Chapter 084 – Family Dinner

Chapter 84: Family Dinner

“Yes, father.”

“That’s right, on the topic of eating a meal, call Little Sun as well. Since he risked his neck to go to the Amazon, it should be proper conduct (ren qin) as well. Anyway, he’s your friend, so you can handle it.”

“Father. I know what to do.”


In the evening, Wen Ren Bo Da, Wen Ren Hui Yin, Sun Ji Wei, Wen Ren Ze and Zhou Jian, those five people took two cars to go to the Hong Kong Shangri-La Hotel for a meal.

Wen Ren Bo Da, Wen Ren Hui Yin, and Zhou Jian were going to sit together in a car. The one responsible for driving was Wen Ren Bo Da’s driver. Because of Su Lan’s disease, Wen Ren Bo Da’s driver was specially requested to come from Huadu to accompany him everywhere. Basically, when Wen Ren Bo Da was staying in the hospital, his driver would be waiting outside.

Originally, the somewhat drowsy driver sobered up when he saw Wen Ren Bo Da coming. He acted like he was on the bed of hot coals, and quickly opened the car’s door for Wen Ren Bo Da and said: “Master, it’s cold outside. Why don’t you put on some more clothes.”

Wen Ren Bo Da said: “Little Sun, it’s been hard on you. Next time, don’t wait for me anymore. I can still get back on my own.”

“It’s not hard. It’s not hard. Master Wen need to account for many things every day and yet need to find time to take care off Madam Wen. That is hard. I’m just sitting while waiting in the car. I don’t need to use any physical strength or my brain. So, it’s not hard at all.”

When Zhou Jian noticed this, he sighed. Being a driver or secretary was really a skill. He naturally opened the door for the passenger seat next to the driver. After all, Wen Ren Bo Da and Wen Ren Hui Yin were a family. So, they should sit together in the back. But he did not expect that when he just opened the door, Wen Ren Bo Da beckoned to him and said: “Little Zhao, sit in the back.”

The Audi AX interior was very large. It’s not crowded at all for three people to sit in the back. Wen Ren Bo Da sat at the back directly behind the driver. This was the place of honor in the car according to Chinese custom. Zhou Jian was wondering which position was appropriate for him. Therefore, he wanted to hold the car door to allow Wen Ren Hui Yin to enter first.

Wen Ren Bo Da saw that Zhou Jian was very cautious and said with a smile: “Don’t worry so much. Just sit casually.”

Wen Ren Bo Da request for Zhou Jian to just sit in casually also made it convenient to speak. He asked Zhou Jian about many things including his family, his studies, his plan after graduation and so forth. When he knew that Zhou Jian’s father was not healthy, Wen Ren Bo Da made a call to a specialist in Lingnan People’s Hospital so that he could have a look at it.

“If the body is not good, he must go to a big hospital for treatment. He cannot keep on dragging it. There was a time when I injured my waist when I was young and I did not nurse it back well. Now that I’m old, it hurts whenever it’s wet. Go back and talk with your father and make him have a look at it in the People’s Hospital or Zhongshan Hospital. At the provincial hospital, the vice president was my old schoolmate. I had just informed him a while ago.”

Zhou Jian was feeling extremely flattered. He knew that Wen Ren Bo Da had a government position as the provincial public security department deputy director as well as a committee member of the Huadu Public Security Bureau. He was a powerhouse in the Lingnan province public security system.

He said: “Thank you Uncle Wen. Actually, my father is a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine. Before this, my mother had urged him to go to the hospital but he said that he know his own illness and can cure it himself.”

Zhou Jian had the dark sigh in his heart when he said this. His father’s nature was very stubborn. His medical skill was very good but he was never willing to leave that small village.

Wen Ren Bo Da said: “Our ancestors are truly mysterious but sometimes, we must believe in the modern medicine. The domestic Western hospitals are booming compared to the traditional Chinese medicine hospitals. This is but a fact.”

Zhou Jian nodded silently. The scope of application in the Western medicine was broader but Chinese medicine was slightly better in certain areas. For example, the waist rheumatism that Wen Ren Bo Da said a moment ago, his father was actually very good at treating this but it was basically impossible to make him leave the village to treat others .

“What does Little Zhou like to eat?”

“Anything is fine with me.”

Wen Ren Bo Da said with a smile: “Then let’s have seafood. Hui Yin likes to eat butter crab dumpling. When she was young, she was always clamoring to eat it.” Wen Ren Bo Da watched Wen Ren Hui Yin as she grew up. In his heart, he has taken his niece as his own biological daughter.

Wen Ren Hui Yin was embarrassed as she pulled her uncle’s cloth. It seemed like she was complaining that he was exposing her shortcomings in front of her friend. Although it was just a story from her childhood, but she still cared about it since it was Zhou Jian.

“All right, you two have a nice chat. I am going to rest for a while. My age is old and I had not slept well for the last few days.” Wen Ren Bo Da had not rested well for several days. Although he married Su Lan because of his family’s arrangement but they knew each other before the wedding. They even had a favorable mutual impression and so the relationship after the marriage was very good.

Wen Ren Hui Yin said: “Uncle, you are not old. You’re only 50 this year. You still can work for another 15 or even 20 years.”

Wen Ren Bo Da laughed. When his wife got better, his mood was also good. “Hui Yin, since when did you learn to butter me up like Qian Qian. It’s still possible if I work for another 15 years but for 20 more years, I would need to be in the central committee.”

In China, the government official at department level retired at 60 years old. The provincial department level retired at 65 years old. While those who were competent were sent to the Central committee and could retire at 70 or over 70 years old. That’s why Wen Ren Bo Da said it like that.

When Wen Ren Bo Da said Qian Qian, Zhou Jian guessed that it might be Wen Ren Hui Yin’s cousin, Wen Ren Qian Hui or Pretty Water is Traceless.

When Wen Ren Bo Da closed his eyes, Wen Ren Hui Yin whispered to Zhou Jian: “I’m sorry.”

Zhou Jian was slightly stupefied. “Eh? What are you sorry for?”

“Just now in the hospital, actually, I did not believe that you have it.”

Zhou Jian felt funny inside. “Whosoever would not believe it as well. I also didn’t but fortunately, it’s real. Otherwise, I would have wasted your trip.”

“Thank you.”

“Ha ha. I just help you to spread the word only. The one who obtained the snake gallbladder was not me. Furthermore, you had also given the remuneration for the service rendered.”

“I know that the service payment was not considered as anything to that strong man. So, uncle had told my cousin and me that we must remember this kindness.”

“It’s not so serious.” Zhou Jian ha ha smiled.

“That’s right. What’s your friend ID in ‘Gods and Demons’?”

“Er…it’s a lot of letters and Leetspeak, I also don’t remember it.” (tl: yo, yu0 sp3ak l33t? I don’t) Zhou Jian had already figured before that if the Wen Ren family decided to track, he would say that he was not clear about the ID. If they wanted him to track him in the game, he would say that this fellow had not played Gods and Demons in a long time.

“Then… He, well, forget it…” Wen Ren Hui Yin wanted to ask something more but she felt that Zhou Jian didn’t want to talk about it. So, she did not ask.

Although Wen Ren Hui Yin was docile, she was born in a big family since childhood, so she was not naïve. She did not believe that Zhou Jian knew this mysterious man from playing the online game. It just did not make sense.

But, if Zhou Jian did not want to say, then she would not force it. She was very understanding of Zhou Jian and his family background. How could he know someone if even her own uncle had no access to such a powerful figure?

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