Chapter 082 – National Security Bureau Sun Ji Wei

Chapter 82: National Security Bureau Sun Ji Wei

“Actually, I also do not understand. I heard from my uncle that the person was very strong. So how did you knew him?”

“I knew him from playing an online game,” Zhou Jian simply replied.

“Gods and Demons?”

“Yes. Although he was a master in reality, but it’s possible that because of the lack of time, his gameplay was very bad. There was once when he was surrounded and I happened to pass by and saved him.” 

“But… But” Wen Ren Hui Yin felt that this reasoning was too bad. And saying that others gameplay was terrible in “Gods and Demons”, Zhou Jian probably wasn’t strong at all as well. But this was just like some wuxia novel plot. The protagonists saved an old man and the old man turned out to be the founder of an XX martial art school. Could such a matter also happen in real life?

Furthermore, it’s well known that people meet from the net were the most unreliable. They simply could not be trusted.

A super master who was knew from the online game. He was willing to risk his own life for other after just knowing for several months… This was just too odd.

Wen Ren Hui Yin stared at the box in her hand. She couldn’t help but put the lid on. Truthfully speaking, the color of this snake gallbladder was really similar to the green booger. Could it be that someone found some sausage casing and filled it up with something disgusting inside?

Thinking until here, Wen Ren Hui Yin unconsciously pushed the box slightly away. She felt more and more that this time the trip was a fruitless errand. She hoped that her uncle did not have a bad impression on Zhou Jian because of this matter.

She knew that Zhou Jian was just eager to help but he could be deceived by the person he knew online. If that was so, then that person was just too hateful, playing a practical joke to this degree.

“Well… Your friend… Well. I mean, was your friend the type who like to play jokes?”

Although Wen Ren Hui Yin was very tactful, but Zhou Jian could hear the implication behind the question. This was also normal. After just issuing the mission, an Anaconda variant’s gallbladder could be obtained within just seven days. Furthermore, the person who did this was an online friend who he knew from “Gods and Demons”. No one would believe this kind of thing.

Zhou Jian said with a smile: “Are you trying to say that he might be a swindler? Truthfully speaking, I had only known him for several months and my understanding of him was not that deep. It’s possible that he could be short of money recently and so received this mission through me. I didn’t know if this snake gallbladder is real or fake. But we should have someone at the hospital to have a look at it first.” 

“Well. Anyway, thank you.” 

“Ha ha, it’s not too late to thank me only after this affair was settled.” 

An hour later, a helicopter was slowly descending towards the hospital helipad. At this time, there were several people waiting at the helipad.

Wen Ren Bo Da was naturally present on the scene. The helicopter steadily descended and then he walked over. The wind from the propeller blew until he almost could not open his eye.

The cabin door opened and Wen Ren Hui Yin with a slightly guilty expression came out from the aircraft. Because of her conversation with Zhou Jian just now, she did not have much hope in her heart.

“The snake gallbladder?” Although Wen Ren Bo Da’s reasoning told him that the snake gallbladder probability of being the genuine article was not high, he could not help to restrain his anticipation, it’s good to have any bit of hope.

“This is it…” Wen Ren Hui Yin reluctantly handed over the box containing the gallbladder. She did not forget to explain: “Uncle, this snake gallbladder that Zhou Jian had was given by his friend. Zhou Jian did not know whether it was genuine or fake.” 

Zhou Jian certainly knew that Wen Ren Hui Yin was worried. When he listened to her explaining for himself, Zhou Jian secretly chuckled.

Wen Ren Bo Da nodded to Zhou Jian. “Little brother, thank you. Dr. Liu, please take this away for examination… Little brother, I must first say goodbye for now.” 

Wen Ren Bo Da personally went along with Dr. Liu to the laboratory. After all, the value of this thing was worth several million and it concerned his own lover’s life. He did not felt relieved to trust this over to someone else, even if this thing was most likely a counterfeit.

“Uncle, please go ahead.” Zhou Jian said. Several people arrived behind Wen Ren Bo Da. There were a few doctors and two who were wearing Western-style clothing. One was Wen Ren Hui Yin’s cousin, Wen Ren Ze.

Wen Ren Ze noted Zhou Jian’s gaze. He smiled and said: “We meet each other again.” 

Although he was making a friendly smile, Zhou Jian saw something artificial about it.

When Wen Ren Ze first received the news, he put down everything that he was doing and then rushed over. He was thinking which jungle hunter managed to complete the mission but he didn’t think that the person who delivered this snake gallbladder in person was unexpectedly Zhou Jian. Although he was quite appreciative of Zhou Jian but he didn’t think that a university student like Zhou Jian would be able to get a veteran jungle hunter to get an Anaconda variant’s gallbladder.

But his self-control was very good and although his smile was not natural, he did not reveal any unhappiness. Since Zhou Jian had good intentions, he could just consider this a blind trip.

“Yes ah. This world is really small.” Zhou Jian said. He noticed a dark man around Wen Ren Ze. Medium in stature and with an undistinguished appearance, his expression was very cold.

Zhou Jian guessed that he should be a bodyguard of some kind. At this time, the dark man said. “What’s your friend’s name?”

“I don’t know. I just knew him from the game.” Zhou Jian was simply talking nonsense.

“Knew from the game?” The dark man wrinkled his brow, he was apparently a little angry because of Zhou Jian’s casual answer. The man name was Sun Ji Wei. He was a master from the National Security Bureau. A week ago, he attempted to help his friend, Wen Ren Ze by going to the Amazon forest to hunt and kill an Anaconda variant but he finally lost.

He just came back and was informed by Wen Ren Ze that the snake gallbladder was successfully obtained. In his heart, he was shocked and sighed that he should strive for better because there was someone outside who was able to get the snake gallbladder within seven days. He himself did not even manage to see a shadow of the Anaconda variant.

Sun Ji Wei was filled with anticipation as he followed Wen Ren Ze to the hospital. He thought that he was likely to see one of the evolved humans who had hidden away or even an S rank bounty hunter. He wanted to receive a pointer or two from the other but he did not expect that coming out from the aircraft was a youth that wasn’t even 20 years old.

What was most annoying was that this fellow was very indifferent when he told him that he got the snake gallbladder from a friend he knew from an online game. This was simply an insult to his character.

Sun Ji Wei had a feeling of being played. Just playing an online game could meet up with a hidden evolved human or S rank bounty hunter? Did he think that he was brain-dead? This young one was just saying nonsense.

“What’s wrong, Brother Sun? Why did you pull such a long face after returning to the homeland? Was your nerve not relaxed yet?” Wen Ren Ze knew that Sun Ji Wei could erupt in a violent temper and hurriedly said a few words to elevate the awkward atmosphere.

Sun Ji Wei sneered, “your Wen Ren family self-control is really good. You can greet anyone with a smile.” 

Sun Ji Wei had a forthright temperament. He would say anything on his mind and although what he insinuated was not very harsh but the four people who listened in on the scene understood.

Wen Ren Hui Yin was somewhat sorry when she looked at Zhou Jian’s eyes and explain: “Brother Sun, Zhou Jian is also well intentioned and specifically came from Huadu.” 

Sun Ji Wei said: “I don’t have any other meaning. I just think that this little brother is very simple and would believe such an incredible matter from someone he met online. Do you think that this Anaconda variant’s gallbladder was just like a grilled egg from a barbecue shop? Is this just a joke?”

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