level as an S rank?” Zhou Jian was somewhat surprised.

“It’s possible that the metal sphere could not be detected by any instrument. Who knows but at that time, the Amazon forest was truly more dangerous compared to the present level. Once, the Amazon forest sky was a no-fly zone.”

“No-fly?” Zhou Jian was shocked. Something could even attack an aircraft.

Mo Qi shrugged his shoulders. “God knows what it is, and there had been a couple times that a plane would crash in the Amazon forest… It’s just like the Bermuda triangle. The wreckage of the plane could not be found out.”

Zhou Jian took in a cold breath of air. The Bermuda triangle was after all in the sea. If one could not found the wreckage, then it could be said that it had sunk to the seabed. Although this argument was far-fetched but after all, it could be accepted. But the Amazon forest was on land, any wreckage should be easily found unless the real airplane had disappeared into thin air.

“Oh, and because of the last century matters, there were a lot of rumors about it. Some people even said that the catastrophe of last century erupted from the Amazon forest. And the plane crashed because the monsters ate the plane’s frame.”

“How is this possible?”

“Anything is possible. There’s too much occurrence of strange things. There’s already real-life Superman among mankind. So it’s possible that there’s a monster that could eat airplanes in the Amazon but currently, there is no more strange occurrence in the Amazon. I guessed that within several more decades, the Amazon would be back to how it was like before the catastrophe and soon, those wildlife scientists would start urging again for the protection of our tropical rainforests. Anyway, we should take advantage of the current Amazon forest and take a risk in it. It seems that Mr. Zhao is also interested in this?”

“Well, I had a little interest in strange and eccentric things. But my reason for coming here to the Amazon was truly to explore.”

“Ha ha. It looked like Mr. Zhou is not short of money. Otherwise, you will not spend more than $10,000 just to take the helicopter.”

When there’s nothing more to talk about with Mo Qi, Zhou Jian began to close his eyes to meditate. These days, he was very tired but he did not dare to sleep before he arrived at the hotel.

Assuming that it was the government of great nations that came to the Amazon to seek for this metal sphere, then what were their goals? The symbol of the “Gods and Demons” and the “Gods and Demons” smart brain server. Were all these coming from the metal sphere?

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