Chapter 103 – Operation Begins

Chapter 103: Operation Begins

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Rows of tall buildings lined up around the crowded street. He looked up high to the sky as if he was in a deep well surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the city. On the road, four steady streams of vehicles moving along together with pedestrians in a hurry. Occasionally, one or two traffic police could be seen, wearing padded coats while leaning on their police vehicle on the roadside, smoking a cigarette while chatting. They would occasionally rub their ears with their thick cotton gloves. White mist from their conversation mixing in the air.

  It’s Christmas Eve in New Franklin. During catastrophe of the last century, the United States also gave birth to a series of heroes. One of them was Jon Franklin. This city was newly built on the ruins and was named after him.

  Among the thick Christmas atmosphere, a Chinese teenager was wearing a leather coat, carrying a bulging bag while walking in the streets. Only the sound of his boots make a sloshing sound on the snow was heard. He glanced at the GPS satellite map on his wrist and turned around to a cafe.

  Then, he saw through the dim glass and noticed a sunshine boy waving to him from the inside. At his side, there was a fifteen-year-old American girl. Blond hair, white skin, just like a beautiful doll in the toy store.

  The youth stamped his boots to remove the snow and lowered his head and pushed open the café door.

  ”Hello, Mr. Ming Jian (tl: It’s Famous Sword but I don’t fell comfortable using Famous Sword in real life convo).” the American boy said with extremely stiff Chinese. It was clear that he had just learned this sentence.

  A T-shirt that was obviously larger than his body by one size was printed with a rock star holding onto a guitar while singing exaggeratedly. A pair of jeans that was deliberately ground down into a half-broken state. Left ear wearing earrings. If he wasn’t sitting down in a wheelchair, Zhou Jian really couldn’t believe the American teenager in front of him was the bounty hunter’s famous hacker — Internet/killer.

  ”Are you the employer?” Nicholas touched his smooth chin. He said this phrase in English. He looked up and down at the youth in front of him. It seemed like he’s the same age as him. He did not think the other side was so young.

  ”It’s me.” Before this in each of Zhou Jian’s operation, his real body would follow the Ghost Killer avatar. But this time, his real body first went to Brazil, and then the Ghost Killer avatar went to the United States from Brazil.

  After all, sneaking into the military laboratory was espionage and would likely to involved the United States FBI. Zhou Jian didn’t understand about the high-tech investigation. Though he had disguised through the game, he was afraid to leave other traces.

  There was an important point. He did not know if the Blood Crystal packed in the bag would be checked by the airport security. Once he was found out, then with his fragile real body, it is a certain death.

  But putting item in the Inventory meant it’s isolated from the world. And not matter how amazing the airport security was, they won’t find it out. Even if they find out, with the Ghost Killer avatar’s stealth, escape is not an issue.

  For precaution, Zhou Jian’s real body did not stay in the city of the Brazilian Jungle Hunters. After all, the city’s a bit dangerous. Since his Ghost Killer alter ego wasn’t around, he’s even more vulnerable. So, he chose the safest city and that’s Brasilia, Brazil. Here, it’s under the Brazilian government control and security is relatively good.

  ”Are you Nicholas?”

  ”Obvious, this is my girlfriend.” Nicholas shrugged and pointed to the fifteen or sixteen-year-old girl on the side.

  Zhou Jian gave a polite greeting.

  Nicholas snapped. “Three cups of Blue Mountain. One cup without sugar. Thank you.”

  Soon, a waitress dressed in brown overalls carried a tray over and put out three cups of coffee. Nicholas took the unsweetened cup and without stirring, directly drank it.

  ”Be careful. It’s hot.” The pretty little miss said.

  Nicholas was apparently enjoying the small beauty’s care. He completely disregarded Zhou Jian and gently squeezed beauty’s cheek. He said:. “Baby, you really care about me.”

  The beauty made a chuckle while smiling tenderly. Nicholas was satisfied and drank his coffee. He put down the cup and glanced Zhou Jian before he said: “My friend from China. I am actually willing to accompany you and be crazy together. But, at least you must give me a reason to accompany you in this crazy task. I do not want to have the FBI coming to the door the very next day. I haven’t married Kelly yet.”

  When Nicholas said that, Kelly laughed happily.

  Zhou Jian looked at Kelly and did not speak. Nicholas saw Zhou Jian’s concerns. So, he added a sentence: “You can definitely trust Kelly, or you do not trust me?”

  ”Not to say distrust. But it involved my special skills and I do not want to be exposed. You just have to believe that I have a way to sneak into that place and have the means to let you connect to the main computer. I just need you to provide a hundred meters long data transfer cable and a same length piano wire. ” Relating to such sensitive words like military laboratory, Zhou Jian did not want to say. After all, this is a public place, even if the possibility of eavesdropping is not big.

  ”So, you still do not want to tell me your sneaking method then?”

  ”No comment, but you should understand that I have no reason to spend 100000 dollars and made contact personally with you to die together with you.”

  Nicholas laughed. “That’s not true. In this world, there are a lot of crazy things, but I like crazy things. If I successful hacked into that computer …… ha ha, I’m excited just thinking about it ah.”

  ”You are no longer hesitating?”

  ”Well, I’ll accompany you and be crazy once.”


  During the catastrophe of the last century, the American academic community had suffered big blows. The death of many scientists and professors led to many universities unable to continue after the catastrophe. Some private universities closed down. In this case, in order for the US government to recoup its losses, invested in the construction of the Franklin University in New Franklin City. With the establishment of a new university, some of the technical talents was focused here. After decades of development, it had become an academic center in the US.

  As night fell, the houses surrounding University City area lit up with sparse lights. Orange street lights shining on the snow, exuding nice and warm glowing colors. Occasionally, a few of student couples could be seen nestling on the park benches while enjoying the frozen lake and kissing.

  Several children were skating on the lake, too involved in their game as they desperately chased around, neglecting their parents on the shore to calling them home.

  In this cozy atmosphere, a white RV car was parked by the road on the lake. The playing children and students actually gave a few more glances because the shape of this car was a bit special.

  With a body almost as large as a Volvo, its antenna was propped on the roof like a little pot cover. Under the sporadic snow, the antenna was turning around like a radar.

  The RV was covered with a variety of instruments. Because the instruments occupied too many places, therefore, the display was very simple.

  ”My dear, coffee.” Inside the car, Kelly, who’s only covered by a bath towel (tl: jealous) was putting a cup of hot coffee without sugar on her little husband’s small desk.

  ”Thank you, my sweetheart.” Nicholas was wearing pajamas while lying on the sofa in the car. He took the coffee while staring at a computer screen. Because both his legs are disabled, his position wasn’t comfortable.

  On the computer screen, a spot symbolizing Zhou Jian was getting closer to the military laboratory. At this rate, he will immediately enter the alert zone.

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