Open For Business

Like I’d said earlier, I was planning to kick start this off after the mid of February. Once I flew back, I still have to unpack things because I was in the middle of moving house before I dashed off for the New Year. That took a couple days for me to settle down.

After that, I was thinking, hmmm, I want my own domain and webhost. So, I went to set them up on the weekend but there was some issue with my bank account and credit card that caused the delay. The bank call center wasn’t working on the weekend. Plan postponed till two days ago when I managed to get all things running. Things will probably start moving from tomorrow onwards.

But, one good thing about the delay was that I have a slush pile of raw diamonds ready for polishing so there won’t be interruptions. Which bring me to my next points. My work schedule. I’ll reveal a bit of my personal life. I’m a finance executive in a Fortune 100 company. One of the stars if I am to brag. And the problem with being an ambitious Turk was that I needed to put in my dues. If I said I’m busy, I’m probably working from morning till midnight daily that week. If I said that I’m in peak period, this means that I’m busy and was working throughout the weekends as well. My record was probably three weeks of continuous work in the office non stop before I finally got a day off. That was really mentally draining.

I’m slightly busy 1-2 weeks in March, and peak in April (really hoping that this won’t be a 3-4 weeks ordeal). I’m planning to build a slush pile to plow through next month, after which work should ease a bit.

Current plan is to have 4-5 chapters per week + additional sponsor chapters.

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