Chapter 089 – Warm happiness

Chapter 89: Warm happiness

Wen Ren Ze shrugged. “It’s an order’s from the old man. The Wen Ren’s family had a family council that consisted of people from my grandfather’s generation. The council would grade the individuals of the third generation and assign stock option according to the score. If you performed well in the company, you will get points but if you get outstanding in “Gods and Demons” as well, you can also get points.” 

Zhou Jian was stunned, He certainly did not think that the family council who’s composed of old urchins would issue out such an incredibly strange order. 

Wen Ren Ze knew that Zhou Jian felt that this was strange. He smiled and bitterly said: “I don’t know what those old men were thinking. But if they want me to play, then I’ll play.” 

Zhou Jian then said: “Do you know anything about the “Gods and Demons” logo? What does the gem in the middle of the logo represent?” Zhou Jian had seen an artificial metal sphere in the jungle of Brazil that’s engraved with the “Gods and Demons” logo. And the stone in the middle of the logo had been dug out.

Wen Ren Ze said: “I know what the logo represent but I don’t know anything about the gem.” 

“Then do you know where to get this information?”

Wen Ren Ze doubtfully looked at Zhou Jian. He thought that he was just curious but didn’t think that he was serious.

“It’s not easy to find such information. You can go to the Bounty Hunter Association and searched for those responsible for data reconnaissance and pay money for the info.” 

Zhou Jian’s heart was moved. So, this was also possible.

Wen Ren Ze said with a smile. “Haha, to be honest, I am also very curious about “Gods and Demons” if there were any secrets behind it. Perhaps, it’s definitely related to alien relics.” 

Zhou Jian raised his eyebrows. “Why do you said that?”

“Obviously, such humanlike NPC, the Earth current science and technology was simply unable to produce this and that smart brain Myth is located in outer space. All the signals were sent by wireless transmission. Based on our lousy network, we would all need to depend on fiber optics connections. If we’re using wireless, the signal would have gone way down.” 

Zhou Jian did not answer. Actually, he had thought before that the game helmet was actually a helmet. When his consciousness switched back to his main body, he could surf the net with the helmet but the speed wasn’t fast at all. But, when it was used to play “Gods and Demons”, the data transfer involved was very large. Not only was the speed very smooth, he never even heard of the case of disconnection.

But, as a college student, Zhou Jian had more understanding of science and technology and didn’t like to push everything to alien related when he encountered something that he couldn’t explain.

Having said that, it’s human nature to like to deify something, and it’s a very simple thing to engage in the mysterious. Take the Khufu pyramid for example. It’s a very simple matter, originally just a magnificent tomb and it certainly embodied the ancient Egyptian’s great wisdom and strength.

But if an ambitious person was determined on deifying it, and said that it was an alien construct and also showed much evidence for it. For example, the height of the pyramid multiplied by 1 billion was the distance from Earth to the Sun, the Prime Meridian crossed through the pyramid, the weight of the pyramid multiplied by 10 to the power of 15 was the weight of the Earth and so forth, it seemingly seemed like a very coincidental fantastical data. But if one had some mathematics and astronomy knowledge and begin to calculate by yourself, you would discover that these figures were quite far fetched.

(tl: I am ignoring this part. The author went on a rambling trip again, explaining the pyramid numbers. It’s a real long rambling.)

If the pyramid really was an alien construct, then it could only explain that the alien’s standard of architecture was too shoddy.

However, Zhou Jian also acknowledged that there truly many things in life that couldn’t be explained by science, for example, the crop circle, UFO, and also his avatar that jumped out from the game into real life. This was truly a preposterous world.

Was it really a masterpiece from the aliens? Good, then let’s believed in that for the moment. But it’s a bit inexplicable that when the aliens found Earth, why didn’t they made contact with the humans? Was there a pact in the universe that stipulate that they were not allowed to interfere with the development of the civilization of other planets?

Zhou Jian couldn’t figure it out and so had to give up.

The exquisite dishes came in one after another. The decorative carvings and the plating made it looked like this dishes were work of arts. To be fair, coming here was just to eat seafood but it actually felt like being in the upper-class society when eating here. The food was carefully cooked and dubbed with names like the imperial royal banquet, royal secret etc that had a psychology of enhancing the reputation and gave people a large degree of luxurious enjoyment.

The waiter took out a bottle of French white wine. When he was trying to open it, Wen Ren Bo Da covered down on his cup’s mouth. “Take it away, I want Maotai.” (tl: Chinese white rice wine) 

For the Hong Kong seafood feast, if the guests didn’t have any special request, the standard best accompanying drink would be white wine but Wen Ren Bo Da couldn’t stand this taste. He liked the national wines like Maotai and Wuliangye.

When the waiter had served everyone with wine and the cups were full, Wen Ren Bo Da first lifted his cup. “This cup of wine, I’ll toast it to Little Brother Zhou. I don’t know how to thank you. In the future, if you have any trouble just let me know, I’m always willing to help.” Wen Ren Bo Da was very sincere, he down the whole cup. Zhou Jian hurriedly took his cup and stood up. For an official of this level like Wen Ren Bo Da, they would drink very minimal in a banquet.  But since he drank so much in one breath, Zhou Jian felt extremely flattered.

He quickly drank down the wine in his cup the best he could. Zhou Jian was still just a university freshman and before this, he only drank beer. He truly never drank much of such liquor before.  It’s good that the stimulation from Maotai was quite small, and he could barely drink it all up. (tl: Seriously? I would die from Maotai.)

When the family banquet was in harmonious happiness, the five steaming trays of buttered crab dumplings came in. Wen Ren Bo Da laughed, he took his chopsticks and said: “Come, taste this soup dumpling. It’s Hui Yin’s favorite.” 

“Uncle, you’re also teasing me.” Although Wen Ren Hui Yin sounded embarrassed, but she did not blush and acted like other spoilt girls. She just stuck out her lovable tongue and carefully picked up a soup dumpling to Zhou Jian. “Careful, eat it with your spoon. It’s hot inside, there’s a lot of soup.” 


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