Chapter 101 – Impenetrable Military Laboratory (Part 1)

Chapter 101: Impenetrable Military Laboratory (Part 1)

  ”Uh …… Well. In fact, you should start with a good mood. So, I will first tell you the good news. The good news is that I have successfully broken into the Bounty Hunters Association system. Seventy-two years ago, there’s an S-class mission to look for a metal sphere, and I also know the current whereabouts of the Blood Crystal. “

  Zhou Jian’s heart was moved. “Where?”

  ”Oh, this is the bad news I want to tell you. The blood crystal is currently stored in a US military laboratory.”

  ”Military lab?”

  ”Uh …… you do not know about this lab? No wonder, this laboratory has been relatively low-key. The United States has been a scientific and technological power, with many of the world’s most advanced laboratories. Since the catastrophe brought disaster to the scientific circles, in 2208, the Lawrence Berkeley National lab, Fermi lab and Bell labs were consolidated into the Ministry of Defense to establish the US military laboratory. This laboratory covers quantum physics, high energy physics, earth science, environmental science, computer science, energy science, materials science, digital almost all of the high-tech fields switches, satellite communications, electronic digital computer, and so on. Almost all the high tech fields which included the Blood Crystals.”

  ”Although it is very frustrating, but I have to tell you, this laboratory practiced military control and has a high-tech security system as well as heavily armed guards. Unless you can become a fly, you can’t even get in, let alone thinking of getting the Blood Crystal. “

  Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, Fermi Lab, and Bell Lab. These three were merged into a military laboratory …… Zhou Jian took a deep breath. These three laboratories had a glorious history. Just any of them, its scientific achievement was comparable to a small country.

  The merger of these three and what the military laboratory meant, Zhou Jian was very clear about it. To want to steal the Blood Crystal from such a high-tech military controlled laboratory was very difficult.

  He could indeed avoid the soldiers and cameras through stealth, but could not avoid the various high-tech warning system.

  His Unlock skill was only for mechanical locks. It’s completely powerless against high-tech electronic locks.

  Speaking of American science and technology, there’s no doubt that it’s the first in the world. When some people mentioned about industrial technology, they tend to think of Japan. Actually, Japan is outstanding in terms of industrial process technology.

  In many cases for the same technology, the Japanese did it far better than the Chinese. The Japanese are serious and dedicated to their work. Japanese workers would do everything as well as possible in each section of the pipeline. It’s opposed to the Chinese people, who like to cut corners to meet the minimum. Of course, this was also related to the low wages of Chinese workers and the lack of intellectual property protection in China. When a factory designed a new technology, it’s immediately copied all around, leading to those Chinese industrial designers to feel disheartened, so the technology development also fell apart.

  Except for industrial processes, Americans are definitely big brother in cutting-edge technology. Americans only accounted for only 4% of the world’s population but contributed 40 -50% of the world’s scientific and technological achievements. Just based on the Nobel Prize award. Before the catastrophe, during the normal years of the 21st century (tl: except WW), Americans took nearly 40 percent of the Nobel prizes. And these were awarded mainly after World War II. Japan, who’s a similar industrial powerhouse, only had less than half of the Nobel laureates of US Harvard University.

  As for China, its own scientific community felt like beating its own chest and stamping its feet. Except for a sinner that’s condemned and unrecognized by the Chinese (tl: Should be Liu Xiaobo, get Nobel Peace prize for championing human rights in China), the Chinese people who have Chinese nationality did not get any Nobel Prize. So, each time someone talked about a Chinese getting Nobel prize, they could only talk about Chen Ning Yang, Tsung-Dao Lee and several other Chinese-Americans.

  Until the outbreak of the catastrophe, the Chinese ancient Wu aristocratic family was awarded the Nobel Prize because outstanding contribution after the Nobel Prize was restored.

  Zhou Jian pondered for a while and asked: “What do you understand about the military lab security system?”

  ”I understand a lot. Are you really intend to sneak into the military lab? Let me tell you. If you have this intention, I suggest that you carry a bomb to blow up the White House which will be more appropriate.”

  Zhou Jian frowned. “It’s alright to just say what’s in the security system. You don’t need to worry about the rest.”

  ”Well, since you are so stubborn, then I say it. In fact, I am well aware of the military lab because I worked there before.”

  ”What? Just 19-year-old and you had worked inside? ” Zhou Jian was really surprised. If so, this boy was really a genius.

  ”Ha ha, yes, I was in there for a whole year. Well, the main work was to be studied …… test subject.” The teenager said with a bad aftertaste.

  ”Human studies?” Zhou Jian was silent. “Why are they studying you?”

  ”You still have to ask? Of course, it’s because they were surprised at my IQ. I studied there for 12 months. Of course, it’s paid and I also received free education. You know, they wanted to watch my learning process and to record some data for analysis. In short, they are neurotic, but I did learn a lot that year.”

  ”Your hacking skill was learned from there?”

  ”Part of it was. Every day, I fought with other tech talents in the military lab, so my progress was fast. Once the study ended, those crazies asked if I wanted to stay in the lab. Oh my God, I do not want to be held in the same prison every day . I really wanted to tell them to go to hell but it’s a pity that they had guns …… So, I had to politely tell them that if I have the opportunity in my next life, I will consider.”

  ”Then I was let out. If you want to understand about the military laboratory internal security system, then I will tell you that the United States’ hardest place to invade is not the CIA, but this military laboratory.”

  ”In fact, the military laboratory is not afraid of its security systems information to be known because they have absolute confidence. First, the military lab is under military control. Its outside is full of heavily armed soldiers, as well as various high-tech anti-reconnaissance systems. Inside the laboratory, there are hundreds of cameras, scanning without any dead angle.”

  ”But these are nothing. The most secret part of the military laboratory is the central underground chamber.”

  ”I guess that the Blood Crystal you’re looking for is stored in the central underground chamber, where in addition to storing some significant scientific valued goods, there’s also the military laboratory master computer there., Of course, it’s cut off from the Net.”

  ”If you want to enter the central underground chamber, you must first swipe a card and enter a six digit password. After this checkpoint would you be able to go through by stairs to reach the central chamber gate.”
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