GTI Chapter 17

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Chapter 017

GTI Chapter 15

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Chapter 015

GTI Chapter 13

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Chapter 013

GTI Chapter 12

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It’s just that Chrome is a browser who can’t act well with the dimension like other browsers, under certain conditions. Apparently, there’s a lot of this complains online and solutions ranged from disabling ad block to reinstalling Chrome. Mostly it’s a problematic addon that’s the issue, so disabling the right one would make it work in Chrome again.

Chapter 012

GTI Chapter 11

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Chapter 011

GTI Chapter 9

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I checked out of office early today since I’ll be working on the weekend as well.

This chapter was a woozy. It’s a bit longer than usual. I didn’t mentioned this before but the author had a preference to use commas rather than periods. So, in a paragraph, I could have a long long sentence separated by commas instead of periods. I’d tried to break them up into smaller lines instead. The long lines flow well in Chinese, not so much in English.

Also, I might try to change the look of the site.

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Chapter 009