Chapter 108 – Alarm

Chapter 108: Alarm

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  After getting everything, Zhou Jian shouted in satisfaction but this guy wasn’t content yet. He closed Sam’s folder and wanted to search for other confidential documents that he could open in the main computer. But, as soon as he closed the folder, the main computer sounded a kaccha sound, like the sound of a lock being locked. Zhou Jian was a but scared. He looked at Sam folder that has a symbol of a lock. Was this lock automatic?

  Zhou Jian was not willing to open the main computer’s resource manager. He tried for a few more minutes before he finally bitterly put down the mouse. Almost everywhere on the master computer are the electronic locks. Except for Sam’s folder that has been opened, the other folders are all locked. And these different folders have different names. It is clear that only certain people knew the password to unlock these folders.

  Not to mention that he himself couldn’t even open these folders. Even if Nicholas tried, it’s impossible for him to open them one by one in a short time.

  It’s hopeless. Zhou Jian felt a little unfulfilled. The main computer was fixed to the ground. Even if he tried to force it, Zhou Jian also could not move it. Even if he got the main computer out, this computer wouldn’t fit into the Inventory. He actually saw a treasure but couldn’t take it home. It really made people felt bad. Zhou Jian even considered whether he should take the risks to wake up Uncle Sam who’s lying on the ground. Who knows, he might also know a few more passwords.

  In fact, Zhou Jian can do one thing and that was to smash this computer by the time he was leaving. Although it may trigger an alarm but Zhou Jian did not care. Anyway, he can not get out now. Sooner or later, someone will know that someone had tampered with the computer.

  Zhou Jian thought that he should forget about it. It is still not unethical to damage other people’s scientific research. After all, countless scientists devoted painstaking labor on them. Maybe, some of them could even promote the development of the human civilization. And for stuff like these, even if the documents were shredded, others may also have backups, or able to recover the data.

  The US embargo on scientific and technological exchanges to China was in fact, unable to be blamed on other people. Not to mention about the different socioeconomic system, even if we are all in the same camp, no country wanted to see another country rise in strength to match its own.It would be uncomfortable.


  At this time, Nicholas’s mouth was sucking on a lollipop. Both his hands were like dancing in the air across the keyboard. And he was now fully in a state of ecstasy. Once he cracked the code, it will be a legend. The only minor flaw in this is that he was afraid to leave his name behind, or the FBI will invite him for tea the very next day.

  His wife, Kelly was very well-behaved and cutely sitting around on the sidelines. She knew that this time, Nicholas must not be disturbed.

  ”Little guy, I finally found you. You are hiding in here ah.” Nicholas finally found the documentation on the Blood Crystal and brought up its research data. What remained is just to crack the password.

  ”It’s not right.”

  ”It’s not here.”

  ”It can’t be.”

  ”Hey, it’s a little mean ah.”

  Nicholas continued talking aloud to himself. He occasionally stuck his tongue out and licked his icing stained lips. During this time, he was without a doubt, extremely stimulated.


  It’s already eight o’clock.

  There’s still no news from Nicholas. Zhou Jian looked at the table and took a deep breath. According to the schedule, Sam who followed everything like a clockwork should be going out now. If the delay continued, it may lead to those outside to have suspicions.

  However, he was not impatient but continued to try and open folders in the main computer, holding for a glimmer of hope that there was something to copy.

  If he knew earlier, he would have let Uncle Sam worked for a while longer. He might even open another one of two folders. Although minor flaw, but being able to copy so much valuable information was also thanks to Uncle Sam.

  Nicholas still did not succeed. If he had the Blood Crystal at hand, Zhou Jian’d love to wake up Sam, and then promote “technology exchange” (tl: forced) between China and the United States.

  At 8.05 pm, at the service desk outside the basement outside, a blonde beauty looked puzzled seeing that the central chamber door remained closed. She had come here to work for about two years. During that time, there was a total of three times when Sam did not come out at this time. Two was when Sam completed his data record and suddenly had an inspiration and was so involved in his calculation that he forgot the time. And once was when Sam had a heart attack. Fortunately, there are staff members that arrived in time. Otherwise, Sam’s lifespan would be much shorter.

  This time, the blonde was worried if Sam suddenly had a heart attack again.She thought about it and then called the main station using the phone.

  The central chamber has strict protection. It cut off all radio signals, and don’t even has a camera. Although such an arrangement is conducive to security, but it also caused a lot of trouble to the laboratory staff. Like now, the blonde must find the right authority to open the door. It’s useless to call Sam’s phone.

  ”What?  That old Sam has not come out yet?Well, I’ll go have a look. I really can not stand him. Just recording information only. It only takes ten minutes but each time, he will take half an hour. But this time, it has been …… well forty minutes. “An old lady wearing glasses was whining about. She is the only woman among the five with the highest authority. This woman looked like a grandmother next door.

  ”Maybe the old man is older, and his hands and feet are not as agile ……” The old lady said a few words but her face suddenly changed. Because, this time, a shrill alarm sounded through the entire lab.

  This alarm…… because she hadn’t heard it for too long, the old lady almost forgot what this emergency alarm represented – the central laboratory was robbed!

  How can this be?

  In the laboratory, heavily armed soldiers moved into action for the first time. The old lady was trembling as she pulled out her access card from her pocket. She anxiously tottered into the underground laboratory.

  At this time, Zhou Jian also heard the shrill alarm sound. He had a scare. At the same time, a beeping sound was heard from the wall behind the safe, and followed by the safe bouncing off with a bang.

  A dialog box popped up on the computer screen. “It’s embarrassing. There’s a trap set in the safe. An alarm would be triggered once an unconventional mean was used to open it. I thought I had already bypass it but there has been a little mistake. Really …… sorry! “

  In the RV, a dejected Nicholas was pulling his hair. It is true that he is a genius, but those crazies in the military laboratory are no piece of cake either. After all, it’s like he made a bad move in chess. Although at the last moment, he managed to force open the safe. but the destruction of the safe automatically triggered the emergency shut down procedures and also triggered the alarm.

  What a pity, he had wanted to take the opportunity to invade the main computer and steal the latest research results on electronic technology and artificial intelligence software. But now, it was too late. He fell a bit short!


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