Chapter 037 – Bounty Hunter Circle (Part 1)

Chapter 37: Bounty Hunter Circle (Part 1)

Linda attacked first. It’s still another pretty high kick. However, her leg didn’t reach her target. The black man has a short stature. So, he leaned his body away and her left leg swept through. Linda lost her center of gravity and fell down directly.

Zhou Jian secretly shook his head. Although he didn’t understand much about fighting, but he knew that it’s good to abstain from using high kicks. Although high kicks are pretty, but the center of gravity isn’t stable. So, it’s easy to catch the opponent’s leg or directly swept down.

After Linda fell, the black man strangely cried out, quickly moving his legs. Linda rolled to get up but she didn’t blindly rushed in. She observed, and then attacked the black man from the side.

However, the result is still the same. The black man allowed Linda to attack, and then took the opportunity to push. Linda fell to the ground once again.

This time, Linda felt like she was a child coping with an adult male. Any attack that she did was invalid. The gap in strength is too big.

Linda’s heart was vigorously unwilling to concede. She jumped to the black man’s side before rushing forward and swept her leg against him. This time, she’d learned astutely and lowered her own center of gravity so that she wouldn’t fall down.

However, she didn’t expect that after her leg connected. The black man was still standing like a portrait. But her own leg was like kicking a sheet of iron. It’s painful to the point of breaking.

Was this man’s leg made of iron? Linda didn’t need to speak much. She knew that her leg was already bruising.

The black man had learned Linda’s movement beforehand and extended his index finger and slowly swayed it at Linda. His facial expression was extremely arrogant.

Zhou Jian also somewhat couldn’t bear it this time. That person had been practicing his leg skills by kicking the sandbag since childhood. After a point, he would kick a tree instead. After being kicked for a few days, the thick trees would lose a layer of bark. For the average man, kicking like this would make the leg swollen instead. This simply couldn’t be compared. Linda was after all Chu Qing Yun’s friend. Furthermore, this time she came to the underground bank to guide him. Although they had some dispute because of the matter of the Chinese civilization, he couldn’t bear to see her being bullied.

He went up to prop Linda and said: “Don’t fight anymore.”

Then, he ignored Linda’s objection. He faced the black man and said in English. “We admit defeat. Let’s stop here.”

The black man frozed for a while, and then laughed haha. “If you want to admit defeat, sure. You just have to let your woman nicely accompany me tonight.”

Zhou Jian frowned and asked Linda in Chinese. “What did that guy say?”

Linda ill-humouredly replied back to Zhou Jian, her voice full of grievance and anger: “Even if you understand, what’s the use. Usually, you didn’t exercise. And now we’re being bullied up till our house door. Do you think we can leave after admitting defeat?”

Zhou Jian was depressed. What’s this TM (tl: curse word) obstructing us for. He didn’t provoke anyone after entering the underground bank. He already lying to be gunned down. (tl: already acting all meek and everything.)

The three Caucasians noticed that although Linda complained to her boyfriend, he didn’t dare to do anything. They excitedly called out “Gook”, “Chinaman”, all those kinds of slurs against the Chinese and Asians. Although they didn’t understand the Chinese language, they are able to hear out that Zhou Jian is a Chinese.

This “Gook” is similar to how the Chinese called out the Westerners the “White Devils” or “Big Foreign Horse”, but the nature was different. When the Chinese called out the Westerners, they were in a envious state, rather than derogatory. For example, if who married a big foreign horse, or who married a white devil, the storyteller original intention was to has a humorous expression without the malicious intention. Unless they didn’t consider giving face, they wouldn’t say this in front of the Westerners. But the Westerners are different. Although they publicize racial equality, but there is an innate sense of superiority in their bones.

To draw an analogy. Between a poor person and a rich person. When the poor person called the rich person a nouveau rich, it’s not a true insult. It’s more possibly from envy. If the rich person said that the poor person was a beggar, then that was undisguised contempt. (tl: really?)

In this scene, the three Americans calling out Zhou Jian in such a way caused his temper to flare. But he refrained from striking back because he had 28 diamonds on his body now. It would be very troublesome if he goes to provoke.

But the three Caucasian followed with more words that made Zhou Jian truly angry. They said: “Yellow skin pig, do you know why your women there like the American men? Because the American men’s dick are bigger. Hahaha. Sick man of Asia!”

These words are too ruthless. Even Linda was dumbfounded and turned to look at Zhou Jian. The Sick man of Asia was regarded as a shameful name by the Chinese. Although the history had passed for a few hundred years. But because of Hollywood movies, the Americans didn’t forgot about this and would bring this out to taunt. And the Chinese especially, would certainly not forgot about this.

Linda could also feel Zhou Jian’s anger. But she couldn’t think how this frail little boy could strike back in any case. If he rushed forward, he would be crazily beaten. But he would at least be considered a man. If he was the faint hearted type instead, he wouldn’t experience any physical pain, but he would lose the Chinese people’s face.

The gathered crowd was also looking at Zhou Jian. They wanted to see if this Chinaman would admit defeat or be beaten.

Linda clenched her teeth, and said to Zhou Jian: “If you’re a man, rush together with me. I’ll fight together with you.”

She didn’t finish her word but Zhou Jian quickly disappeared from her side. Linda felt that her eyes had a problem. That Zhou Jian just took a step to appear in front of the jeering Americans.

Then, he raised his fist, from the bottom up and fiercely punched on the Caucasian’s lower jaw.

“Peng!” The dull solid bone crunched sound. This blow was solid. The crowd also couldn’t understand what happened. They only saw a 1.9 meter Caucasian flying after receiving a punch by that Chinaman.

Zhou Jian stepped back slightly. A precise volley kick to another Caucasian’s lower abdomen. With only a pitiful cried heard, the over 100kg Caucasian was easily kicked out by Zhou Jian like a cloth bag.

The people could only hear the sound of a heavy human body hitting the ground. The Caucasian guy was kicked out more than 45 meters away and continued rolling. This time, he fell down like a dead pig. The corners of his mouth was full of blood.

The people around there were all shocked silly. Linda simply couldn’t believe her own eyes. This had completely subverted her perception of power. This man’s body type didn’t look like its much stronger than her own body. How could he possibly erupt out such a terrifying strength?

At this time, the black man’s complexion didn’t look good. The Caucasian being hit was his little brother. “Hey, Chinese man. You got some skill to bully them. I will fight with you.”

Zhou Jian impatiently turned his head to look at the black man. This MB (tl: raw is in English. I don’t know what MB meant) was dressed like a large clove of garlic. What 2580k conditions. He really think that he’s Mike Tyson? (tl: I don’t know what the numbers meant. Should be that the black man was fussy.) In Zhou Jian’s view, the strength of this guy is more powerful than the average person. But he’s as good as shit in front of him. He’s even much too inferior compared to Bayudh, the Thai bounty hunter.

Zhou Jian was to lazy to has words with him. He directly started and as a result, the black man didn’t respond but there was already a Zhou Jian’s footprint on his face.

With a “Peng”, the black man also flew backwards. On his dark face was a white shoe print. The contrast is very sharp. It looked like the black man, who appeared much more powerful compared to the Caucasians, couldn’t even last for half a second. He was unexpectedly similarly kicked and flew backwards. Zhou Jian’s speed had already surpassed the average person’s nerve response speed.

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