Chapter 004 – Challenge Again

Chapter 4: Challenge Again

“Good. This time, the European side had formed a dream team, complete with over level 34 players. Most of them have Epic equipments, three times more Artifacts, as well as the world first level 36 “Terrorist Ivan” from Moscow.  They also wanted to challenge the dungeon at 12pm. Our strength is much weaker compared to them.”

《Gods and Demons》 had for the sake of fairness, set the same time globally for each challenge. This time, it’s four in the morning in London. This foreign devils (tl: white devils, name for fair skinned Westerners) were really dedicated.

“Level 36 already. The speed is really fast.”

“We’ll regroup within 1.5 hours. We must catch up in front of them. For now, we’ll wait.” From the beginning to the end, Broken Saber didn’t blame Zhou Jian, but Zhou Jian had been feeling a sense of oppression on him.

Although this was the virtual world, a player’s atmosphere could still be revealed from the manner and language. Zhou Jian guessed that in real life, Broken Saber was skilled in ancient Wu. Perhaps even a master.

Broken Saber sat down crossed leg with his eyes closed into a meditative state. Moments later, the second member of Tianzun team showed up. A level 32 female Mage “Small White Rabbit Candy” (tl: It’s a candy brand. I used to have it when I was young). Small White Rabbit Candy has an Epic set all over her body, and a shiny Legendary violet staff. Coupled with her cute face and petite body, she’s really pleasing to the eyes. But looks in 《Gods and Demons》 could be slightly modified. So, the appearance of a beauty was hardly surprising.

Looking at Zhou Jian, Small White Rabbit Candy wrinkled her small nose. This guy stood them up yesterday. She’s obviously full of resentment.

The third member that showed was also a female Cleric. Level 33 “Light Cloud Fairy”, responsible for healing. Light Cloud Fairy was about 22-23 years old. Her appearance was also very outstanding and has an aura of elegance. When she saw Zhou Jian, she just smiled and didn’t say anything more.

These people, in real life, should be very rich. Because if you didn’t invest large amount of money in the game, it’s impossible to have such rank and equipments.

In contrast, Zhou Jian was full of trash equipments, and only level 20. As for family background, it’s not even worth mentioning. Zhou Jian understood that these people chose to group with him was due to demand. But in their bones, they’re actually looking down on him since they’re not the people of the same world.

At this time, the fourth member showed up. A handsome young man, level 34 Archer “Running Water is Accidental”. He looked about 20 years old, and his equipment set was half Epic, half Legend. His real identity was the son of a wealthy family.

He subtly glanced at Zhou Jian. A look with innate superiority. This condescending look made Zhou Jian very uncomfortable.

Zhou Jian received a system prompt that Running Water is Accidental was looking at him with evil intention.
Zhou Jian knew that Running Water is Accidental was checking out his equipment. If he wanted to check, then go ahead. Zhou Jian didn’t care.

Zhou Jian, other than his Will o Wisp ring that was barely passable, the rest were rubbish. Running Water is Accidental contemptuously hummed, and then send a message to Zhou Jian: “Yesterday you ditched us is very fun, right?”

These words were insultive, but Zhou Jian was in the wrong earlier. He swallowed his temper and replied: “Sorry, but matters is out of my control.”

“Sorry? Who do you think you are? How much is your apology worth? Yesterday, I’d lost 10 experience points when I was killed and also a Legendary equipment. Do you know how valuable this young master time is? How much money is a Legendary equipment worth? You can’t even pay for it.”

Zhou Jian frowned. In the new dungeon challenge, the death penalty was very light. At most only 5 experience points. As for equipment, not to mention Legendary class equipment, Epic class would also not drop. Before entering the campaign, Zhou Jian’d naturally find a lot of information. He knew that Running Water is Accidental was lying.

“Are you doubting me? You believe or not that I can kill you, kill until level 0 as simple as crushing ants.” Running Water is Accidental flew into rage out of humiliation.

With his strength and financial resources, he could indeed easily killed Zhou Jian down to level 0. This was the grief of not having enough strength. So, he forcefully restrained his anger and PM, “What do you want?”

“Simple, this dungeon raid. No matter what you get, just give it to me. Otherwise, I’ll immediately order for you to be cut down to 0.”

“Your request is too much.”

“Too much? It’s not excessive. You still can obtain the system reward of honor points and attribute points. Moreover, if I’m happy with the equipment that you handed over, I can give you ten of thousands of gold. Besides, you must be clear that commoners like you do not have the qualifications to work with us, but for us. Do you know in real life, what type of people are under me? Outstanding student of Tshinghua graduates (tl: one of top uni in China), those that return from post-doc studies in the US. Those are only my subordinates. Even my bodyguards are ancient Wu masters. Commoners like you, living in the bottom, having the honor to be my man is a blessing.” Running Water is Accidental had no intention to continue the private chat. He leisurely lit a cigarette and blew out smoke ring. Life must be self aware. If you have bigger ability, you can have a larger bowl of rice. Once you have enough must stopped. Being too greedy can cause death.

Zhou Jian temper erupted. In the real life, these upper social class characters, he truly cannot stir up. No matter how many times he also needed to endure. But this is the virtual world. he play the game because it’s refreshing. If not, he might as well didn’t play and go played with grandchildren instead. He said, dripping in irony: “Ok, you’ll just wait. I will let you be satisfied.”

“Em, if you understand, that is good. I am also not a fickle person. If in the future you follow me, I will treat you well. Don’t think of snitching to the captain. He can’t help you. I’m also not afraid of him. If I want to kill you to level 0, no one can stop me.”

Zhou Jian smiled angrily. Combining treat with coercion. Perhaps to these extravagant young masters, they would also treated others the same way. “This I understand. I will not depend on others. You just patiently wait. I will definitely give you a ‘pleasant surprise’.”

“Good. Don’t disappoint me.” Running Water is Accidental had no intention of thinking Zhou Jian would revolt against him. He was the superior regardless of whether in real life or in the web, nobody dared to disobey his wishes.

After this stormy conversation, Running Water is Accidental was already on Zhou Jian’s blacklist. It’s confirmed that they would be estranged in the future. But by his own level and equipment, how could he dealt with Running Water is Accidental?

Zhou Jian currently couldn’t think of a better way. Therefore, he began thinking of what skill he should learn next.

He currently only have one skill point. It’s either the Psychic’s ‘Spirit Needle’ or Thief’s ‘One Strike Fatal Blow’.

Right now, Zhou Jian had already learned five skills.

Thief skill: “Unlock”, can use the thief key to open vast majority of treasure chest and doors.

Thief’s auxiliary skill: “Detection”, detect for hidden traps, and camouflages using a thief’s sixth sense.

Thief’s combat skill: “Stealth”. Thief can enter stealth condition. Thief can move under stealth, or use a secondary skill. However, any attack, potion usage, or combat skills will cancel out the stealth. This skill ignores enemies level but some like Thief’s “Detect” or Tamer’s pet “Smell” can detect stealth.

Thief’s combat skill: “Backstab”. Going behind enemy line by surprise and strike with the same value as agility.

Psychic’s basic skill: “Telekinesis”. Using mental force to control weight not heavier than 10kg. Range also should not be further than 50m.

The Psychic’s skill “Spirit Needle” is used to stun enemy target. It’s useful only to PK players. He’s not going to upgrade now because the damage is really low.

Zhou Jian’s first priority at this stage was to level up. If he learned “One Strike Fatal Blow”, it would certain improved the leveling speed. But Zhou Jian, after much deliberation, put the skill point onto the “Spirit Needle” as the next skill because next on the skill tree was “Enticement Light”, which could summon low grade monster to serve him through mental manipulation. This skill was very practical in practice.

He bought the skill book “Spirit Needle” from the system store and spent about 10000 gold (about 100 yuan). System prompt: Learning “Spirit Needle” successful. Current skill grade is 0. Attack the enemy spirit will inflict 1 second (2 second) vertigo and 50 damage. If the enemy spirit force is above him, attack is invalid. Spirit force consumption: 20 points. After using 1000 times will level up.

The 2 second in bracket was causing Stun on monster. Monster’s mental strength was very low. Even a BOSS mental force was nothing to speak of. Therefore, the Stun period was doubled. However, monster’s HP was high. Being stunned for 2-3 seconds was not really helpful no matter how you played it.

“It’s time. Let’s go.” After 2 hours, Broken Saber opened his eyes.

The team was made up of 15 people. 3 Warriors. 3 Thieves. 2 Mages. 5 Clerics. 1 Archer. And there’s also Dark Sword, the Ghost Killer.

Broken Saber initiated the conversation with the NPC to receive the mission item for “Pandora’s Seal”. Then, everyone’s vision turned black and the next moment, they’re transferred to the Demon Nest cave.

Here, everyone felt a sudden chill blowing. The cave was dark and gloomy like the giant mouth of a beast. Occasionally, howling ghost cry could be heard from the depth, causing one to shudder.

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