Chapter 115

Chapter 115 Approaching Storm Clouds (tl: Idiom, trouble lies ahead)

第115章 风雨欲来

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“You’re right. I’d talked with my assistants to study the possibility of the intruder using an ability to morph into a mouse to go into the vents.” Although Michel said this sentence seriously, but he was obviously deliberately aimed at Smith.


“The new thing that appeared are always considered absurd. Before the catastrophe, who would believed there are evolved humans in this world?”

The Vice President asked: “So Michel, what ability do you think the another party is using?”

Michel sucked in a mouthful of smoke and slowly said: “A lot of abilities can achieve this effect. I’d just said about turning into a mouse …… Oh, there is also a possibility. Of course, if he can ignore the chamber’s blockage by teleporting. Then, that’s easy.”

The Vice-President facial muscles unnaturally twitched. He knew what Michel’s speculation meant. If they really have the capability, then with an unhindered access in and out of the White House, taking the President’s life is a breeze.

And if the President died, then according to US law, the seat would fell to the Vice President. Then, he was likely to be on the assassination list. When the Vice President thought this, his face was a little pale.

Michel pushed his glasses with his index finger. “I’d examined the death of all the special forces there. For a brief explanation, all the deaths occurred in less than a minute. A total of 52 bullet holes were left on the alloy wall. It’s undetermined if the enemy spy was injured, but he did not leave any bloodstain behind.”

” The deceased Howard. A70 Special Forces ranked first commando captain, who took part in the siege against the Colombian drug lords. Has fought fully-armed, extremely accurate marksmanship can handle twenty or thirty adult man in a melee fight. But his throat was broke to piece from the side. Including his trachea, carotid artery, spine, all broke off …… so easily just like a knife cutting through french fries. Howard did not have any time to resist, instant death.”

“If Howard’s death just proved that the another party is a master, then the following death will make people terrified.”

“The deceased Williams. A70 Special Forces ranked sixteenth. His death …… Oh my, the enemy had attacked from the front, and then he raised his M4 machine gun to block it …… ah, it’s the instinctive approach and  …… then the incredible thing happened. The spy struck the M4 machine gun with a knife and the barrel was cut in half, and at the same time, cut open Williams’ chest. I’d checked the machine gun. Besides little whirls in the around the casing, the internal was so neatly cut off that it made me speechless. I cannot imagine how much strength, well, even if someone has such strength, where can one find such a hard and sharp metal knife? So, I guessed that the other side. If he’s not evolved, he is also not too far behind.”

“The deceased Ron, A70 Special Forces ranked twenty-fifth. Before he died, he went to the corner of the room and shoot at the center of the room. But he only managed to fire four bullets, before the Grim Reaper came at a ghostly speed in front of him and with a knife, pierced his heart.”

“The deceased Brian. A70 ……”

Michel slowly said. With each deceased, the Vice President’s complexion increasingly unbecoming. Until after Michel finished everything, that the Vice President took a deep breath. A strength to match up with the evolved humans, and also a spy with a special ability, he was very clear what it meant.

“We must do something.”

“Oh, yes, those old things of certain countries are restless. I think they are ready to do something for their country before they die or something.”

“Which country do you think it can be? China? Korea? The Middle East and the Africa region, or the Israeli-Palestinian terrorist organizations?” the Vice President of the United States was at the stage of listing down the enemies and potential enemies. In fact, by saying these things, his heart also have its own answer.

Michel waved his finger. “North Korea, Pakistan, Somalia. These countries cannot be called our enemies. But they clearly do not recognize their own strength, clamoring to be our enemies. They will certainly want to do such an espionage case with tremendous impact, and I bet that if this news got out, some terrorist organizations will be scrambling to make a statement outside to claim responsibility. But …… they do not have this ability. Simply cannot do this. Last night, I’d simulate the enemy’s warfare methods through computer analysis and contrast against the master database of all possible information. And there is no final outcome, but I’m still 90 percent certain sure that this is the mischief of the Chinese spies. And the killer must come from one of the seven ancient Wu families! ”

“China …… for the aircraft carrier technology? I’d heard that the spy stole military information from the main computer.”

“Maybe, but I think it is more likely to be for the No. 3 relic. There are so much safe there, but the other party just opened the No. 3 relic. Of course, this may be a coincidence. My dear Director Smith, if I were you now, I will be sent out agents to rush to the Amazon forest. Perhaps, the other party will go to the former site of the No. 3 relic. Although the possibility is relatively small. ”

Smith coldly hummed. “You don’t need to teach me. I have already call satellite to have the ten kilometers radius of No. 3 site under complete reconnaissance.”

“Ah, well. That’s just me speaking out of turn.” Here, Michel stood up, “I have already written a presidential report. Ready for a nationwide wipe off of Chinese espionage action with immediate effect as the best Christmas gift to China.”

“Spy war?” The Secretary of Defense frowned. If the United States wiped off the Chinese spies, then China will respond. The result can only be a lose-lose situation, and if intensified, it may even be escalated to direct armed conflict. Of course, the two sides cannot send troops to fight to the bitter end, but to send out those underground masters or even evolved humans, who through destruction or theft, cause great losses to another side, or gain great benefits.

For example, the United States had lost something worth more than 10 billion dollars. In this era of superficial peace, this is how the great powers compete to decide victor and loser.

Hearing the word spy war, Smith sneered deep inside. This old fox. No matter what happened, he took the opportunity to put forward the word spy war, fearing that others might ignore his work.

Michel seemed to know what Smith was thinking. He smiled at Smith: “Although it is unlikely, but still …… I wish you success to solve the case.”

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