Chapter 079 – College Office

Chapter 79: College Office

The “Gods and Demons” game had just left beta 3 1/2 months ago. But the mission to find the sphere was issued out perhaps several decades ago. If Myth was really created from the sphere, then what was those so-called great nation governments doing all these years? Researching how to turn it on?

This was also a possibility but actually, the smart brain Myth was something that was beyond this era’s science and technology. It’s not easy to try to study and understand it but there was a point that could not be understood. If the smart brain Myth really was a relic of an alien civilization, its importance was self-evident. Why was it used to be the brain of a game server? Wasn’t it too trifling of a matter?

Establishing a virtual world could create great economic benefit but it would not develop the whole human civilization. The coalition of world powers would not limit their vision in this regards. What was their purpose in the end?


A day later, a flight from the Norris City ascended in a thundering roar. Zhou Jian had finally concluded his tour to the Amazon.

Norris City was known as the jungle hunter city. Every year, there would be hundreds of thousands of jungle hunters and employers from all over the world rushing towards here. So, although the size of Norris City was not much, but its airport actually extended in all direction. Because the direct flight to Hong Kong would arrive at 1 am, but the flight to Huadu would arrive at afternoon on the same day, Zhou Jian’s final choice was to fly to Huadu.

By the time he returned to Lingnan University, the time was already 5:30 pm. At this time, it had been more than a week since Zhou Jian asked Zuo Rong Rong for his leaves. There’s also eight days left before the final exams of the Lingnan University. The final exams for the freshmen were very early in the first semester because there was also military training included in the test. And Lingnan province weather was burning hot. In the summer, it was easy to suffer heat stroke during the military training. Previously, there was a case where a student fainted during the military training and fallen off and cracked his head.

The school authorities feared that an accident would happen sooner or later. So, they changed it to winter training. In fact, military training in the winter was not necessarily better because the winter in the Lingnan was only 7 to 8 degrees Celcius. And because the air was moist, it felt especially cold. If there was winter rain, it would felt even colder. Military training on a cold rainy day was especially draining on the soul.

Zhou Jian wanted to slip to the dormitory that’s after the school office building. He observed for a while and after determining that Zuo Rong Rong was not there, he tried to hurry but he did not think that before he could pass through the building, a clear female voice resounded from his back: “Zhou Jian!”

Zhou Jian heard this voice and almost somersaulted on his back. Could he really have such bad luck? This was already 5:30 PM. It’s already half an hour after working hours. You, this old maid, did not go to go for a window shopping date but stayed behind in the office. It’s real that enemies often crossed each other’s path.

Zhou Jian forced a smile and with profound respect, he turned around and humbly greeted: “Teacher Zuo, what a coincidence.” 

“Hmmm, a little unfortunate. I saw you through the window in the office.” Zuo Rong Rong raised her chin slightly. She seemed like she had an expression that wanted to fight.

Zhou Jian laughed hollowly. “Teacher Zuo must be vigilant and look carefully around in all directions. This is practice to monitor during exam time.” 

“Are you trying to patronize me? Just you wait, I’m your invigilator for this final exam. If you dare to cheat under my nose, hmmm…”

Zuo Rong Rong thought that her threat was on point. But Zhou Jian also complied with the meek look. “Teacher Zuo really took your job seriously. It’s already so late but you still haven’t gotten off work yet. Then, did you not want to eat?”

“It’s useless to give me a high hat to wear. (tl: to flatter someone) I am not in a hurry to eat. Come with me.” Zuo Rong Rong said and turned around to enter the office building.

Zhou Jian groaned. This Zuo Rong Rong was the reincarnation of Zhuo Zhiruo who had grown twenty years, which was to say, just like another Nun Miejue. (tl: lol, Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber reference. The nun was a heartless b***h, and Zhiruo grew up to follow her footsteps.)

When they arrived at the student work office, Zuo Rong Rong pulled out a piece of paper and slammed it at the table. She coldly said: “Fill it out.” 

Zhou Jian’s heart was a little tight. He hoped that it was not the dropping out of school procedure form. Although he was now a millionaire, he still hoped to finish his college. Otherwise, he would feel a little regretful.

But if his mother knew that he was dismissed, she would be pissed to her death.

Zhou Jian was a little afraid and he swept an eye across the form. Written at the top: 2159 New Great Wall Self-Improvement Grant application form.

Zhou Jian was shocked and he looked at Zuo Rong Rong again. His heart was filled with a burst of guilt. “Teacher Zuo, I…”

“Quickly fill it out. I have to get off work.” Zuo Rong Rong hands were on the pile of documents and she was already hinting that she wanted to pack everything.

“Teacher Zuo. I’m sorry.” This apology from Zhou Jian was from his heart. Before this, he had regarded Zuo Rong Rong as a child slightly older than him . He never took her as a teacher in charge.

“You don’t have to be sorry to anyone. Teacher knows that it’s not easy for you but you can’t, in order to earn tuition fee, skipped school. As for the matter of skipping classes, I haven’t told your mother but I don’t want a next time.” From tomorrow onwards, go to your classes and do not go out to work again.” 

“Er… There seemed to be no classes next week.” Generally, all the University courses would end two weeks before the final exams to leave time for the students to review their studies.

Zuo Rong Rong ill-humoredly said: “If next week, there are no classes, then next semester. Don’t mess around with me. The New Great Wall grant isn’t much. There are only 1600 places. But it is enough for a semester of your living expenses. Next semester, you could apply for a work-study program. No matter what your results will be in this exam, I hope that you can work hard and if you did not pass this exam, you will rise up again and strive for the next time.” 

Zhou Jian looked at Zuo Rong Rong’s earnest expression. He didn’t know what he should feel in his heart. This girl should be the type who was a little darling and was very obedient from her infancy to adulthood. Perhaps, she deeply loved the warmhearted and united class spirit who supported each other but her ideals also included a teacher who was compassionate and loved to help those in difficulties. A teacher who would help the poor students and provided guidance to the students.

He gently pushed the form back and said: “Teacher Zuo, I had made a little money now and do not need to use this. Give this to a classmate who really needed it.” 

Zuo Rong Rong eyed Zhou Jian. (tl: there’s another expression here which there’s no equivalent in English) “Don’t injure yourself trying to put on a vain show in front of your teacher. I understand about your family situation and that you have to go to work for a living. As a freshman, what work can you do other than carrying plates, handling leaflets, and other small stuff? How can those earn much money? If I let you fill this, then you fill it. I had spent a great effort to be able to get this form. Also, if you take this grant money, you are prohibited from working. If you are found out, the money would be recovered. Do you know this? Good, don’t refuse. Hurry up and fill it.” 

Zhou Jian was feeling helpless. He could not take Zuo Rong Rong to the ATM machine and let her read the balance in his card. So, he filled it up.

Then, Zhou Jian filled in the form and went back to the table. He respectfully asked Zuo Rong Rong: “Teacher Zuo, may I leave now?” 

“Um, go.” Zuo Rong Rong read the form while nodding. Zhou Jian was almost out of the door when he heard a sentence that almost wanted to make him hit the doorframe.

“Give me another 5000 words of self-reflection by tomorrow.” 

Zhou Jian heart didn’t know whether he wanted to laugh or cry. Generally, only a primary or middle school teacher would be keen to have self-reflection. Zuo Rong Rong really treated her students like children.

Anyway, since he didn’t need to write himself. It didn’t matter. 

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