Chapter 083 – Injection Treatment

Chapter 83: Injection Treatment

“Uh… To be honest, I truly never understand about this thing before but I thought that friend was very strong, and that’s why I tried. Anyway, there’s no loss even if there’s a mistake and what if it’s right?” Zhou Jian was also helpless. He could not really think of a good reason. If he told Wen Ren Hui Yin the whole story that the snake gallbladder was from him, then even more people would not believe it and it also may cause a lot of unnecessary trouble.

So, he could only say that it was from his friend but how would an average guy like him know such a powerful friend? If he was going to say his neighbor, then he might as well say that it was someone he knew from the online game to be more credible.

Seeing that Zhou Jian’s attitude was very good, Sun Ji Wei no longer spoke. Although his mood was not very good, but after all, this was the Wen Ren family’s business and if even the patient’s son, Wen Ren Ze did not say anything, then he really was minding into someone else business.

Wen Ren Ze said with a smile: “Whether if it’s genuine or not, I must thank classmate Zhou Jian. I had heard the doctor said that even if it’s just an ordinary anaconda’s gallbladder, there was still a certain effect from it. Let’s get down first and grab a meal. And also to welcome Brother Sun…”

Everyone was prepared to follow Wen Ren Ze down the roof. Sun Ji Wei said: “No, I’m going back. Since I had failed and flew back without any result, there’s no need for any welcoming dinner. Originally, I wanted to have an experience with the master but since there’s none, I should go. These days, I haven’t been doing my training and I also had received a new mission…”

Sun Ji Wei did not finish but Wen Ren Bo Da returned while walking with long hurried strides.

Wen Ren Hui Yin asked: “Uncle, what’s the result?”

Actually, this was supposed to be asked by Wen Ren Ze as Su Lan’s son. But he was disinclined to ask because the result was obvious. He did not expect that Wen Ren Bo Da did not reply to Wen Ren Hui Yin but instead, directly grabbed Zhou Jian’s hand. “Little brother, thank you. Thank you so much.” Wen Ren Bo Da had a slightly ruddy expression because of his excitement. His voice was also trembling a little. Even his eyes were shining with excitement. “Did Ah Ze brought the check? Give the money to the little brother!”

When Wen Ren Ze listened to his father’s words, he didn’t react for a while. “Money? How much money?” His meaning was asking if that was the gallbladder from an ordinary Anaconda or an Anaconda variant.

“Nonsense. Of course, it’s what we agreed beforehand. $1 million!”

Wen Ren Ze was petrified on the spot.

But Sun Ji Wei and his trained mind that was comparable to that of a machine also stopped running at that moment.

$1 million? The snake gallbladder was real?

Sun Ji Wei stopped for a long time before determining that there was this possibility, but this was really… too odd!

He foolishly looked at Zhou Jian. This young fellow who just played the online game was able to pull out a man and that man was able to cast him off 18 streets away. (tl: no idea of exact meaning, just should roughly be that man was a master)

Was he himself really of a master from the National Security Bureau? Was the National Security Bureau really a gathering place of China’s powerhouse?

Sun Ji Wei felt like the people of this world had surpassed him and that he was left alone in the 1980s.

Wen Ren Ze awkwardly looked at Zhou Jian. At this time, he had forgotten to be happy for his mother and swallowed his saliva. He awkwardly said: “It’s really… really unexpected…”

Zhou Jian said with a smile: “Ha ha. In fact, I also didn’t expect it.” 

Zhou Jian did not intend to conceal his bounty hunter identity. In fact, this matter simply could not be concealed. If he wanted to receive a mission from the Bounty Hunters Association, and if that person was determined to check out on him, that person would be able to do so.

It’s a reasonable and legitimate business which would make himself looked good. At most, it would make others thought that he was a youth playing the role of the pig to eat the tiger, but his thief identity could not be known by others or they might not let his family go. Now, Zhou Jian’s weakness was too obvious. In addition to his parents who were living in the rural area and his own weak real body, once he was discovered, the consequences would be dreadful.

Zhou Jian planned to hide a part of his strength. If it’s only a small task, he didn’t mind admitting that he did it. And if Wen Ren Bo Da they all did not believe it, he could at most show them by jumping from the third or fourth floor of the building. Although he may suffer some brain damage, but he could give a favorable impression to the opposite party.

But Wen Ren Bo Da’s first impression was already that the snake gallbladder was obtained by an S rank bounty hunter. So, he could not acknowledge this. After all, he was just an 18-year-old boy, if this was spread out, then it would be too shocking. In fact, Zhou Jian’s real strength wasn’t at an S rank bounty hunter level. He was able to travel within the Amazon forest only because he had the stealth skill.


That night, the doctor in charge of the surgery for Su Lan from the hospital’s infection department said that it was the surgery, but in fact, it was just an injection of the bile.

Before the injection, a dialysis must be done to the bile to filter the small parasites, the parasites’ eggs and the bacterias inside. The snake had a lot of parasites such as worms but the snake’s life force was very tenacious. It did not care about these parasites, but if it was a human, he or she would likely die because of them.

Generally, the snake gallbladder was taken together with liquor or washed down after being boiled mainly to kill all the parasites. But the spotted heat sores needed the active antibodies in the snake gallbladder. And these antibodies were essentially proteins and when proteins were heated, they would denature and the treatment would lose its result. Therefore, they could only pass it through a semi-permeable membrane with an aperture of 1000 nm to separate them.

After few filtering out the parasites and bacterias, the next point of treatment was to inject it and any follow-up treatment. The bile in a gallbladder was enough to treat five or six spotted heat sores patients but unfortunately, the bile could not be stored. Any remaining would be wasted away.

After the injection, Su Lan quietly slept.

Looking at his wife’s peacefully sleeping face through the window glass, Wen Ren Bo Da’s was finally relieved. “Ah Ze, please help me to arrange for a meal. I have to thank little brother Zhou.” 

“Oh, alright, father.” 

“Hui Yin. How much did you understand about little brother Zhou’s family condition?”Wen Ren Bo Da suddenly asked Wen Ren Hui Yin.

“Classmate Zhao’s family was in Nan Hai city. His parents opened a clinic and during the parents teachers meeting, I saw his mother. She was a very kind aunt and there was nothing special about her.” 

“Okay, I know it. Regardless of the outcome of the gallbladder, it’s a must to return other’s kindness. Later, if they have any difficulty, Ah Ze….you can help as much as possible.” 

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