Chapter 087 – Wen Ren Ze’s Plan

Chapter 87: Wen Ren Ze’s Plan

Perhaps the family which Zhou Jian belonged to had already known about this and made its move, and that’s why this was let go. This would be able to explain it then. There were several 100 years old people that had lived since the catastrophe who acted like a stick-in-the-mud. They wouldn’t give face to anyone at all. This was inevitable as even the few current military chiefs were also their juniors. Even if they scolded you, you still had to bear it.

Thinking about this, Sun Ji Wei felt relieved too and said to Wen Ren Ze. “Let’s go. Otherwise, they would be suspicious if we’re too far behind.” 

Wen Ren Ze started the car. He certainly didn’t know what Sun Ji Wei was thinking about. At this time, he was thinking about whether he should report this to the family.

Wen Ren Ze sighed a breath of relief and ridiculed himself. “I was really stupid. Last time I’d meet him, I still said to bring him into the company for an internship. I want to faint.” 

Sun Ji Wei smiled. “Maybe he’ll really go to your company for an internship, using the identity of a common university student.” 

Wen Ren Ze’s facial expression twitched. He was keenly aware that this was an opportunity.

Although he didn’t know why Zhou Jian’s family didn’t want to reveal its strength but he knew that if he just casually visited them, it would certainly draw the family’s ire, let alone inviting them. In fact, it’s impossible to be able to attract any relationship to the seven big ancient Wu aristocratic families using the benefits that he could provide. Perhaps, this time, because of the anaconda variant, Zhou Jian might have paid out something to allow for this one-time exception.

If he reported the matters regarding Zhou Jian to the family council, he would no doubt get a small merit. But if he thought about it, aside from getting the nod of the several old men, he also wouldn’t have any substantial benefits.

If those old men of the family council discussed this, he’s afraid that they would inevitably put pressure on himself and gave him the thankless job of going to the Zhoujiazhuang only to be rebuffed.

If he could convince the Zhou family, then that would be a great merit. But he could guess even with his toes that this was impossible. The Zhoujiazhuang was a crouching tiger, hidden dragon. Even if they wanted to remerge back in the world, they wouldn’t choose a shallow bay family like the Wen Ren family. (tl: shallow bay compared to deep sea)

Once he returned back covered in dirt (tl: being rebuffed), even his family would surely be suppressed by their peers. By then, it’s not being unable to react, but simply incapable.

As for the Zhou’s side, he would incur the other’s resentment because of this and in the end, failed to please both sides.

Wen Ren Ze had a lot of thought in a flash. The most sensible approach would be to keep this a secret, not even telling his father. He could only blossom up him friendship with Zhou Jian. Perhaps, the opposite party would even help him in the future.

Furthermore, Zhou Jian might be a lover with Wen Ren Hui Yin in the future. He could deliberately set this up. His family would certainly oppose this in the future and when he stood up to support him, Zhou Jian would remember this favor.

Once he thought about this, Wen Ren Ze asked Sun Ji Wei. “Are you going to report this matter about Zhou Jian to the National Security?”

Sun Ji Wei said with a smile. “I don’t know. There’s no meaning even if I report it up. The organization recorded some of those high characters who went into hermitage since the catastrophe. His family patriarch should be an old stick in the mud, with scary high ranks and a firecracker temper. Even my teacher must be docile in front of them. This is very difficult. Usually, the National Security held an attitude of leaving those families alone. They are usually very low key in most cases. If their mood was good, perhaps they would even help remove those bullies and bring peace.” 

“Then, don’t report it.” Wen Ren Ze said.

“You have some plan regarding Zhou Jian?” Sun Ji Wei raised an eyebrow against Wen Ren Ze. He knew that his friend looked like a reserved gentleman, but he was actually very ambitious in his heart.

The Wen Ren family internal competition was very cruel. Those who were born in this family had no choice to be dawdling along or be crushed by the turbulent current and abandoned by the family. Sun Ji Wei knew that Wen Ren Ze had a wedding several years ago that gave him a strong stimulation. Perhaps, even his encounter with Wen Ren Ze was according to the Wen Ren family head’s wishes.

Wen Ren Ze said: “I am aware that I couldn’t climb up using the relationship with Zhou family. I just want to make friends with Zhou Jian. I guessed that he did not want this ancient Wu thing being leaked out.  If this was exposed because of you or me, Zhou Jian might be penalized by his family and I’m afraid that he might resent us instead.” 

Sun Ji Wei said with a smile: “Oh, it seems like you have a plan for Zhou Jian.” 

“Well.” Wen Ren Ze said bluntly. “I want to match him up with Hui Yin.” 

“It can’t be. For a good ally, you sell out your sister? Really willing?” 

Wen Ren Ze looked at Sun Ji Wei: “If Hui Yin doesn’t like it then I won’t force her but I guess that she most likely won’t oppose this matter.” 

Sun Ji Wei wasn’t silly and was able to quickly go through Wen Ren Ze’s thoughts. He cracked a joke. “It’s really miserable for your sister to have such an elder brother.” 

“I also have good intentions. Everyone will have mutual benefits and achieve their common goals. Remember, coordinate with me on this play. Right now, you don’t know anything.” 

“I know. I don’t know anything at all.” 


Hong Kong was the HQ of the Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts. Some people were mistaken that this name Shangri-La was based on the geographical name in Yunnan, China. That there was a piece of pure land secluded from the rest of the world called Shangri-La. So, this Shangri-La must be opened by a Chinese citizen. Actually, this wasn’t true. The name Shangri-La was actually penned by a British author which referred to a fictitious Tibetan name, which meant paradise. This name was later bought by a Malaysian Chinese as a sign of their hotel.

This was the second time Zhou Jian entered a hotel of this level. Compared to the luxurious Vienna Hotel, the Hong Kong Shangri-La Hotel gave off a more classical and traditional feeling.

The hotel was a fusion of the European medieval style and the charm of the Oriental culture. What was the most shocking was that in the central courtyard, there was a giant mural, which was known as the largest landscape painting in the world.

Walking on the polished floor, the gentle air blowing from the AC. Timeless piano music was flowing throughout the hotel. It’s like listening to spring breeze. The seats were furnished after the European royal banquet. And the silver tableware gave off a clean elegant feeling.

After arriving there, Wen Ren Bo Da was naturally the first to sit down. Wen Ren Ze and Wen Ren Hui Yin sat beside Wen Ren Bo Da. Sun Ji Wei was sitting next to Wen Ren Ze and Zhou Jian was next to Wen Ren Hui Yin.

Wen Ren Ze had arranged the seats while sitting in the car. So, when they walked into the room, the cold dishes were ready. (tl: Cold dishes are usually the first in a Chinese banquet style meal.)

Wen Ren Ze said: “Father, since Little Brother Zhou was both the guest and host today, should I bring him out to select the prawns?” He wanted to call Zhou Jian out to say a few words. Wen Ren Bo Da saw his son’s glimpse and nodded.

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