Chapter 117

Chapter 117 Lan Zi Xuan

第117章 蓝紫轩

  The two men looked over. At the corner of the stairs was a tall woman wearing a dark blue dress, with fair oval face and slender jade like neck like that of a swan. She has a delicate and creamy complexion skin.

  She slowly walked in her purple high heels up the stairs but did not make any sound at all.

  This elegant and beautiful woman is Xiao Liu junior sister, the young miss of the Lan Family of the seven ancient Wu families – Lan Zi Xuan.

  When Xiao Liu saw Lan Zi Xuan, he had a somewhat dumbfounded. Although his mouth was calling Lan Zi Xuan as Junior sister Zi Xuan. In fact, he was a little afraid of this junior sister.It’s not because of the other person’s character, but rather, she was too good. With her, Xiao Liu always felt an invisible pressure.

  ”Zi Xuan, who would you say did it?” The middle-aged man snuffed his cigarette. As a gentleman, he rarely smoked in front of women.

  ”I do not know, I’d analyzed the news received by the intelligence unit. Though I do not know what method that party used in the end, but his strength is very powerful. The other party just made good use of the dagger, and in all likelihood, should be a special ability. If given the opportunity I would like to meet him.”

  ”Oh, it’s not easy to make you have interest.I’d analyzed for half a day but also can’t find a way. Geez, this person’s strength is really beyond my imagination. In fact, it’s not a problem to kill more than a dozen heavily armed special forces in a minute. If the person is in a small space, by relying on a shielding and amazing speed, a lot of people can do it. The difficulty lies in how did he manage to come and go in a completely sealed military laboratory? With this person’s strength, I am afraid there is no place in this world he can’t reach. In my opinion, that Russian’s fame as the world’s number one thief should be surrendered.”

  Lan Zi Xuan’s raised an eyebrow. “You meant Russia’s Ivan the Terrible? The guy that is suffering from insomnia?” (tl: how bad does insomnia had to be to be world renown?)

  The middle-aged man wryly smiled and said: “He is a special case because the kung fu he studied doesn’t need to sleep. Not suffering from insomnia ah.”

  ”Just a braggart. These days, there are always people who like to call themselves the world’s number one at every turn.”

  ”Oh, Ivan the Terrible does have a certain strength. Of course, the person who can be famed as the world’s number one thief also tells a lot about his profession. He is a mercenary, so it’s necessary to boast about himself. Unlike us, the hidden shadow of the National Security that cannot see the light. But this time, if the thief from the military laboratory case claimed to be the world’s number one thief, I do not think any people have the courage to oppose it. I do not know which country that master came from, with such boldness to enter into the military laboratory and also managed to get out.” the middle-aged man said, pulling over a chair and sat down.

  Lan Zi Xuan said: “Perhaps a master from China.”

  ”A civilian master?” the middle-aged man raised an eyebrow. “Impossible.”

  Lan Zi Xuan gently smiled: “How is it impossible? Clearly, in the National Security’s files, there are listed some hidden masters among the people. why not moved them? Wasn’t it you who always wanted to force them to be willing to serve the country? “

  The middle-aged man shook his head, “That was commanded down from the above. There may be another reason for it. If you’re curious, you can ask your father, Mr. Lan’s authority is much higher than mine.”

  Lan Zi Xuan curled the corner of her mouth and turned to sit on the couch. She picked up the remote control. “Well, I do not care what the reasons are. In short, if one day, the organization decided to move these people. Regardless of the clients or the officials, do not forget about me.” (tl: ie, she wants in on action regardless of who issued the request.) Lan Zi Xuan said, turning on the television.

  The middle-aged man smiled. He knew Lan Zi Xuan naturally liked challenges. It seemed that the US military laboratory things happened to spark her interest in the civilian masters.

  ”Of course, but you must remember. Do not hurt others.”


  During the season where it’s snowing everywhere in China, Norris City is still having a hot summer. This is a very new city. Tall buildings and dark green palm trees existed side by side. Hotels, bars, casinos could be seen everywhere on the streets.

  Zhou Jian had no choice with his previous hotel selection. And this time, he did not only disguise his Ghost Killer avatar, he even disguised his real body. But relative to how easily he could disguise his Ghost Killer avatar, his disguised real body could only wear a beard, sunglasses, dyed his hair, and then get hold of pale blue contact lenses to cover all his Chinese facial features. (tl: seriously. There’s a lot of Asians out there. You’re just standing out even more.)

  For his hotel accommodation, Zhou Jian did not dare to pull out his Bounty Hunter Association VIP card. In short, everything must be low-key.

  At night, Zhou Jian closed the hotel’s door and windows and then used a detector he bought to search if there was any pinhole camera. Although this possibility is relatively small, but he cannot allow anyone who likes to peep to engage in any video recording.

  After everything was settled properly, Zhou Jian took a deep breath. He took the Blood Crystal from his backpack.

  A hexagonal prism the length of an index finger. What’s strange is that the Blood Crystal would remain upright with its tips facing up no matter where you placed it, as if some invisible energy wrapped around it.

  Under the dim bedside lamp, the Blood Crystal felt like there is a life inside. Zhou Jian could not help but touched it. The crystal felt hot but it’s not hot to touch. It’s as if a kind of flame burning in the depths of the soul.

  Just for this thing, he rushed into so much trouble. Zhou Jian sighed. He did not know what will happen if he put this Blood Chrystal into the Eye of Christ. If it only gave himself an armor set from the store, he would lose big. In fact, not to mention store sets, even if he got magical equipment, he felt that it’s not worth it. This time, he could be described as burning and looting in the United States, stabbed so many people and created such a big mess. How could a few pieces of equipment compensate for it?

  Zhou Jian put the crystal away, and then he took out Sam’s laptop.

  As a precaution, when he took the notebook and the Blood Crystal from the Inventory, he had already scan through it with the detector for any the signal generator like those tracking devices. After determining that it’s safe, only then did he dared to put them into the backpack.

  Thinking of the information inside the laptop, Zhou Jian felt both excited and worried. Of course, he’s excited because of the value of these things, and he’s worried because how could he make use of this?

  It’s of no use in his hands. the only party that can take advantage of this is the national government.

  Naturally, he won’t give it to Japan or Korea. Can only give it to China, but to take such a big risk, he can not get anything in return. Anyway, the country is not short of money. Getting a little money from the hands of the government is human nature.

  Unfortunately, China is not a good partner (tl: can’t find equivalent), Zhou Jian is still lacking the power to have an equal dialogue with a country. He was afraid that if he put out this technology, he would be put under house arrest by the state. The government may fear that he was keeping a backup copy and continue selling it.

  Better put it aside first.

  Zhou Jian finally took out the Blood Crystal and placed it together with the computer chip. He took a newly bought laptop, He turned it on to read the chip. He speculated that this chip was most likely to record the secrets of the Blood Crystal or the “Gods and Demons”.

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