Chapter 081 – Going to Hong Kong (Part 2)

Chapter 81: Going to Hong Kong (Part 2)

With just Wen Ren family’s heritage, it wasn’t easy to issue out a police helicopter or an armed military helicopter, but it wasn’t a problem to arrange for a civil helicopter. The hospital had a small helicopter used to administer emergency first aid. Although it was a little out of regulation to use it to pick up someone but with Wen Ren Bo Da’s power, it wasn’t a problem to settle such matter.

Zhou Jian was Wen Ren Hui Yin’s classmate. So, she followed on the helicopter as well while Wen Ren Bo Da remained behind to take of Su Lan.

It only took two hours of driving to move from Guangzhou to Hong Kong but it only took an hour using the helicopter.


Zhou Jian took the taxi to arrive at the Huadu East Tower because this was where he had promised to meet Wen Ren Bo Da beforehand. After Zhou Jian shown his ID, he was brought to East Tower highest level by the security – the East Tower helipad.

Although the helicopter was very mobile, it was impossible for it to descend in the city at will. Descending on the city roads would be prone to dangers but descending in the public square would cause disturbance and subsequently may hurt some people.

In the beginning of the early 21st century, China experienced an upsurge in skyscrapers and although its domestic GDP per person wasn’t much but it was ambitious in constructing buildings. If one was asked which countries had the most skyscrapers in the world, then many would think of the United States. After all, the United States already had the Empire State building in the 1930s but the fact was that the United States was just a younger brother when compared to China. If the Empire State building was put in China, it would only be considered as a “dwarf” building.

By 2010, of the 20 tallest buildings in the world, 13 of them were unexpectedly located in China and this did not include those that were still under construction.

It was a huge contrast with the economically developed Europe. The Europeans were practical and were not concerned about saving face and didn’t care about competing with others. Secondly, constructing a skyscraper would take too much investment and if one had some losses, the business could go down. The capitalists who valued benefits would not construct it. And the government who feared that their taxpayers might protest also did not dare to build it.

Therefore, China gladly received these arduous tasks to keep on pushing the limits of the mankind’s construction height. Except for those who depended on selling oil to increase the family fortunes, no one dared to keep on crazily drew money to challenge China outside of Dubai. The rest were completely swept by China.

However, what was sad was that although China had many skyscrapers, those were actually all designed by foreigners.

Basically, before a city could finish constructing its China tallest skyscraper, another city would have start planning to build the tallest building in Asia and another city would also make the decision to construct a world-class skyscraper. So, Chinese skyscrapers grew like mushrooms, springing up everywhere.

When the Huadu East Tower wasn’t constructed yet, the West Tower [IFC] was planned to be China’s tallest skyscraper.However, before it could be completed, the fame of being the tallest skyscraper had already fallen to Shanghai. And after it was completed, it also could not hold on to the throne of the second tallest building. There were all kinds of storms going on.

However, Huadu had a mentality of “bravery came out of shame” and quickly built a 530 m tall Huadu East Tower to once again regain the reputation of China’s tallest skyscraper. Of course, this was also only temporary.

This continued on until the catastrophe broke out and after the catastrophe, the people did not have a reason to construct tall skyscrapers again. The sharp decline in population caused the urban land price to drop in a large-scale. And the appearance of the eight hundred meters tall Burj Dubai stopped people from continuing to inspire to exceed it. This time, there was no more glory in building skyscrapers. So, Huadu East Tower was still the tallest building in Huadu.

When Zhou Jian first climbed up the East Tower, the chilly night wind was blowing on his face and he propped up the collars of his coat and waited.

The East Tower helipad and the Huadu Television Tower faced each other across the distance. Zhou Jian could clearly see the brilliantly illuminated Huadu Television Tower. The Television Tower was affectionately known as the “small pretty waist” by the locals. It was also built in the beginning of the 21st century, second only to the Tokyo’s Sky Tree as Asia’s second tallest. Compared to the heaviness of the Oriental Pearl Tower (tl: this one is in Shanghai), the Huadu tower gave the people a feeling of agile and grace. It’s like it was dressed in a white gauze skirt while dancing lightly on the bank of the Pearl River. The mesh of reinforced steel bars spiraled around, making it slender in the middle and plump at the top and bottom. Just like a dancer twisting her soft and beautiful waist.

Sometimes, a city building could be imbued with the temperament of the city. Like the Big Ben symbolizing the traditions of London – classic and gentry. The gorgeous Louvre rendered out a feeling of romance and style of Paris. The magnificent Forbidden City engraved the long and glorious cultural history of old Beijing. But Huadu Tower had symbolized the grace and gentle beauty of Huadu.

Zhou Jian waited for a moment when he heard the rumbling sound of an aircraft above. He looked up and saw a white helicopter moving across the night sky. And in the cabin was a very striking person, Wen Ren Hui Yin.

The helicopter descended and Wen Ren Hui Yin, who wore a one-piece dress opened the cabin door and leaned forward to smile at Zhou Jian.

With an inclining body, a white dress and a beautiful face with a smile, the feeling was really similar with a neighborhood girl leaning her body forward to greet a neighborhood elder brother to have a meal from behind the gate.

Behind her was the brilliantly illuminated Huadu Television Tower. A beautiful young girl with the backdrop of a colorful and lively tower. This gentle and wild contradiction was the perfect combination.

At that moment, Zhou Jian was slightly out of sorts. From his high school graduation, which was six months ago until now, this was the first time he saw Wen Ren Hui Yin in reality. She was innocent and pure with no trace of impurities. Like a pool of clear water.

“Come.” Wen Ren Hui Yin beckoned, her long hair was dancing along with the strong winds from the rotor, just like an elf under the dark night.

“Okay.” Zhou Jian gathered up his mind and boarded the helicopter.

“Long time no see.” Wen Ren Hui Yin was gathering her hair that was blown off by the wind.

“Ha ha. I had seen you in “Gods and Demons” but since you had changed your appearance there, it’s not…” Zhou Jian actually wanted to say that it’s not as attractive as she was in reality but he managed to choke back his words into his mouth. In order to hide his words, he took out a small box from his backpack which had the snake gallbladder. “It’s this.”

He opened the box and passed it to Wen Ren Hui Yin.

“This is the Anaconda variant gallbladder?” Wen Ren Hui Yin also held back in her words that she wanted to say to Zhou Jian. Her eyes were looking at the box that had a fist size object inside. It looked like a pea that had just sprouted and was enlarged many times. The sprout was where the bile duct was located, which was carelessly tied together by a string. This awful full appearance gave Wen Ren Hui Yin a lot of doubts. In her impression, this was something similar to a beast dan (tl: those neidan core in the novel) like in the game. So, even if it wasn’t shining a golden light, it should be glittering and crystal clear.

Zhou Jian shrugged. “Probably. My friend who brought me this said that it was taken from an Anaconda variant with a body length of 20 m.”

“20 m long?” Wen Ren Hui Yin was surprised. 20 m long was about five-story building high. That was, if someone was clutching the snake’s tail from the fifth-floor balcony and hung it down, the head could actually reach the ground.

“Your friend is really that strong? My uncle said that he might be an S rank bounty hunter?” Wen Ren Hui Yin carefully closed back the box containing the snake gallbladder. She tightly embraced it for fearing of any accident.

Zhou Jian had a bewildered expression. “What’s an S rank hunter? I don’t get it.”

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