Chapter 116

Chapter 116 Calmly leave

第116章 从容离开

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  JFK Airport-

  As one of the world’s largest airport, JFK is like a small city. Here, various international cuisines were brought together, a wide variety of lounges, entertainment halls, a U-shaped large parking lot, and hotel that’s tall and pleasing to the eyes. People of different colors shuttling  back and forth. In this thick festive Christmas atmosphere, they did not feel the wind and the rain.

  In a corner of the airport, a man wearing a jacket pulled out a cigarette and started smoking. A staff member came up while smiling. “I’m sorry sir. Please smoke in the  smoking room. Please don’t smoke here.”

  The man reluctantly snuffed out his cigarette. He shrugged his shoulders and seemed to be too lazy to speak. After the staff left, the man cursed in English: “This damn airport, this damn weather, goddamn Christmas, this damn, damn, the son of a bitch Chinese spy! “

  ”Haha, do not complain, or people will stare.” A voice from his headset said.

  The man leaned over his head, facing towards the miniature microphone in his collar and said: “I see a bunch of airport staff have the potential to become agents. I just wanted to smoke and they had already run over. Damn it, asking if I can go to the smoking room, I might as well go to bed with his wife at home.”

  This FBI undercover had been waiting at the JFK airport all morning. His Christmas holiday plan fell through, and his depression could be imagined.

  ”Well, if we can get this merit, and it proceeded well, the government will give you enough money to splurge for a lifetime.”

  ”Merit? Is it possible? The Chinese spy committed the crime in New Franklin. I’m here in the airport in New York. As long as the spy did not have water in his brain, it’s impossible for him to go through all those blockades to head to New York from New Franklin just to board a plane here.”

  ”Ah, to be honest, I think he should be hiding somewhere in the country. But, the blockade must still go on. Otherwise, the spy doesn’t even need to hide.”

  ”The Boss’s head is screwed up.” That man was still cursing. He actually did not know, that in just front of him, very nearby, he was someone that he could not see.

  Yeah …… even blocking all the way up to New York airport, the FBI had probably come out in full force, although this blockade could not block Zhou Jian, but he could not so easily relax……

  He did not buy air tickets. Because there were some inconsistencies with his passport picture and his current disguised look. And the passport was rushed because of the time constraint. So, there are some issues. If the FBI decided to trace it down, he would probably be detained.In fact, even if there’s no problem with the passport, Zhou Jian did not dare to take the risks. The US government has guessed that this is work of a Chinese, and now it’s too conspicuous for him with black hair and black eyes to blatantly fly. (tl: have you actually saw the number of Asians going through JFK, how can you be conspicuous.)

  He went through the security gate under stealth before arriving at the freight transportation corridor. Stepping onto the air cargo conveyor belt, he undetected went into the plane’s cargo area.

  Those airport personnels dressed in work clothes were transporting the cargo into the cargo area. Zhou Jian who’s under stealth could easily avoid them.

  When the cargo door closed, the surrounding area suddenly darkened. The environment of the aircraft is not so bad. Fortunately, after flying at high altitude, there will be temperature and pressure control. So, although it’s not as comfortable as in the cabin, but overall still alright. It’s just a little stuffy and the wide range of cargoes with English printed names gave people a feeling of extreme depression.

  With the jet engines rumbling sound, the plane took off. Zhou Jian’s anxious heart also calmed down a little. He could finally safely leave the United States. As long as he returned to China, it’s difficult for the United States to want to check his move. He switched back his consciousness. These days, his spirit has been under high tension. Now, all he has to do is to have a good sleep.

  The aircraft will arrive in the afternoon in Brasilia. And Zhou Jian’s real body is out there waiting. After recovering the Ghost Killer avatar, can rush to Norris City ……


  In the evening, the sky was dark and gloomy, the cold bone-chilling wind was howling. In an unheated small building, a middle-aged man wearing a gray windbreaker was leaning against the window sill to see the scenery. Here are the urban suburbs of the capital. There are no glamorous high-rise buildings. Only slightly messy, old-fashioned buildings and slightly dirty streets.

  The children were lining up to get off the school bus. They walked and laughed together while talking about the approaching final exams. Clouds of white vapor exhaled out from their conversations, floating along with the wind. Occasionally, because the weather is cold and it’s early closing time, the peddlers would “donkey riding” (tl: no idea) through the students, then one of these children smiled and shouted: “Uncle, how come so many days have not seen your mother ah.” Then came a sound of laughter.

  The man’s eyes are always locked on a little girl carrying a cartoon bag. After a moment, he sighed.

  When he pulled the curtain, he turned, and the old stairs sounded “thump thump thump”. “Head, big news ah!”

  Middle-aged man smiled and shook his head. He half-jokingly said: “Xiao Liu, how many times have I told you. Steady, steady, understand? If you’re in such a hurry, how to become an agent.”

  The young man called Xiao Liu ran up the building floors. “Head, guess what? Last night …… ” Here, Xiao Liu swallowed a mouthful of saliva,” I said New York time, the US military laboratory ah …… “

  Xiao Liu deliberately elongated his words to emphasize, but before he could finish, the middle-aged man helplessly exhaled. He patted Xiao Liu’s shoulder, and with an almost sympathetic tone, he said: “Xiao Liu, are you trying to say about the military laboratory being stolen thing? This matter, even the Aunt Wang pigs next door know. You think this is news? “

  Xiao Liu’s eyes were wide open. He had wanted to go through a vivid description of it, but it’s now completely irrelevant. A moment later, he was suffering from injustice and said:. “Head, I’m not that shabby.”

  ”Well, for your message, all the news channel are broadcasting it..”

  ”F**k. Head, you gotta give the newcomer some face ah.”

  ”Ok, stop messing with me.” The middle-aged man pulled out a Gong Da Shan. (tl: cig brand) “Smoke?”

  Xiao Liu eyes blinked a few times looking at the cigarette when he suddenly remembered something. “Head, this wasn’t done by our people, right?”

  ”What are you blindly pondering at?”

  ”I’m not blindly pondering. This military laboratory ah. This thing that came out. I think it’s probably junior sister Zi Xuan.”


  ”Uh …… Well, I do not say, you know, there are rules of the Bureau. I’d committed a taboo. Hey, hey, we do not ask.”

  Middle-aged man fingers clamped on his smoke. He wanted to educate Xiao Liu one or two. At this moment, a crisp female voice came from downstairs – “It’s not me.”

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