GTI Chapter 17

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GTI Chapter 15

Regular release 4/5. Come get it while it’s hot. Oh, there’s a plugin update that’s incompatible with the site, causing it to crash. I’d deactivated it. That’s why the site look less pretty than usual. I’ll just have to wait until further updates before I reinstate it. Chapter 015

GTI Chapter 13

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GTI Chapter 11

Bonus Release #2. I did office work till 2am last night, but at least I could sleep in today before going back to work. I originally didn’t want to release this, but I thought, screw it. Might as well keep the trend going. So, there’s another chapter for this week. Regarding the linking errors. I […]

GTI Chapter 9

Regular release 5/5. I checked out of office early today since I’ll be working on the weekend as well. This chapter was a woozy. It’s a bit longer than usual. I didn’t mentioned this before but the author had a preference to use commas rather than periods. So, in a paragraph, I could have a […]