Chapter 033 – Investment

Chapter 33: Investment

That’s why he had decided that aside from a small sum to be sent back to his family, the rest of this money will be completely used to buy Yun Tai Pharmaceutical Company’s shares.

Zhou Jian didn’t understand much about stock market speculation. However, he still had some rough idea about it. He had once speculated in the stock market before during his high school time. Zhou Jian was very bullish on an online game after he’d played it. So, he registered for an account in the Pengcheng’s Security Exchange and bought the stock of this game company.  Later, it really rose in value. During his second year, he’d sold his stock to pay for his tuition fees.

Zhou Jian had looked up at the history of Yun Tai Company. At its peak, its market value used to be 20 times of its present value. Now with the secret formula at hand, Zhou Jian believed that Chu Qing Yun could certainly bring Yun Tai Pharmaceutical Company back to its glory, even surpassing its past peak.


These two days, Chu Qing Yun had been busy producing the new formula, acquiring various materials, debugging equipments, developing channels and so on. After all, the company had been in the ditch for too long. For it to start up again in a short time was easier said than done.

That evening, Chu Qing Yun was wearing a nightgown. She was holding a glass of Blue Mountain coffee and sitting in front of her computer to look at the stock market. She discovered that her Yun Tai Pharmaceutical Company’s stock price had been rising sharply on huge volume. The stock price was now up to HK$1.42.

Now, the market capital for Yun Tai Pharmaceutical was only 150 million. Among the listed companies, it couldn’t be any smaller. In addition to its poor performance and losing money on every month, Yun Tai Company had scared away most of the investors. Very few would give attention to this stock. Now, the only few still holding onto Yun Tai Pharmaceutical Company shares are Chu Qing Yun and a few major shareholders. On the retail side, there are only a few unfortunate trapped punters. They are probably aware that they were stuck. Even if they sold off now, the price would still be like cabbage price. So, they are just keeping it on hand, hoping that the price would eventually go up.

At this moment, someone from the corporate finance called. “Leader Chu, according to our financial statistics, someone had been massively purchasing our stocks this afternoon. The person had already purchased 3.3 percent of the company and was already eligible to attend our company’s shareholder meeting. Could it be a banker that was trying to wash the plate?” (tl: lol, term for stock manipulation)

The so called banker washing the plate was actually someone trying to invest a large sum of money to manipulate the stock market movement from a low price and pushed it higher. Then, there would be a massive sell-off to earn a sudden and huge profit. Generally, if one didn’t had a billion or even several billions in fund, they shouldn’t try this.

However, Yun Tai Company’s market value was too small. 3.3 percent sounded very grand but if one calculated carefully, it would only amount up to a fund of 4.7 million.

The first thing that Chu Qing Yun thought of was Sun De Guang. Only Sun De Guang knew that she had attained the secret formula. Although his dream of annexing Yun Tai Company was shattered. But if he began purchasing Yun Tai Company stock now, he could still earn a fortune.

Chu Qing Yun didn’t had any capital herself. If not, she would had started repurchasing the stock.

But soon, Chu Qing Yun denied this idea. Sun De Guang was too paranoid. He wouldn’t dared to buy up large amount of Yun Tai Company’s shares because he wasn’t sure what his next move would be.

Truthfull speaking, Yun Tai Company was just an empty shell. It’s heavily in debt. Even those investors were tied down because they were forced to. Otherwise, who would be willing to continue to hold Yun Tai Company’s shares.

Chu Qing Yun also acknowledged that if someone was willing to acquire Yun Tai Company (no one would be so silly to do so), she would sell her own stock to earn the capital and then used her father’s secret formula to start another company. This would maximize the profit.

But she wasn’t willing to do so because Yun Tai Company’s was her father’s painstaking effort.

But Sun De Guang wouldn’t think so. A schemer wouldn’t believe in human sentiment. Therefore, he wouldn’t dare to make a move. Because once he used a large sum to buy Yun Tai Company’s shares, the price would go up. And then, when the price reached till certain level, Chu Qing Yun could take the money and leave. At that time, Sun De Guang would had purchased a pile of scrap paper. Then, he would be the real sucker.

Now, Sun De Guang was already defeated because he’d lost the secret recipe. The initiative was back under Chu Qing Yun’s control.

Then, who else actually had the guts at this time to invest. In addition to herself, there’re only three other person who were aware that she had the secret recipe – her younger sister, Sun De Guang and Zhou Jian.

Chu Qing Yun’s heart was stirred, and said to the finance: “Can you help me check where is the account from?”

“I’d already looked up. It’s from Pengcheng Guangfa Securities.” (tl: Guangfa is one of the large banks in China. I practically know almost all the large tier and mid tier banks there.) Finance could check where the account belong to, but couldn’t check for the ownership of the account. The security company has its own principle of confidentiality.

Sure enough. Chu Qing Yun’s mouth curved slightly upwards. Pengcheng, 4.7 million…… shouldn’t be wrong.

This fellow really won’t let others to be free from worry. At least, he should had informed beforehand. Otherwise, no one would even know how he died. She really wanted to choke him. Chu Qing Yun had some wicked thought. She was even thinking of calling Zhou Jian to scare him a bit.

But she had to admit, he won again this time. Who called herself to be so kindhearted. (tl: cause she gave him the money herself) She didn’t knew if this guy was smart, or had good luck……

She thought for a while. Chu Qing Yun still decided to give Zhou Jian a call, and gave him some advice.

“Hello, is it Zhou Jian?” After a few days of contact, Chu Qing Yun was already very familiar with Zhou Jian. She naturally wouldn’t called him Mr. Zhou anymore.

“Oh. Sis Chu. How come you are so free to give me a call today.”

Chu Qing Yun said: “I felt a bit wrong listening to your this statement . These last few days, I’d been calling you several times.”

“It’s like just two. The first was when I just came back from Hong Kong that day. After we had agreed to have dinner together, you called me to let me know of the place. And there was still yesterday when you were too heavily engaged with work. You called me to help pick up your sister. Was this the few calls that you spoke of?”

Chu Qing Yun ill-humoredly said: “It’s not good for a man to be so calculative with a girl. No wonder you don’t have a girlfriend until now.”

“I’m still waiting for Sis Chu to introduce to me. If you didn’t say it, I would already have forgotten. That time, the gamble… should still fulfill it.” Zhou Jian half-jokingly said.

“It’s not that I don’t want to fulfill. There’re a lot of beauties in my company. I’m just afraid that none was to your liking.” Chu Qing Yun said this like it was a fact. In the company, the girls who are still single, attractive and have good conditions should only be her secretary, Su Xiao Qian. But she was a little worse off when matched with Zhou Jian. Not to mention, she didn’t know what sort of family background that Zhou Jian had.

That said, Zhou Jian was a really nice boy. His character was good. It’s needless to say about his skill and his mind was very flexible. Unfortunately, he was young. Faint. What are you thinking about? Chu Qing Yun patted her own smooth forehead. “That’s it. Let’s get down to proper business. Did you purchased my Yun Tai Company’s stock?”

Zhou Jian gawked. “You can even discover this?”

“I’d guessed correctly that it was you. Zhou Jian, this elder sister will give you an advice. The water of the stock market is very deep. if you just want to play then it’s fine. But if you want to throw millions into it, you must think some more. To play in the stock market, one must study it for several years. Continuous practice and keep on drawing lessons from it. Or, unless you have super good luck. Otherwise, you’ll be going into the bag.”

“Even if you and everyone else are bullish on the stock. It can be a beautiful trap laid out by the banker because you won’t know about what the banker was thinking. Take this time for example. You probably thought that the Yun Tai Company’s stock will appreciate. Actually, this isn’t necessarily so. If Sun De Guang was to buy the shares. I still have some ways to make him pay for it!”

Zhou Jian truly had little knowledge of the stock market. Actually, he didn’t plan to study the stock market. He would spent too much time on it and wouldn’t necessarily make money out of it. This wasn’t his forte. He said: “Thank you, Sis Chu. Actually, I bought Yun Tai Company’s stock was not to sell it after it appreciate. But, I want a stake in the company so that I can follow Sis Chu later to eat the dividend. Hahaha.”

“You think it’s so beautiful.” Chu Qing Yun smiled. “I will slowly released the new drugs out so that the stock price will rebound as slow as possible. I’d also planned to look for some channels to raise funds and repurchase the stocks while the shares are slumping. But if I moved, Sun De Guang will possibly move as well. He won’t let me be satisfied.”

“That’s right. Sis Chu. That time, you mentioned about an underground bounty hunter bank. Where is it actually?”

“It’s in Las Vegas, USA. The underground bank has other services besides deposits and rare goods trading. There is also a big money laundering there. The casino is the most convenient and quickest place to launder the money. Just bringing several million there to trade for the chips to play a few tickets. Later, will probably lose around 20% but once exchanged the chips back to money, these tainted money are then justifiably laundered into legal bills.  That’s why, the underground bank was located in Las Vegas for service convenience. How, you want to go there?”


“If you want to go, then you will need a visa. With a visa company, as long as there’s no problem with your identity, it’ll be very fast. But…..”


“Las Vegas is not a good place. Big Sis is reminding you not to slip up.”

Zhou Jian listened and was a little dizzy. “Sis Chu, rest assured. I’m not interest in gambling.”

“It’s not just gambling.” Chu Qing Yun meaningfully said.

“Well…what else is there?” Zhou Jian said that, and vaguely realized that he just asked a very silly question.

“Anyway, you just need to pay more attention. When you go there, find for this person. I will give you this person’s number…..”


Two days later, Zhou Jian obtained the US visa. But before that, he first returned the money he owed to Mule. Regarding this, Mule was amazed about it. On the other side of the phone, his mouth was gaping: “Brother. in the end, what did you do when you went missing for the whole week? Where did you find so much money?”

Zhou Jian said: “I earned it from playing 《Gods and Demons》.” Actually, this was also the truth. Because his Thief avatar was played out from 《Gods and Demons》.”

“You, this animal, better go and lie to the ghost.” Mule was clearly not that easy to be deceived.

“It’s true. If you don’t believe me, so be it.”

“Hell. I’m serious. I’m not anxious about the money that you owed me. You can pay me back slowy. If you don’t have money, you better don’t take the wrong step to do those type of things.”

“F**k. You thought I went to steal or rob others.” Zhou Jian said this on reflex and then realized, he really did went to steal and rob…..

“That’s not my meaning. I’m talking about those recruiting messages on those telephone poles. Male student massager. Male hotel ‘attendant’. Do not require any qualification, as long as you have the looks and physical strength. Work every night and sleep during the day. Work once for 8-900, and 30k-40k a month. Certainly cannot pick up those kind of work.”

“Scram!” Zhou Jian knew that this guy has a dog’s mouth and couldn’t spit out ivory. (tl: Nothing nice coming from the mouth.)

“If not, why do you need to disappear for so long and what did you do?”

“F**k. Don’t think much about it. I still have something else to do. I’ll hang up first.” Zhou Jian hung up immediately. He then remitted 2000 back home. It wasn’t because he didn’t want to send more, but if he sent more, his mother would asked more about it. But he couldn’t explain where did the money come from.

He was prepared to save up to 4 million. And in one breath, sent it to his family. He would say that he won the lottery. As for if they believed him or not, that’s up to them.

Hong Kong has direct flight all the way to Las Vegas. The airplane ticket cost 6000-7000. To Zhou Jian, this sum of money was already nothing. Excluding the money he used in the stock market, and also those he sent back and these few days of expenses, he still had 270k remaining.

He took the diamonds and arrived at Hong Kong. After that, Zhou Jian took the direct flight to Las Vegas.

Although this was his first time in the plane, but Zhou Jian had no interest to enjoy the scenery. The airplane took off. After the flight attendant informed the guests that they could continue to use their cell phones and other electronic products, Zhou Jian put on the game helmet and logged into 《Gods and Demons》. (tl: wow, using the inflight wifi? What’s the speed? That will cost a bomb.)

This helmet was bought in Pengcheng city. It’s a Deluxe Edition, 28k. He’d already returned Xiao Yin’s helmet back.

He’d calculated that he hadn’t been back for about 8 days. Although there’s more freedom in the university, but someone like him was rare. This time, once he’s back from Las Vegas, Zhou Jian decided that he needed to go back to school and mixed with the professors and lecturers so that they could at least be familiar with his face.

Las Vegas——-

When the car was traveling through the boundless desert, everything the eyes saw was yellow and desolate. In the beginning, this vast view would perhaps bring forward an endless visual impact, but after a while, it would inevitably feel monotonous and boring.

If at this time, there suddenly appear a modern city in the desert, with towering skyscrapers, bustling crowds, busy roads and a dazzling array of pedestrian street. That time, what will your feeling be? Perhaps shock won’t be enough to describe it.

This is Las Vegas. A city in the desert oasis. The US capital of desire.

The entertainment industry here is just as famous as its gambling industry. There’re endless food. A wide range of goods. All kinds of leisure center. It’s definitely a paradise for the rich.

Although the economics and financials of Las Vegas was inferior to Hong Kong. But if based on fashion and consumption, holidays and enjoyment, then Las Vegas was beyond comparison to Hong Kong.

When Zhou Jian arrived at Las Vegas, it was already at night. He arrived in December, the Christmas atmosphere in the Las Vegas streets was very strong. There are various types of lighting on the Christmas trees. Dressed up Santas are promoting supermarkets and the buildings are decorated with various Christmas decorations and in different styles. It really gave people a rich and exotic feeling.

Zhou Jian looked for a hotel to stay. In Las Vegas, the hotel industry is very famous. There are many world famous luxury hotels here. These hotels all provided various services, and of course, the inevitable erotic services. In fact, prostitution is legal in Las Vegas. They had to have business licenses and must regularly participate in health checks.

The next day, Zhou Jian put out a Do Not Disturb sign on the door. His main body would stay in the hotel room, while his consciousness was switched to Ghost Killer Famous Sword. After all, the place that he will be going today was a little unusual. Going as Famous Sword will be safer.

Zhou Jian first managed to get a SIM card that worked in Las Vegas. The cell phone that he used now was bought in Pengcheng. Since he had plenty of money now, Zhou Jian no longer used his original antique brick, and switched to the latest Iphone XX. There are many functions inside that are practical to him, like the GPS positioning function.

He dialed the number that Chu Qing Yun gave. After identifying, the person asked him to wait, and arrived almost immediately.

Soon, Zhou Jian saw a person not far away walking towards him while wearing a white t-shirt and tight fitting jeans. The blonde head was wearing a cap. The height by visual estimation was over 175 cm. The figure was extremely hot. This was the appearance of Linda from the video in the phone.

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