Chapter 097 – Caibuzhishu

Chapter 097: Caibuzhishu

Moreover, Wen Ren Ze didn’t know how much farther he could proceed within the family. Right now, there were six among the fourth generations of the family that would inherit the family business. And Wen Ren Ze didn’t consider himself to have any advantage among these six.

If Zhou Jian was there as an ally, then it’s not the same. There’s no need to mention about getting direct help from Zhou Jian.  Even if he did nothing, just their relationship as good friends could improve his bargaining chip in the family.

Looking at Wen Ren Hui Yin’s worried look, Wen Ren Ze pulled a chair and sit down.

“Dad said, the person who can get the gallbladder within a week is definitely an S rank hunter. This time, because Mother was sick, I specifically checked about the S rank hunters. Although the S rank hunters were higher than the A rank hunters by a grade, but those two are entirely different concepts. There is no comparable, An A rank hunter is an outstanding person among the bounty hunters. But for the S rank hunters, they are without exception, all born in the last hundred years after the catastrophe. Ie, that’s said, the youngest of them was already eighty years old. “

“Eighty years old?”Wen Ren Hui Yin was stunned. Eighty years old also work as a hunter?Could he still move well?

“I do not know specifically about the matter. But it’s said that these people because of their evolution, had a very long lifespan. Yet, I do not know for any reason, they hidden themselves from the world. According to the information I received, over the past decade, there is no written record that an S rank hunter accepted a mission.”

“At first, I thought that since these people from the catastrophe had survived to the present, their qualifications are already higher than the few grandfathers at home. Just the net worth of one person is already incomparable to our family. So, they may not feel the need to show their hands. But then, I found something that denied my guess. At the beginning of this century, the Italian Mafia and Japanese Yamaguchi-Gumi had scrambled for Africa and there was a large-scale warfare. The two big organizations turned up in full strength and there were numerous casualties. Yet, the S rank hunters showed up and the two big organizations stood by as if they had discussed everything well in advance.”

“Of course, the S rank bounty hunter was a just title the US Bounty Hunter Association coined. Those two underworld organizations called this evolved human.”

“Why didn’t the evolved humans of the two underworld organizations laid out their hands?Are they simply afraid of hurting others?This idea was still acceptable. But the S rank hunters all over the world, as well as in the evolved humans in the Mafia and the seven ancient Wu aristocratic families rarely shot. This was something worthy of scrutiny. Do you still remember mother was ill and I entrusted Sun Ji Wei to help me find the snake gall bladder? He told me not to put too much hope on it because three years ago, an Italian mafia boss’ grandson suffered from Star spot disease and needed the venom of the monitor lizard variant from the Amazon. The result was a failure.”

“The Italian Mafia don’t have evolved humans? I do not think that’s the case. But to be motionless and watched the grandson die. Although it’s a large family, and just a seed dying was no big deal, there’s always an issue about face.”

“So, I suddenly thought. Can there be some kind of rules limiting their shots? Such as once shot, their power would be drained, reducing their long life compared to the average man?”

Wen Ren Hui Yin was startled. Although she had often heard uncle talk about S rank hunters these days, she subconsciously just thought that they are more powerful bounty hunters only. She never thought that they have a strength that global power organizations would fear. Yes, these people are too far apart from the world that she herself could get in touch with.

“S rank hunter is not something our family of this level has access to.”As if to prove this idea to Wen Ren Hui Yin, Wen Ren Ze drank his fruit juice and slowly said. ‘I know that great-grandfather was born during the catastrophe and he joined the army and became the bodyguard of a big shot. I suddenly thought, could that big man be an evolved person? “

“So we can be sure of two things. First, what Zhou Jian said that he meet with a master when he was playing online games and this man helped him to get the snake gallbladder from the Amazon forest is pure nonsense. Because of this level of character, not to mention Zhou Jian, even we are unable to reach them. And this hidden old monster is unlikely to play online games. Secondly, with or without restricting their rules, S rank hunters certainly have for some reason, unable to easily shot. So, for Zhou Jian to make the S rank hunter shot, he must pay a high price. Although I do not know what is this price, but I am sure it’s worth more than $1 million. “

Wen Ren Ze reasoning was reasonable. Wen Ren Hui Yin couldn’t sit still. What could Zhou Jian came up with that makes an S rank hunter shot out? To the point that people would shot, there’re only two things. One type is strength and the other one is life.

Zhou Jian’s a frail scholar. How could he even give that person the power, is it …… his life?

At this, Wen Ren Hui Yin even thought the plot of the novels that she listened to others talk about. What Xixingdafa (tl: Star Absorb Kung Fu. lol, this is the one where you absorb strength from another person) , what Caibuzhishu (tl: sexual cultivation etc), which made her heart suddenly felt a chill. (tl: lol, her imagination)

We know that these ideas are absurd. But those of the S-rank hunters live over a hundred years and evolved humans had always been a very absurd existence.

Although she guessed that these ideas are quite ridiculous, but Wen Ren Hui Yin still could not help it. She felt that her brother certainly know more than her in this regard.

After Wen Ren Ze heard Wen Ren Hui Yin’s idea, he was dumbstruck.

Xixingtaifa …… and also Caibuzhishu? This …… well, although it’s said that some of the evolved humans are women, but the youngest of them are eighty years old. And with a less than a twenty – child. That. Wen Ren Ze. …… felt his whole body chilled once he thought of it.

He wanted to laugh, but his sister nervous and concerned expression and yet embarrassed smile. The result was very hard to endure.

“Brother!” Wen Ren Hui Yin was angry. She was so worried but he’s still shaking.

“That …… sister, do you know what’s the Caibuzhishu ah?” Wen Ren Ze finally had to laugh, and he was laughing beyond control.

“What?” Wen Ren Hui Yin was slightly surprised for a moment. She usually didn’t see martial arts and Xian Xia fiction, but she liked poetry and the world famous works. For these particular words and expression, she just heard and had a fuzzy concept only of them.

“Oh, you go Baidu it.” (tl: China’s version of Google) Wen Ren Ze jokingly said, but he did not think when he looked at Wen Ren Hui Yin in a few seconds, she really opened notebook on the table and even turned on the net.

“Uh, Hui Yin, I’m just kidding. There’s no need to be so serious.”

“This kind of thing is not funny.” Hui Yin sounded a little angry. Wen Ren Ze awkwardly touched his nose, feeling that this scene was played a little too far.

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