Chapter 085 – Xiantian

Chapter 85: Xiantian

At the same time, Wen Ren Ze who was sitting in the other car was also considering the same issue. While sitting on the driver’s side, he asked Sun Ji Wei: “Brother Sun, what do you think about that mysterious master?”

Sun Ji Wei’s complexion wasn’t too good because of his harsh words beforehand and yet he could not lower his ego to apologize to Zhou Jian. Of course, Zhou Jian did not bother with it and also acted like a polite student, calling him Brother Sun. This made Sun Ji Wei felt very shameful. He hoped that Zhou Jian would not look at him and treat him like he was empty air instead.

Actually, Sun Ji Wei did not want to attend this dinner but Wen Ren Ze dragged him along. Fortunately, he did not need to sit in the same car together and managed to avoid the embarrassment.

“What do I think about it… Oh, this time, I was really ashamed.” Sun Ji Wei was a good friend of Wen Ren Ze. So there’s no restriction in their conversation.

Wen Ren Ze laughed. “It’s indeed quite disgraceful. I really did not think that a civilian could know such a master.… Perhaps not civilian, a National Security of your rank would not even know this kind of character.”

“Naturally, I could, but even I don’t have that easy access to those people. Although I claimed to be a master from the National Security Bureau, but I’m usually involved in publicity to be the spokesperson in front of the media so that the foreign organizations out there would only have my data. But the true experts in the shadow, even I do not understand about this. I will ask my teacher tomorrow about what is going on in the end but I don’t think there would be a result for this.”

Wen Ren Ze said : “That’s right, China still have a lot of those families with ancestral traditions. According to your understanding, could there be an Order rank master from there?” Wen Ren Ze figured that the master that Zhou Jian knew should be from the countryside. If it was a master from a big family, it’s impossible to even notice the $1 million reward. If he had the ability to win that person over to help the Wen Ren family, his status in the family would increase.

“Heaven rank master?” Sun Ji Wei bitterly smile. “My teacher did not even manage to reach Xiantian yet.”

The so-called Heaven rank was the Xiantian master. (tl: haha, actually I forgot what terms I used before but was too lazy to go check it out.)

What did it mean by Xiantian? When the human was still in the mother’s womb, the baby would take in oxygen from the mother via the umbilical cord. This oxygen would enter directly into the body through the blood. This was the so-called xian breath.

And after birth, the xian breathing would turn into respiratory breathing, but breathing through the mouth wasn’t conducive to the condensation of true Qi.

This was a fact that the average man was unable to change. It’s only a pity that when they were still a fetus, they certainly didn’t know any cultivation law and this Xian breath was wasted.

Some of those ancient martial arts masters were able to through their own self-cultivation, opened their own channels. (tl: I ignored the rest because it’s about opening and connecting the channels through the meridians which I’m fairly ignorant and don’t think I could give the actual picture,)


This was the Xiantian expert.

Many people misunderstood and thought that Xiantian would be similar to Houtian, but this was in fact, totally different. If the experts weren’t Xiantian, then only would they be Houtian.

The Xiantian master might not necessarily be more powerful than the general master, but because the Xiantian master’s speed  to condensate the Qi was able to surpass those Houtian by far. Over time, the Xiantian masters would certainly shine.

But being Xiantian didn’t mean that they would be evolved or had special abilities. It’s only a realm in the Chinese martial arts. If they were evolved and also practicing in the Xiantian realm, then that’s much scarier.

“Not even your teacher?” Wen Ren Ze was somewhat surprised. He actually didn’t understand the concept of Xiantian. “Does the National Security has any Xiantian master?”

“There are, but I don’t know those masters. Those seven big ancient Wu aristocratic families had the most Xiantian masters but I can’t even contact them.”

“So, it’s like that.” Wen Ren Ze self-depreciatingly smiled. “Really, one should always strive to be better. When compared those large families of national level, my family is just like a sun-dried shrimp. Still have a little power here in Lingnan but once outside, can’t even shake out a little wave. Otherwise, why would the matter of getting a snake gallbladder be so worrying.”

Sun Ji Wei did not speak. He frowned and was thinking about something.

“What’s wrong?”

“I suddenly thought that the boy named Zhou Jian seemed a little familiar.”

“Is that right? Perhaps he just has a common face. There’s no way both of you meet before.”

“What do you know about him? I heard that he’s Hui Yin’s high school classmate?”

“Yes, my father was transferred in the summer of 58 to become the Nanhai City Public Security Bureau chief. Hui Yin was already under foster care in our family since childhood. So, she transferred into Nanhai No. 1 High School and meet Zhou Jian due to studies. When those two got closer, I’d investigated him. He lived in Zhoujiazhuang (tl: Zhou clan village) of Pingliang country of Nanhai City. He was born in Zhoujiazhuang and both his parents were rural area’s doctors and opened a small clinic. It’s said that his father, Zhou Da Nian, medical skill was very good but because his father’s body had some disease, so the family circumstances were quite bad.”

“Zhoujiazhuang, Zhou Da Nian, Zhou Jian…” Sun Ji Wei muttered. Those three names sounded very old fashioned. There’s really nothing suspicious about it.”

“I want to have a look at his file.” Sun Ji Wei said.

Wen Ren Ze shrugged and casually hinted that he thought Sun Ji Wei was oversensitive.

He took out a computer that he conveniently brought along. Wen Ren Ze said: “Do you think that this boy was playing the role of a pig eating a tiger and was actually a child from a respected family?”

“It’s possible. I heard that after the catastrophe, some people from the seven big ancient Wu aristocratic families were weary of the fighting and returned to their ancestral home in the countryside to live in seclusion. This Zhou Da Nian might be one of them. Otherwise, how would Zhou Jian, a student knew such an expert?”

“I want to faint. Your imagination is too rich. There’s no family with the surname Zhou among those seven big ancient Wu aristocratic families. It had been 100 years since the catastrophe. Even those living in seclusion would have become a 100-year-old man. You think that they would have such a young son like Zhou Jian?” Wen Ren Ze thought that Sun Ji Wei was just trying to regain his own face. Since his face was played by Zhou Jian under the gaze of others, he wanted to put Zhou Jian on a higher pedestal so that his face would be a little better.

Sun Ji Wei ignored Wen Ren Ze. There’re many things that the average person wouldn’t know. He entered the National Security intranet to search for Zhou Jian. But because this name Zhou Jian was so common, it’s a pain in the ass. The search revealed hundred of pages of results but through filtering the city, place of birth, height, age and other filters, he soon found Zhou Jian himself.

Sun Ji Wei looked at Zhou Jian’s picture and was increasingly sure that he saw Zhou Jian’s picture before. He entered the National Security database and cross-referenced the facial recognition. Moments later, the result came out and it made Sun Ji Wei surprised.

He took a deep breath and tapped Wen Ren Ze. “Take a look at this.”

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