Chapter 086 – Guessing

Chapter 86: Guessing

Wen Ren Ze slowed down his car and turned his head to look. At the screen was two piece of information. The first was that Zhou Jian had created the character Dark Sword in the game “Gods and Demons”. And the second one was hidden professional player Dark Sword helped Tianzun squad to become the first team in the world to clear the dungeon Devil’s Nest. Upon the success, Dark Sword was crowned as the MVP.”

Wen Ren Ze was a bit surprised. Dark Sword? In “Gods and Demons”, the character name wasn’t above the top of the head. Wen Ren Ze was only mildly interested in Zhou Jian at that time and did not ask for Zhou Jian’s name.

But, this Dark Sword couldn’t explain anything. A martial arts master would naturally have the advantage in “Gods and Demons”. And if the luck is good, such a result was normal.

“You guys in the National Security are really bored. You even look into game information database?” Wen Ren Ze joked. Inwardly, his stomach shrunk a little, the National Security really had a lot of resources, even looking into matters of “Gods and Demons”.

“Ok, that’s not the point. You look at the next one.”

Wen Ren Ze kept an eye on the road and slowed his car again. He continued to look down. It’s a dated article from Las Vegas newspaper. The front page of it was unexpectedly a large scale photo of Zhou Jian punching. Looking at the momentum in the photo, no one would think that the person was just posing. And written next to it was “Mysterious youth from the East and his powerful Chinese Kung Fu.”

Wen Ren Ze fiercely stepped on the brake and looked at Sun Ji Wei in shocked. Sun Ji Wei could only shrug. “We were deceived by this fellow that looked as harmless as an animal. This fellow was really playing the role of a pig eating the tiger. I suspect that this anaconda variant’s gallbladder was obtained by him from the Amazon.”

Wen Ren Ze’s mouth grew. “This…this is impossible!”

“It’s not impossible. After all, he’s a young man. It could be that his relatives, likely his mother or father or even uncle was an absolute terrorist but a low key ancient Wu family. And Zhou Jian was that family’s genius!”

Wen Ren Ze swallowed their saliva and read the Las Vegas newspaper. The article wrote about the Bounty Hunter Association and how the US bounty hunters made a bet with Japanese samurais. Then, how they fell into a stalemate and later wrote how Zhou Jian was roped in. Because of the country and national honors, he went into a dispute with the Japanese samurais and finally how Zhou Jian’s fist was able to punch into a bright explosion which took down the two Japanese samurais.

Sun Ji Wei said: “Sometimes, the National Security would pay attention to the Bounty Hunter Association and I happened to collect this information by chance. But the temperance of Zhou Jian was too different in this photo. When I first saw him, my first impression was that he’s just an ordinary university student. So, I didn’t t recognize him. The name of the Japanese defeated by him was Matsumoto. Matsumoto was a swordsman of the Yamaguchi-Gumi. Furthermore, he’s very skilled in the Japanese karate. Even if I were to fight him, my chances such be 50-50!”

“But that Zhou Jian was engaging both Matsumoto and his apprentice, Nishikawa as well. Although Nishikawa’s young, it’s relative. Even your bodyguards, I think Nishikawa would be able to handle them within ten minutes without using weapons at all. Would you believe it?”

Wen Ren Ze swallowed his saliva and forced a smile. “I believe you.”

Even if the Wen Ren family had the strength at the provincial level, Wen Ren Ze was just in charge of a subsidiary company. His bodyguards were all retired veterans and were able to cope against small timers. But they’re decoration when going against masters.

Those really fierce bodyguards were all on his father’s side. But when compared to those in the National Security, they’re at the lowest ranks. There’s no way for this. Would any real masters came to a small family to work as a bodyguard?

Sun Ji Wei continued and said: “Zhou Jian, a single person with just a claw, used just 10 seconds to take down these two Japanese samurais. He shot without mercy. During the fighting, Zhou Jian’s right chest had a blade wound. It’s from a shuriken and it penetrated 5 cm deep and cut into 2 of his ribs. This kid’s throat didn’t even utter a single sound and Ueno Pure had to apologize. Those two Japanese samurais who were similarly injured had also fallen down by then. Do you still think that this guy is just a simple freshman student?”

Wen Ren Ze was a little unwilling to accept. He recalled when he first met with Zhou Jian. At that time, he was just like a shy boy next door. Although he said some strong words when arguing with Gao Peng, those words also showed his inexperience and young spirit.

He was unable to match those two together and could only wryly smile. “He’s not only an ancient Wu master, but also an acting master. It’s hard to believe that he’s just an 18-year-old boy. But, I don’t understand that if he’s so strong, why must he hide it. If it’s just a common young man, he would already show off his strength all around.”

“It should be that due to ancestral teaching. Because of some reasons of their ancestors, prohibits their emergence of those new talents and must remain in hermitage all their life. I also don’t understand but there’s really such a family. I’m guessing that Zhou Jian should be a branch of the seven big ancient Wu aristocratic families, and furthermore, from a direct descendant branch.”

“Seven big…ancient Wu family…”Wen Ren Ze took a deep breath. After the catastrophe, the seven big ancient Wu aristocratic families had seeped in China’s economic, politic, and military fields. They controlled more than half the country. The monster of such level was not one that the Wen Ren family could contend with. He sighed with emotion. “He’s originally a direct descendant of those seven respected families, no wonder he could practice to such level.But why wouldn’t he stopped himself from outing himself in Las Vegas?”

“Because of the national honor issue, Ueno Ju of the Yamaguchi-Gumi insulted China. Therefore, Zhou Jian exposed his strength. This boy…should be very patriotic.”  Sun Ji Wei had mixed feelings when he said this. He’s a very proud person but now felt a sense of frustration in this boy.

The National Security also initially knew about this Las Vegas issue but did not thoroughly investigated it. After all, the responsibility of the National Security was to look after terrorist organizations and to safeguard the national security. Although there’s a department to look at the several big bounty hunter organizations overseas, it’s not the main point of their work.

It’s rumored that the boy broke the testing machine but of course, this was just hearsay. Some also suggested that he be absorbed into the National Security but for some reasons, it was put aside.

Was it because of the actions of the Yamaguchi-Gumi in East Asia? Half a month ago, in order to catch up with the matters regarding the Yamaguchi-Gumi, a lot of manpower were reassigned. But after that matter, the organization did not raise the issue regarding Las Vegas again. This was a little strange.

Although currently, it’s an era of peace and the National Security never lacked manpower and the seven ancient Wu families were able to cultivate a lot of good seedlings. But for such a good talent, it’s a waste not to ask. If other didn’t agree, then so be it.

Generally, such a matter was handled by the group that could see the light, and he’s the vice leader of that group. Could it be that the one in charge, this time, was the shadowy group instead?

It shouldn’t be for just a kid. Sun Ji Wei rubbed his forehead.

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