Chapter 003 – Compensation From the Game Company

Chapter 3: Compensation From the Game Company

The customer service miss said: “The system data is lost. We can only intercept an archive file from two days ago. We can recover your character, but the stat will be from 2 days ago.”

Zhou Jian was relieved. Thank goodness. He had completed the hidden profession change two days ago. His experience only went up less than half a level. With a little practice, he could get it back up soon.

Customer service miss continued: “Regarding the loss that you incurred in the beta, after discussion within the customer service department, we decided to give you a Thief skill book “One Strike Fatal Blow” and the best Thief ring as compensation. I don’t know if you’re satisfied with this?”

Zhou Jian was slightly surprised for a moment. Unexpectedly, there’s still this kind of thing? This customer service attitude was also very good. He realized something and said, “What is the level of my present priority now?”

“You are now senior VIP. A level three priority.”

Zhou Jian listened. In his heart, he didn’t know how to feel. A high-level VIP. He needed to accumulate more than 20,000 yuan of investment to be promoted to a high-level VIP. Before this, he didn’t even put in any money to this. That was to say, within just yesterday, his account had increased more than 20000 yuan.

He didn’t need to ask. It must be Mule behind this. Mule was rich, but his money wasn’t falling from the sky. 20000 for him was also not a small amount. He lent out that amount just to give Zhou Jian a hand. He’s not even sure if he could make money to return it.

Mule….Zhou Jian clenched his fist slowly. This sentiment, he would remember it.

Since Zou Jian didn’t speak, the customer service miss asked politely again. “Mr., are you satisfied?”

Zhou Jian was silent for a while and said,” I don’t want the skill book, and the equipment. I want ten assignable attribute points.” Since he’s already a high V. He’s naturally a bit bolder.

“This…” customer service miss was somewhat helpless. “I’m sorry mister but the company didn’t have such authority. The company can only entrust players with no better than Epic level equipment, and no more than level 30 skill book.  As for high level skill book, Artifact, attribute points and skill points, only the super smart brain “Myth” located in space has the right to decide. Others, including several government powers are also unable to participate in its decision making.”

Super smart brain “Myth”? This was the first time Zhou Jian heard of this. He couldn’t help but asked. “《Gods and Demons》 developer is exactly what kind of company?”

Miss customer service said. “I’m sorry. It’s not that I wanted to keep it a secret but I don’t know as well. I only know that 《Gods and Demons》 is jointly run by several countries. And we, Tianjiao game company is only responsible for Pangu city.”

Zhou Jian felt that the background of this game was not so simple. The technology it used was too advanced. It made people wondered if it’s a product of this era.

《Gods and Demons》only opened for three months, the number of players had exceeded 50 million. Conservatively estimate, one year later, the number of players would exceed 100 million. In addition to these players, some who didn’t play games would create a virtual platform through 《Gods and Demons》 for playing cards, chatting, friends, virtual tourism and even work, and so on. So the virtual world would eventually accommodate hundreds of millions or even billions more. It would become a reputable Second World.

Zhou Jian said, “then the reward achievement to reach level 30 in the new dungeon is also issued by the super brain “Myth”?”

“Yes, mister.”

“Well, even if that is the case, yesterday, I missed out on the dungeon raid and not only that, backed out of my promise with the Tianzun guild. Do you think you can fill my losses with a skill book and a gold ring? This is your system problems, but I have to bear the consequences.” When Zhou Jian said this sentence, he was feeling somewhat guilty. Although he didn’t know Ghost Killer emerging in reality was due to what, but it was certainly not the system problem. But he still felt unhappy with the customer service treatment toward the rich. So he would strike the iron while he could.

Tianjiao was responsible for the game operation in Pangu. Businessmen placed great emphasis on the benefits. They naturally must protect the interest of the VIP players, and therefore, establishing this priority to say the least.

And for customer service’s performance, they would be particularly attentive to the VIPs. If it’s just an ordinary customer, they generally wouldn’t call to inform. After all, customer service personnel were limited, they couldn’t serve all.

Customer service miss hesitated for a moment. “Alright, we will attached a complimentary mission scroll. This scroll is only B class, but the experience can bring a lot of money to you.”

“So be it.” Zhou Jian also understood the truth of stopping when you’re ahead. After all, in this matter, he’d gotten the better of it.

Ending the call, Zhou Jian did not login into the game first, but instead made a call to Mule.

After a good long while, the telephone finally put through. On the other side was Mule’s lazy voice, “F**ker, you this boy has a problem. Call me so early in the morning. You do not know  that I ‘worked’ desperately last night, finally has a long lazy sleep today……Oh! Pain. Pain. My wife, be gentle!”

Mule at this point suddenly cried out in pain. Apparently, his wife thought he spoke too explicitly and was feeling shy at heart, and pinched him.

“Listen to Mule’s f**king word, Zhou Jian felt warm at heart. He knew that he would be his brother for life.”

“I want to faint. F**ker, you called me up to ask about this. Can’t you call me in the afternoon. Can you not always blabber about money? I help you this one time because I believed in you. I believed you will become a Big Boss in China. Haha. At that time, I’m expecting you to become my backer to bully others.”

“Can!” Zhou Jian didn’t say anything else. To even say thank now was hypocritical.

“Quickly hang up. To say anything more is nauseating. Within an hour, don’t come looking for me. Even if there’s something, also don’t come looking for me. I want to ‘exercise’. Oh. Pain! Pain! Wife, I was wrong….”

Zhou Jian smiled and hanged up. He took a deep breathe and put on the helmet. Today he would start over again. In just two hours later, a new window to challenge would open up again.

Although Ghost Killer was able to appear in reality, but if he wanted to open a bounty hunter company, he must has some capital. Zhou Jian was preparing to use 《Gods and Demons》 to earn some money.

Logging in the game. The password is correct. Loading. Please wait … …

However, the unexpected thing happened to him. His consciousness did not enter the virtual world, but rather into the Ghost Killer in the real world – Famous Sword. The scene in his eyes was still in the dorm.


Zhou Jian left the game and log back in again. The result remained the same.

How could this be? Zhou Jian was speechless as he looked at the helmet. God, does this mean he’s unable to enter the game ever again?

At the same time, Zhou Jian felt that there’s something moving in his backpack. He opened it and found three more things in his backpack.

Ring: Agility +10, Strength +5, Backstab damage +5

“One Strike Fatal Blow” Skill Book.

Mission scroll.


Zhou Jian was shocked. Wasn’t this the compensation promised by the game company? It’s actually transferred to Ghost Killer avatar Famous Sword? Does this mean that Dark Sword in the game and Famous Sword here were linked?

So, if Dark Sword upgraded in the game. would Famous Sword here in reality upgraded as well?

If the Dark Sword learned a new skill in the game. Will Sword in reality also learned the new skill?>

Or rather, Dark Sword and Sword was one thing and the same. It’s only a game account number, but could log into the virtual network and also log into reality.

Zhou Jian felt increasingly inconceivable. He believed that everything in this world could be explained by worldly rules, despite even if it seemingly appeared absurd. Famous Sword, Dark Sword, mysterious game, and the super smart brain “Myth”. There’s some hidden unknown secret behind all this?

Zhou Jian sighed. Perhaps there’s really some secrets but he’s just a small pawn here. No qualification to inquire into this kind of things.

Zhou Jian shook his head. He didn’t want to think any more about it. His only concern right now was how to get back into the game.

Customer service miss said that the game account had been recovered. But he still couldn’t logged in. Was this a problem with the helmet?

Therefore, Zhou Jian tried to use Xiao Yin’s game helmet. He didn’t put in much hope into it but unexpectedly, was successful in entering the virtual world.

Then, what about his own game helmet? It’s bound with Famous Sword?

Zhou Jian quit from the game and tried his helmet again. Sure enough, it’s really so….. He wanted to faint. If he wanted to continue to play 《Gods and Demons》 again in the future, he needed to cough up 8000 yuan again to buy another helmet.

8000 yuan, who can I borrow it from? Cannot borrow from Mule. Already borrowed 28000 yuan from him. Although he’s aware that he could still borrow additional 8000 yuan from Mule, but he couldn’t bring himself to open his mouth.

Before he start making money with Famous Sword, Zhou Jian decided to finish the dungeon raid first. After all, he’d already promised others. Second, if he could obtain rewards from the system, he could also enhance Famous Sword’s strength.

Once he’d gotten online, his message box kept on flashing. There’s dozens waiting to be opened. Almost all were from the Tianzun team.

Zhou Jian let out a small cry. This time, he was being really unfair to them, but because this was a new challenge, the death penalty was not too harsh.

He responded with a message to “Broken Saber”, Tianzun’s guild leader, who’s also the captain of the team. He lied that he had acute appendicitis yesterday and was in the hospital for surgery. Today, he was still in the hospital.

Immediately after Zhou Jian’s message was sent out, the other party quickly responded. “Where are you?”

“Pangu city, coordinate (730, 680)”

“Don’t move. I’ll be right there.”

Three minutes later, Broken Saber arrived. This man was less than 30 years old with slim medium height. He looked ordinary but exuded a calm and steady temperament.

“Rushing the dungeon at 12pm. Can you body handle it?”


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