Chapter 095 – Mysterious Hidden Mission

Chapter 095: Mysterious Hidden Mission

Zhou Jian seemed to see his own shadow in the girl’s body. He said with a smile. “Let’s become friends.” 

After he said that, he moved Misled by Devil Magic from the temporary friend column into the friend column.

Misled by Devil Magic laughed. “Ok. Being friend with a wealthy scion like you will definitely drink spicy in the future.” (tl: not familiar with this phrase.) We’ll stop here. I still need to return and arrange the goods in my stall. Brother, you slowly practiced your level. Later, if there’s still any more business, remember to take care of this little sister. I’ll go first. Bye bye.” 

Misled by Devil Magic said this and used the scroll to return to the city.

Zhou Jian smiled and continued to grind his level. His pet level was too low. So, he didn’t put it out because its would easily die during the grinding.

After half an hour, he smoothly progressed to level 26. In  《Gods and Demons》, the player would obtain a new mission with each level. When the level was low, the missions would generally be helping out xx farmers to look after their farms, delivering a letter to such and such NPC. Or, if there’s a plague wreaking havoc outside the city, then have to kill 30 mice and so forth.

After completing such missions, the experience provided was pitiful. Sometimes, there would be gold coins awarded but the amount wouldn’t be more than ten. And those items awarded out were basically those junks from the store.

Therefore, many players were disinclined to do these missions as there’s no significance to it. After getting up to level 20, one would sometimes receive a difficult mission. At this time, some people would form a team to do it,

When Zhou Jian reached level 26, he also received the notification. He opened it up and looked at it. Basically, it’s just to kill 20 skeletons and so forth. He’s too lazy to do these but once he read the last mission, his eyelid snapped open and his entire heart tightened up immediately.

Hidden Mission – The Lost Blood Crystal.

“Oh Great Warrior, the Eye of Christ was dropped in a desolate swamp in a rainforest of a foreign land. Its pupil – the blood crystal energy source had been lost. I hope that you can find the blood crystal and put it back. Mission duration: 30 days. Unknown quest reward.” 

What made Zhou Jian’s heart shocked was that the blood crystal and the Eye of Christ appearance were exactly the same as what he discovered in the Amazon forest.

Zhou Jian was very excited and at the same time, anxious. The Eye of Christ, the dark swamp in the rainforest, the blood crystal. Was this hidden mission auto-triggered because he discovered the Eye of Christ in the Amazon forest?

It’s very probable. It’s just that he didn’t notice it until he reached level 26 and opened up the list of missions to have a look. Only then did he discovered this mission that was probably triggered then.

Zhou Jian took in a deep breath and opened the mission details. At that moment, he felt that his hands were shivering. The 《Gods and Demons》mission were continuing in reality. Was this related to his Ghost Killer passing into reality? Was the real world also a part of 《Gods and Demons》?

Realizing the impossibility of this, Zhou Jian smiled to himself. How could this be?

Clicking on the details, Zhou Jian was disappointed because there wasn’t any clue on the blood crystal. This world is so big, where should he go to look for it?

He had never heard of any eyes of Christ in 《Gods and Demons》 and only knew about this thing in the real world…

Zhou Jian looked at his mission description once again. “Great Warrior, the Eye of Christ was lost in a dark swamp in a foreign land’s virgin rainforest. It’s pupil – the Blood Crystal energy source had been lost. I hope that you can find the Blood Crystal and place it back…”

Wasn’t the dark swamp in the virgin rainforest that stagnant  marsh in the Amazon rainforest?

Furthermore, the foreign land could be anything. Relative to 《Gods and Demons》, even the real world was a foreign land.

And the lost pupil. Wasn’t the Eye of Christ in the Amazon also happened to be missing its pupil?

This mission wasn’t a mission in the virtual world but a mission for the player Famous Sword in the real world?

Zhou Jian gasped. This possibility gave him an extremely strange feeling. He was terrified.

After careful review, once the Ghost Killer Famous Sword comprehended the spirit concentration in the real world, the follow-up mission in the real world also shouldn’t be unusual like this.

Mission completion within 30 days. If he couldn’t complete it, what’s the penalty?

In the virtual world, a mission failure was a failure which could be attempted again. In the real world, if the mission was failed, would it cause Ghost Killer to be killed in the two places at once?

Blood Crystal…Must find the missing Blood Crystal.

But this type of thing, even Zhou Jian could think with his toes that it’s certainly hidden and placed under heavy guard. Zhou Jian didn’t even know which country had that thing now.

He had no interest to continue practicing his level. After exiting from 《Gods and Demons》, he connected to the US Bounty Hunter Association.


The US—

In a small farm by the New York suburbs, in a slightly shabby villa, a young youth was sitting in a wheelchair, manipulating some scattered electronic components. On his small work table were piles of lunch boxes and paper napkins.

The teenager was handsome, blonde, with curly hair and deep blue eyes. His slender fingers were like a girl’s dancing over the piles of electronic components. Sometimes, he would come across some difficult problems which he would then stopped to ponder, subconsciously rotating the candy cane in his mouth with his finger.

At this time, his turned on computer received a new mail prompt. The youth knitted his brows and pushed the wheelchair with both his hands and then slide into the chair next to the computer table. After opening, there’s an email from China with a few words. “I agreed to your conditions. $250000. I’ll hire you for half a month.” 

The corner of the youth’s mouth slightly bent. Although he’s only 19 years old, but he was a prodigy in computing and microelectronics although both his legs were disabled. Relying on his talent in electronics, he’s a bounty hunter in the Bounty Hunter Association. And undertook various missions like hacking and cracking.

There were many non-fighting bounty hunters in the Bounty Hunter Association. They also had a ranking system, rating their abilities in completing certain missions.

For this Bounty Hunter category, the A class was already the best.

The youth opened his Skylink and found a name among the several hundred contacts there – Famous Sword.

“Dear Mr. Famous Sword, can you tell me now what’s your request?”

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