Chapter 100 – Want a Flashy Name

Chapter 100: Want a Flashy Name

After he exited “Gods and Demons”, Zhou Jian took the game helmet into his backpack. Then, he quickly ran out of the school gate, his hand stopped for a taxi and then used the taxi to go to a hotel.

Zhou Jian had contacted several landlords last time to rent a house, but after some site visits, he’s not satisfied with the security in the houses.There’s a guard guarding the dorms so that there’re no thefts that happened there. But in those rental houses, he didn’t know what will happen if he lost the game helmet.

He should buy a house, Zhou Jian thought.

He casually opened the room and at the same time, put on the do not disturb sign. Zhou Jian put on the helmet and summoned the Ghost Killer Famous Sword. Actually, as long as he had left the school, Zhou Jian had nothing to worry about. Even if someone came in to make an inspection and saw him and the Ghost Killer, they would think that they are a pair of twins.

After his consciousness completely transferred over to Famous Sword, Zhou Jian took a deep breath. This was a very important time for him.

He chanted spell word by word, trying something he rarely played in the game. Summoning Spell ……

“Squeak ……” With a clear sound, a mouse the size of a child fist appeared on Zhou Jian’s palms. Its golden hair as soft as satin, a pair of dark eyes that’s wary and looked around. After identifying Zhou Jian as its master, it immediately revealed an intimate expression and jumped lightly onto Zhou Jian’s shoulder, squeaking along.

Zhou Jian’s heart was joyful. A success!

The lightning mouse from the game was really summoned into the real world!

He tried to use his mind to control the lightning mouse, just like the game. As if it understood, the lightning mouse followed Zhou Jian’s orders and leap from his shoulder and jumped to the windowsill, instantly crossing seven to eight meters. This distance was hundred times the length of the lightning mouse.

Zhou Jian was very happy. The lightning mouse ability was also exactly the same as within the game.

Then, as the game’s lightning mouse upgraded. Then. in reality, this little mouse should also be upgraded along.

Perhaps it wouldn’t be long before this little mouse will become an efficient helper.

Such an awesome mouse should have a flashy name.

Since it’s a golden mouse, call it Little Gold…… But why? It is clearly not flashy enough.

Lightning? A little corny.

Shadow without wind? Although the description for the speed was good, but …… it’s too (tl: raw put silver bracelet – yin zhuo. I’m not sure what it represented. Should be a modern slang.).

Uncle Li (tl:Uncle has the same sound as mouse)? It’s a little mean. It’s good if can reach the heights like Uncle Li. But, later on, cannot call a mouse as uncle. If others heard it, then they would laugh.

Sleek Rat (tl: Jinmaoshu)? “In The Seven Heroes and Five Gallants, Jin Mao Shu was also a rat (tl: part of a group calling themselves the Five Rats) that stole from others. But it’s a pity that lightning mouse was gold in color. But Jin Mao Shu’s real name is Bai Yu Tang …… uh, should be white in color, right? (tl: cause Bai is white)

At this time, Zhou Hai had an inspiration. Since it’s gold in color, let’s called it the Golden Mane Lion King. (tl: lol, Heaven Sword Dragon Saber reference.)

Stealing is secondary …… The key is to be flashy.

“Well, you’ll be called the Lion King.” (tl: I’ll shorten it to Lion King)

“Zhi Zhizhi.”

“Lion King, after this, the two of us will become world famous thief duo. Peipei Pei, What world famous. If we’re thieves, we should be low-key. Low-key, you know? Thieving. It makes sense to be low-key ah.”

“Squeak ……” the little mouse was bewildered.

“Ah, well. Of course, being low-key does not mean we can be easily bullied by others. When we’re not stealing, that time we’ll cut down whoever we dislike. Let them know the kingly spirit of this Golden Mane Lion King. Understand?”

“Squeak……” the little mouse was still bewildered.

Zhou Jian clutched his belly as he laughed. His mood had been excellent for a while. So, he’s teasing Lion King to play with it. Although he knew that it did not understand, it’s just like when the adults knew that a few months old baby did not understand their words, but were still not tired of teasing the child with this type of language.

“We’ll upgrade first, at least another ten levels.”

Zhou Jian said with a smile while logging off. The Ghost Killer avatar immediately disappeared, while Lion King also disappeared.

To reconfirm this, Zhou Jian once again put on the game helmet, his Ghost Killer avatar reappeared and Lion King remained in the den. He read the spell and successfully summoned again.

After a few tries, there was no problem. This time, Zhou Jian suddenly remembered about another thing. The game’s equipment can not be used in reality because of profession restrictions but the medicines should be able to, such as the closing wound medicine, the potions, and those antidotes ……

Zhou Jian did not dare to use his real body to do the experiment. So, he bought some chicken to try them on.

Zhou Jian was satisfied and logged into the “Gods and Demons” game to began leveling up his pet.

In “Gods and Demons”, the pet wouldn’t lose experience once it died. but would reduce its loyalty. Once the loyalty was low, the cooperation between the player and the pet would go down., If the loyalty dropped to 60, then the pet would no longer obey the commands of the player. If it dropped to 50, the pet couldn’t be summoned to fight.

Each time the pet died, its loyalty dropped by 10. The method to increase loyalty was cumbersome and it required the player to patiently communicate with the pet. Interacting to build a relationship. If loyalty was below 50, one couldn’t call out the pet and should find some precious monster Dan to feed the pet and increased its loyalty.

The Lion King is only at level one. So, for insurance, Zhou Jian choose the safest novice leveling ground in the West to practice the level by killing sheep. The sheep are only at level 1-3 and won’t attack on their own. Currently, Zhou Jian’s strength was obviously the knife.

Lion King quickly rose to level 5. Zhou Jian left the West and arrived at the Spider Wilderness. Here, there are some red spiders that will initiate the attack, but as long as Zhou Jian is careful, they will not get near Lion King.

He practiced till 11 o’clock. and Lion King was already level 28. In “Gods and Demons”, the pet’s upgrade speed was fast but subjected to the master’s level. At most, only 5 levels higher than the master’s level.

At this time, Lion King’s attack had reached 128, and in this regard, it was roughly equivalent to the value of an 1800 attacking pet. It could be considered as top grade.

After handling Lion King to the long-winded white-bearded old man for training, Zhou Jian went offline and slept.

He slept until the wee morning when the phone placed on the bedside suddenly rang.

Zhou Jian rubbed his sleepy eyes and picked up the phone to have a look. It’s the United States phone number. In fact, this phone only has one number and that’s Nicholas.

The US was still at daytime, but Nicholas apparently did not intend to compromise to others in this regard.

This was the anonymous phone number Zhou Jian obtained in the US that could be used around the world. He usually used this number when contacting with the underground world.

“Dear Sir Sword, I have good news and bad news for you. Which one do you want to hear first?” Nicholas’ voice came from the phone.

Zhou Jian frowned. “Just say what you want to say first.”

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