Chapter 088 – Seafood

Chapter 88: Seafood

Zhou Jian said: “Haha, Leader Wen should choose. I cannot choose. I don’t know anything about the art.”

Wen Ren Ze laughed: “It’s too estranged to call me Leader Wen. Call me Brother Wen is alright, or Ah Ze is also good.”

Zhou Jian smiled: “Leader Wen is much older than me. I should call you Brother Wen instead.”

“Let’s go together. I don’t know if you have any dietary restriction.” Wen Ren Ze said while standing up.

If you eat in Huadu, it meant eating in the mainland. But if you eat in Hong Kong, you’re considered eating in Hong Kong. (tl: When in Rome…)

Huadu had all the regional Chinese cuisines available, but Hong Kong was where cuisines from all over the world were available. There’s Vietnamese cuisine, French cuisine, Thai cuisine, Japanese cuisine, Western style cuisine and all those were very authentic. In addition, the agglutination of Chinese food culture also flourished here.

Of course, mentioning about dining in Hong Kong would not miss out on Hong Kong seafood.

Hong Kong was surrounded by the sea. So, the seafood was very fresh. In the North, if the shrimp, crab or fish died, they would be discounted to sell them off. But in Hong Kong, except for those deep sea fishes or the frozen seafood that were shipped over from Northern Europe, those shallow water fishes, shrimps, crabs or anything were discarded once they died. It’s a custom in Hong Kong that the seafood eaten must be fresh from the water.

The so-called (flowing water) seafood meant that the seafood must be raised in those big glass tanks. The diners would select them and only select on those that they wanted to eat. The seafood would be weighed and then slaughtered to be cooked on the spot.

Zhou Jian arrived at the place to select the seafood. He felt like he was in an aquarium. Each large water tanks had all sort of different kinds of fishes. Crabs the size of plates were strolling on the bottom and had colorful shells.

Wen Ren Ze had been to the lobster tanks hundred of times. There were many different types of lobsters there. The flower lobsters, Hong Kong lobsters, Australian red lobsters and so on. There’s not much difference in their appearances.

At this time, a charming female with a manager name tag of her chest wearing a black professional attire came out with a smile. “Young Master Wen Ren, I haven’t seen you for two months. Since you didn’t come to greet me, I took the opportunity to greet you instead. Is this handsome young man your friend?”

The female’s Mandarin had thick Hong Kong accent and sounded a bit like whining. Wen Ren Ze said with a smile: “Manager Su, today’s my family’s private banquet. There’s no need to appeal so much. This is my younger sister’s classmate and also my benefactor, Little Brother Zhou Jian.”

Benefactor? The female name Su gawked slightly. Although she felt strange in her heart, she didn’t ask much. She extended her tender white hand and said: “So, it’s Brother Zhou. Although your age is small, you looked handsome and intelligent.”

Zhou Jian shook hands with her and said: “Nice to meet you.”

Su introduced various types of marine products while eyeing at Zhou Jian once in a while. She was guessing which family this young master belong to.

Finally, Wen Ren Ze chose a wild Maine lobster from the Newfoundland fisheries. It was said that the lobsters grown in Maine lived in pollution free cold water. So, the nutrition was very rich.

Then, Wen Ren Ze ordered a Japanese style salmon sashimi, a plate of curry crab, a plate of steamed fish, and five baskets of butter crab dumplings.

“Had Brother Zhou been to Hong Kong before? Want to play in Hong Kong for a few days. I’m quite idle with my business right now. I’d also called Hui Yin.”

Zhou Jian reluctantly said: “Tomorrow, I have to return to Huadu. I had to attend a class in the afternoon.”

“Is it that difficult to ask for a leave?”

When Zhou Jian heard Wen Ren Ze’s sentence,he couldn’t help but think back at Zuo Rong Rong’s violent appearance. He forced a smile and said. “It’s a little difficult. I have to go back.”

“Ok, then I’ll send you tomorrow.”

“There’s no need to bother.” Zhou Jian felt that Wen Ren Ze was a little too enthusiastic.

“That said. You’d saved my mother. Just sending you didn’t amount to anything. I can also take you to Huadu.”

“That…thank you elder brother.” When Zhou Jian heard Wen Ren Ze, he no longer rejected this opportunity.

“That’s right, Brother Zhou. Previously, we’d spoken about you taking an internship in the company. What do you think about it?” Wen Ren Ze asked like there’s no other intention.

“This….Many thanks, Brother Wen for your care but I might have something to do during the winter vacation.” Zhou Jian wanted to practice his level during the winter vacation and thus, had to turn down Wen Ren Ze’s invitation.

“Oh, in that case, it doesn’t matter. You just put your name. If you have time, then you can come. It’s just internship, doesn’t really matter. Right, Hui Yin will also be doing her internship in my company during her winter vacation. The both of you could be considered as partnered together.”

Once Wen Ren Ze spoke of it like this, Zhou Jian felt that it’s not good to reject again. He nodded to comply. Anyway, at that time he could just apply for leave. But when Wen Ren Ze unintentionally pointed out Wen Ren Hui Yin made him a little surprised. Previously when they met, Wen Ren Ze had once tactfully advised keeping a distance away from Wen Ren Hui Yin. He casually asked: “Doesn’t Wen Ren Hui Yin go home during her vacation?”

“Yes ah. The family had a stipulation that the family junior must go through their internship in the family’s company during their vacation period. The Hong Kong University is quite special. Their winter holidays were divided into two. Two weeks during Christmas and a week during Spring festival. So, Hui Yin could only request for leave.”

Although Hong Kong was a territory belonging to China, but because of its long lease period to the British, a lot of its customs were similar to the Western.

“Speaking of the Hong Kong school. There’re many playboys there….Um, five crabs. Thank you.” Wen Ren Ze paused at here and flipped through the menu.

Zhou Jian made no comment. Wen Ren Ze said: “If the family put more emphasis on training the heirs, then it’s good. Some of those unmotivated young masters are really a headache. They went to college purely to spend money and being entangled with the girls. For example, that Gao Peng was really….”

Wen Ren Ze did not continue, but from his appearance, he apparently loathed them very much.

Sometimes, a method to make the relationship closer quickly was to establish a common enemy. It’s very easy to form a psychology to share a common hatred. That’s why Wen Ren Ze mentioned Gao Peng.

However, in Zhou Jian’s mind, he never regarded Gao Peng as a rival. He was now puzzled. Didn’t Wen Ren Ze previously said to him that he shouldn’t be involved with his sister? It’s like a neighborhood aunty telling him that “xx was pursuing her family’s daughter, and the character wasn’t good. What do you think should be done?” Zhou Jian had no doubt that the aunty was urging him to hurry and make a move. But for Wen Ren Ze, he didn’t have such reason to do so.

Perhaps it’s his own nervousness, Zhou Jian didn’t dare to indulge in his fantasies. Since the food had been finished selected, he asked the question that was in his heart. “That’s right, Brother Wen. I’d something to ask. Since you’re so busy, why did you also find the time to play “Gods and Demons”?” He knew that this way something that the family elders ordered but didn’t know why they ordered this.

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