GTI Chapter 103

Release 2 of the week. I’m beginning to wonder if it’s a mistake to use the plugin that allow the reader to inform me if there’s spelling mistake. Cause I just usually do a light edit on the chapters. None at all if I’m rushing. It’s especially bad during the earlier chapters. So, I’ll get […]

GTI Chapter 102

Release #1 of the week. I seemed to have settle down enough that I can churn out one every 2 days or maybe more because this arc seems interesting. But nah, that little buffer will allow me to build a stockpile in between. Chapter 102

GTI Chapter 101

Release #3 of the week. Ah, it’s tiring to rush this out. I no longer have any buffer or anything and it’s hard to build one without more motivation because my workload is immense. Still, I enjoyed it. Chapter 101