Chapter 112

Chapter 112 Absconded

第112章 潜逃

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  Zhou Jian was about to swipe the card under stealth when he thought of something.

  He turned back and turned off the infrared imaging software on the main computer. He did not want to be figured out from it.He was thinking of his own safety. Many computers allowed the checking of recent operation logs. So, Zhou Jian picked up an M4 from the ground and fired several shots at the computer, so they wouldn’t find anything.

  Zhou Jian then put the M4 back into the hands of a soldier and propped Sam back up on a chair in front of the main computer. He dragged the dead Brown to the card terminal, placed the card into Brown’s hand and grabbed Brown’s hand and pull it to swipe it down.

  However, the door did not open. Zhou Jian slapped his forehead. Yes ah, it requires a 12 digits password …… to enter and exit the door requires different passwords.

  Just then, the door lock voice beeped and Zhou Jian was startled. His slightly bent his legs and turned on stealth.

  With a beep, the central chamber door slowly opened.

  Outside, the heavily armed soldiers were ready to fight. When the door opened, their fingers were touching the triggers. They were holding their breath but the scene they caused they to gasp. The floor, the wall are full of blood, as well as the first batch of special forces that’s lying on the ground. They are probably not alive.

  During their dazed period, Zhou Jian incline jumped out. Then his legs continuously ran on both sides of the wall.He flew overhead past the gathered soldier and silently arrived at the outside of the basement. Fortunately, because the soldiers were rushing into the basement, the two other doors are opened. Otherwise, there would be inevitable trouble.

  At the same time the door opened, Brown’s corpse that was holding the door card also fell, but the soldiers did not dare to help. There were cold sweats all over their forehead like they were facing their mortal enemies.

  The scene before them was too weird. The floor was covered with bodies. From their point of view, all are wearing special forces uniform but the killer was not seen.

  Certainly, the enemy is hidden  within the central chamber. Was he suspended from the ceiling, or disguised as Sam that was lying in front of the main computer?

  While the soldiers were entertaining these foolish ideas, too timid to step forward, Zhou Jian has left the laboratory building. He then went through layers of blockades and came to the outside of the military laboratory walls.

  Once he saw lush forests outside the laboratory and felt the comfort from the birds’ twittering and the flowers’ fragrance, Zhou Jian had a feeling like he just came back from hell. The distance between killing and tranquility was so short.

  He recalled the lightning mouse and then Zhou Jian rapidly rushed to the foothills like a leopard. Before leaving, he had the Lion King dragged the piano wire and data cable deep into the vents. If they were still found, he would think about it then, He couldn’t do anything about them now as he couldn’t retrieve them. Without Nicholas’ help, he couldn’t avoid the cameras.

  Along the way, he wore gloves and should not leave any fingerprints behind.The only people that knew he was the killer are only Nicholas and his girlfriend. But during his time in meeting Nicholas, Zhou Jian deliberately adjusted his voice tone. And Nicholas was also in the same boat as himself. He would not be so stupid enough to go to the FBI to surrender, right?

  Zhou Jian smashed his cell phone that contained Nicholas’ contact and threw it into the river. With the Blood Crystal at hand, Zhou Jian decided to rush to Brazil as soon as possible by the next day to avoid being intercepted.

  A day without leaving the United States, Zhou Jian’s heart was uneasy. He was certainly not worried about the Ghost Killer but worried about his real body in Brazil. He would never underestimate the power of a country. The FBI may be different from Sun De Guang. Although Sun De Guang is wealthy, but the private investigation and criminal investigation is two different things. Even if he reported the case to the police, Sun De Guang had neither saw what he looked like or had other clues. Naturally, he’s powerless. But it’s different for the FBI. It represented the power of a country.

  Once the FBI found out, the consequences could be disastrous.

  He even considered on whether or not to kill Nicholas to silence him. There were still some clues left, such as Nicholas knew that he was a Chinese. That his account, although the money transaction was done anonymously, but could see that it was handled by the Brazilian Jungle Hunters.

  Zhou Jian hesitated to rush to his and Nicholas agreed meeting point. He used stealth to move closer to where they’re supposed to meet complete the subsequent transaction. But this time, Zhou Jian didn’t bring the money. He only took the Shadow Assassination that had drank countless blood.

  He faced a tough choice. In order to live, was he going against his morality to kill an innocent person? He thought for a moment and then, Zhou Jian wryly smiled and shook his head. F**ker, at this time still think about this nonsense ……

  Zhou Jian sneaked in and quietly waited. The occasional police car roared across the road, but he did not look. Yet, he waited for a long time but the other party has not come.

  This guy …… fled.

  Zhou Jian, although he was relieved this time, but his anxiety has become more intense.


  Speaking of Nicholas, he was embracing his wife while stepping on the gas pedal.

  Although the US government blocked the news, but he learned what had happened. Nicholas has only high IQ, but his mind was not mature. He just started this mission as a challenge. But when he triggered the alarm, he had a premonition that something bad will happen because he feared that when Zhou Jian escaped, he would direct the anger on himself. So, he broke into military laboratory security network and stole the video from the camera facing the basement door locks. Then, he saw the unforgettable scene in his life. The second the basement door was opened, his inside felt mutilated leaving him pale and trembling.

  Although he was extremely frightened, but he ventured on to look at it for a while. And  he was finally sure from the reaction of the Special Forces soldiers. That the murderer had fled.

  At the time, Nicholas felt a chill running up his back.

  This God of Death from China, actually successively killed a dozen American soldiers and the safely escaped? Was he a reincarnation of Satan?

  He actually talked with this person for half a day about business, and also bargained with him?

  God, he would resent him for triggering the alarm and seek for revenge. Heaven and Earth be his witness, he really did not mean to. Without a doubt, he had put in the best efforts. Eventually triggering the trap, it’s just because he’s not as good as others. But …… just because his skills was less than other people didn’t mean must kill. Gotta give this weak one a little living space ah.

  As for the follow-up 150k dollars. He didn’t have the courage to even take it. If possible, he was even willing to forgo the $150,000, just as long as the other part didn’t come looking for him.  


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