Chapter 018 – Request Accepted

Chapter 18: Request accepted

Once Small White Rabbit Candy learned about all these, she hadn’t been too worried. Instead, there’s a slight excitement in her view. That repugnant guy who could even avoid her should had a high success percentage to steal the secret formula. Even if he failed, it’s unimportant. At the worst, she would just start a business in 《Gods and Demons》. After all, she liked playing 《Gods and Demons》 very much.

Once Zhou Jian came in through the door, Small White Rabbit Candy stared at Zhou Jian. With her excessively big eyes staring straight at him, Zhou Jian’s face quickly turned red. It’s not that Zhou Jian is thinned skin but rather, he inevitably thought back to yesterday. The small cartoon underwear and also that wet two wet lovable grapes.

Don’t keep staring at me, little sister. No matter how much you stared at me, you couldn’t take it back that yesterday, you’d been looked through by me…. Certainly, Zhou Jian could only say this in his heart.

Light Cloud Fairy saw that Zhou Jian had a “shy” look and couldn’t help but smile. An 18-19 year old youth was unexpectedly embarrassed after being stared at by a little girl. In her heart, her evaluation of Zhou Jian actually raised a few points.  Last night, the matter of him sneaking into her bathroom wasn’t put into mind. Perhaps, yesterday, he was also blushing when sneaking in. After all, he was also forced to.

However, in Light Cloud Fairy’s heart, she also knew that even if this Dark Sword’s character was a bit like a boy next door, his IQ was not low. Otherwise, how could he played this game so well. His skills couldn’t be disputed. If anyone regarded him as a boy that’s harmless to man or animal, then that would just be silly.

Light Cloud Fairy welcomed Zhou Jian to sit down. She poured a fruit juice and said: “I didn’t really see that Mr. Dark Sword was hidden so deep. Light Cloud really walked into a trap.”

“Haha, it’s just a coincidence.” After Zhou Jian said this by coincidence these two words, he regretted it. By saying these words, he’s saying that he just happened by coincidence to bump into you in the bathroom?

Fortunately, Light Cloud Fairy did not continue to pursue last night matter but continued saying with a laugh: “This young girl convincingly lost yesterday’s bet. The hairpin is to be gifted to Mr. Dark Sword. Moreover, I’d previously said that I will introduce girl to Mr. Dark Sword. This matter, I’ll naturally live up to my words. Mr. Dark Sword shouldn’t worry about it.”

“This is not urgent….” Faint. He told himself. Why was his mouth so stupid today? This little girl talking about this loss was enough already. How come he answered with not to worry and not urgent. If he wanted to say it’s urgent then it more even not. (tl: terrible phrasing. Don’t know how to convey.)

Although Light Cloud Fairy did not intend to pursue, but Small White Rabbit Candy this little witch was giggling at the side. Before, this little girl saw that Zhou Jian wasn’t pleasing to the eye but after yesterday’s matter, she’s actually started to be interested in Zhou Jian. That wonderful stealing technique, the little witch thought excitedly, if she’s able to learn it would be too wonderful.

Zhou Jian awkwardly coughed and tried to switch the topic. “Well….Fairy said before that you want to give a task to me.”

“Haha. Mr. Dark Sword please don’t keep on saying Fairy. Listening to this is quite strange. Just call me Light Cloud (tl: Qing Yun) will do. This time, I invited Mr. Dark Sword is naturally to discuss that matter. We’ll use private chat.”

“Em. Ok.”

Light Cloud Fairy told the long and short about the matter completely. After Zhou Jian listened: “So, you want me to steal the laptop? This thing is no issue actually, but how do I know where the laptop is?”

Light Cloud Fairy said: “The laptop is at the man’s home. This one, I’m sure of it.”

“How did you know?”

“A schemer will never fully trust others. Such an important thing is too dangerous to be put in the company. The only place to feel at ease is at his own home. Furthermore, to prevent the laptop from being stolen, my father had put a GPS tacking device at the side of the laptop’s hard disk. According to the GPS display, the laptop is truly at that place but the signal is very weak. According to my estimation, the laptop should be locked in a safe deposit box. Therefore, the signal was shielded by the metal.”

“Safe is no issue but how do I determined if that laptop is you father’s laptop?”

“I will give you the tracking device. Then, you’ll be able to identify it.”


“Mr. Dark Sword. The villa is guarded heavily. Besides some illegal guns, there are at least two ancient Wu masters inside. I’d checked their data. Both of them are from Golden Light Gate. They are Human Order masters.” After finished saying this, Light Cloud Fairy uneasily looked at Zhou Jian. Before, two bounty hunters had rejected her precisely because of these two Human Order masters. (tl: not finalized with the ranking name yet)

Zhou Jian coughed. “Well, the Human Order masters are probably what standard?”

“Uh….” Light Cloud Fairy was directly speechless. Where did this guy popped out from. His skill was so good but he didn’t know what a Human Order master was. He wasn’t an ancient Wu family person?”

In fact, when Zhou Jian asked this question, he’d already guessed that this must be common sense. But the stakes here was high. He didn’t want to act big. It’s better to be clear.

Since the catastrophe of last century, the human society had tremendous changes. One group of people gradually embarked on the stage of history. They extended out to the political, military, economy and other field. And become important characters in those fields. They were the warriors.

Warriors were very mysterious to the average person. Zhou Jian only knew about the seven ancient Wu aristocrat families in China. But he didn’t understood to classification of ancient Wu.

Light Cloud Fairy said: “The Heaven and Earth warriors are divided into three Orders.  And each Order is divided into Upper, Middle and Lower level. The strength of the two men are probably Upper Human Order. One person having to deal with more than ten well-trained soldiers is not a problem.”

“Oh….it’s like this.” Zhou Jian didn’t mind much in the end. His own Ghost Killer strength against them should be no problem. Ancient Wu is divided into three Orders. Then, what the ranks  of the level 21 Ghost Killer will be in?

Light Cloud Fairy was silent for a while and said: “Mister Dark Sword. Although I’m very afraid that you might reject my request. But do you have the confidence to avoid the two Human Order masters? For the gang of outlaws, they will kill a person in the blink of an eye. The human life, is but only one time. Mr. Dark Sword is so young and already had such good skill. Later, the future must be limitless. So, this must be considered clearly.”

In Light Cloud Fairy’s opinion, Zhou Jian only excelled in thieving. In a fight, perhaps his strength was not much. For Dark Sword to steal the thing, he must avoid the two masters. Those two masters are not Aunt Yun. Their senses are very sharp. If Zhou Jian wanted to open the safe deposit and get the laptop under their noses was really too difficult. This simply was…. impossible.

That’s why, the two bounty hunters who rejected beforehand were being reasonable. But for Zhou Jian to accept the task, he’s really capable of grasping it, or was just a newborn calf who’s not afraid of tiger. Light Cloud Fairy absolutely didn’t want to see such a young good man because of her, was assigned to the tiger’s jaw.

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